#DNCLeak: Questions People-of-Colour and Other Repressed Communities Might Want to Ask

APNSPR_C.jpg[Editor’s Note: This post is essentially a copy of a correspondence between myself and fellow APNS editor John-John concerning the recent #DNCHack revelations and the sudden love-affair between US Republicans and Libertarians and the Russian government led by President Vladimir Putin. It is presented here un-edited and without forwarding links in the hope of inspiring a more complete political discourse within the Fourth World and American African communities. One reason this is being posted here is because it has become painfully clear that many who like to regard themselves as ‘revolutionaries’ tend to overlook the most obvious in favour of the immediately ‘acceptable’, which is more often than not a detour to a supposed Nirvana fraught with unseen pitfalls and dangers only a fool; the wilfully ignorant or a suicidal war-pig would choose to traverse. – TheAngryindian]


While I’m glad to see the DNC leak, the bottom line is, the Russian government – from what I’m seeing and already know about – WAS behind the hack. This deserves mention and attention, because if the Putin government (which has hacked into US servers many times before) is behind this, that means that the RNC was willing to work with a foreign government against their own people. Bottom line. Partisan politics aside, NO GOVERNMENT should be allowed to do such a thing. And while it did happen to the US as opposed to the other way around, (as it usually does) does not remove the main issues of espionage and deliberate sabotage of a national election by a foreign power. Progressives are making a major error in joining with the reactionary right on this. Well, on anything, really.

However, people who see themselves as ‘Leftist’ should be concerned about this and it is notable that the right-wing – after all of their nationalistic shouting – isn’t. Anyone paying attention (like us) who are not ‘liberals’ in the accepted sense, knew early on. We could tell from the negative tone of the mainstream reportage and the DNC’s pro-Hillary attitude that Sanders was being worked against by the controlling members of the party. I truth, only a complete political nebbish didn’t see what was happening, which is one reason why I laugh at those who ‘just found out’ about what was going on. We all knew what was happening and did nothing because most libs here wanted Hillary Clinton. Mostly because they already knew who she was because of her husband AND because many women want to see a female president. Even if she is as politically corrupt as Hillary Clinton. That’s it. Hillary represents that White mainstream that likes to view itself as ‘progressive’, although in reality, they are really no more willing to put an end to Eurosettler exploitation than anyone else in a position to stop it. These same libs balked at the idea of a Socialist running, even though he’s been backing the very items that they say they want for decades, without very much help (morally or otherwise) from the actual DNC rank-and-file outside of his own region.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, who helped initiate a nationwide anti-Black police brutality crime wave when she publicly identified ethnic minorities in the United States as ‘Super-Predators’ who needed to be ‘Brought to heel’. I personally remember being bullied by ‘Peace Officers’ telling us face-to-face (meaning myself, along with other young Black and Latino males, individually ans as groups) that we deserved the unfair treatment that we received as Blacks and that the president (then Bill Clinton) got it right when he passed the Omnibus Crime Bill, or, ‘New Crime Bill’, which legally brought back racial profiling into law enforcement and lead to the problem of mass incarceration which has damaged the Black and Indigenous communities in the states to a point of (possible) non-repair. An entire plethora of conditions ravaging Black America can be directly traced to the Clinton administration’s purposeful targeting of Black and Brown youths, including but not limited to:

  • Violent police encounters that often end in the ‘suspect’ losing his/her life and/or freedom due to false or misleading charges resulting in unnecessary imprisonment and/or fines which encourages economic depression.
  • It is a shame and a conscious oversight that the widespread damage occurring within the US African community because of HIV/AIDS is not connected to the Clinton administration. Because prison rape as well as consensual sexual contact within the prison industrial-complex has done more than anything else (far more than bisexual African men on the ‘Down Low’) to aggressively spread the illness within the domestic community.
  • Many progressives like to forget that it was the Clinton administration that initiated NAFTA and GATT and the neoliberal ‘Welfare-to-Work’ programmes that placed many poor people in the US into abject wage-slavery across the country. US mega-corporations such as Wal-Mart and many other industries took full advantage of this loophole and to this day, still pay below-average rates when workers cannot legally bargain for better pay and/or conditions.

The political left in the US has given a pass to this history because in effect, it shows that the Eurosettler-dominated conservative wing of the DNC did more to ruin Black and Brown futures in the Americas than the previous and openly racist government of Republican-actor Ronald Reagan materially did. And in saying this, please understand that I am not absolving the GOP of anything. While the Richard Nixon administration laid the groundwork through clandestine domestic counter-intelligence programmes such as COINTELPRO; CHESIMARD and NEWKILL which built the original police tactical units (such as SWAT) to suppress first White communist groups and then the Black; Indigenous and Puerto Rican political and liberation movements, it was political Democrats, even the much-liked and respected Jimmy Carter, who progressively increased both the budgets and mandates of domestic law enforcement specifically to quell what they perceived as Black and Brown ‘unrest’ in urban areas where Eurosettlers faced more direct resistance.

The Clinton administration simply upped the intensity with a boilerplate ‘law and order’ campaign that appealed to both White political conservatives and socially-conservative White liberals who backed Black liberation until it meant really being culturally and economically independent. At least as much as say, the Russian community is within the United States.

Follow me here. Russia is in the news, right? And like a gaslight, I’ve watched over the years the sword-waving at Russia go up and down depending on what is needed by the west. Having said that, the Putin government – Phase one or Two – isn’t exactly the best either and for the very same far-right; racialist and neoliberal reasons. Ask the widow of Alexander Litvinenko. The rich,; the businessmen and the Bratva (gangsters) run the Russian government, just as they do here. They are just more honest about that we are in the west. The government has little there to do with the people. No different from here. But because the eyes of the world and the internet are on Russia, let’s take a cursory look at what is going on right under the ever-worrying nose of the general public.

While Africans in the United States have NEVER been allowed to work towards consolidating their own social; economic and political groundbase, other groups (aside from Native Americans) have and continue to do so without negative pressure from the larger society. Native American Pow-Wows (for example) in the past were very serious and early exclusive affairs where pan-Indian issues were discussed and dealt with BY THE COMMUNITY themselves without Eurosettler interference or influence. Today, the Pow-Wow is a cultural event mobbed by tourists and merchants and other commercial interests and ‘Indian Business’ is part of the sideshow.

Imagine, if you will, cameras crashing a Jewish cultural event and non-Jewish merchants hawking Jewish cultural items manufactured in Japan? You can’t? Neither can I. Chiefly because I know that such a scenario would never be permitted to happen and Jews everywhere would be angered and supported in their indignation. Black and Native attempts to address such issues are by fiat regarded as ‘reverse-racism’ against White People and counter-productive to cultural understanding by ignoring the fact that these efforts only exist in the first place because of traditional, pro-White exclusionary policies. Such as this double-talk about Russian-influence in an age of rank Islamophobia. For me, this opens up a whole new set of (seemingly) unrelated questions.

Such as: if Russians are now a subject of derision, will Russian-Americans still be allowed to operate Russian-language and cultural programmes in the US? Such schools (and this is true) help foster self-knowledge and respect for their cultural (and political) heritages as a people. But, why aren’t African Peoples residing in the US allowed to do the very same thing?

Consider this hard fact as well: those not living in very cosmopolitan regions or who are unfamiliar with ethnic histories other than their own are not aware that the Greek; Chinese; German; Croatian; Italian Polish; Armenian and Spanish-speaking ethnic communities (not a complete list) have ALWAYS owned (outright) and operated their own efforts to maintain their specific cultural identity. Native Americans have also to some measure done much to maintain their respective cultures through secret societies NOT FUNDED (or maybe even known about) by outside entities. However, most above-board Indigenous orgs are funded by federal and state agencies that in effect, have ultimate control over what programmes get funding, how much and where it will be spent.

In the case of the African in America, I can think of no social programme – that has lasted – without outside material support. And therefore, the subject of control is always suspect. Usually, the Black American has been limited to Christian organisations that directly reflect the sociopolitical themes of their oppressors, so we can see why they have been allowed to exist. This also explains why the popular image or Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King has been so abused and totally removed from its truly revolutionary character. White America would rather we all see him as a suit-and-tie social reformer as opposed to a Black internationalist working secretly with Malcolm X to free all People of Colour everywhere. Even the Nation of Islam – which helped the ‘system’ assassinate Malcolm X – is part of this. Because you will notice that throughout their history the NOI has clandestinely, as well as openly, collaborated with the American Nazi Party (under George Lincoln Rockwell); The Ku Klux Klan and the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) White Power group based in California State.

The last two organisations I listed are by their own admission pro-White Power orgs that favour the application of violence being used domestically against all non-Europeans at home and abroad as well as against their own government (see the Bundy Standoffs in Nevada and Oregon states and the Sovereign citizen movement) Yet, the NOI has associated with these groups all the same. And now, the NOI has adopted Scientology, which makes absolutely no sense, since L. Ron Hubbard, their glorious founder and leader was in truth a racist science-fiction writer and practising Satanist (this is true) who relocated from the US to Apartheid-era South Africa specifically because he approved of the racialist caste-system there. How this sordid data got by the famed NOI ‘research department’ escapes me. Either they seemed to miss this information (which is difficult to believe, since this data has been public for many years) or found it, ignored it, and pretended as if none of it even happened. Why would be a good question to ask them, yes?

And, given everything that has been said about White Folk by the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, you’ll notice that the authorities do little to prevent them from doing pretty much what they want as an organisation. The Million Man Marches are one good example, as is his ability to travel internationally to nations the US is at odds with diplomatically and otherwise.

So yeah, I’m concerned by the whole mad parade of political foolishness that is really an end-result of the powerful not being fact-checked by a zoned-out; over-stimulated populace more wrapped-up in selfies and Kim Kardashain’s (admittedly) remarkable keister and ‘beefs’ between celebrities to pay attention to what is going on domestically as well as internationally. I’m concerned about my recent falling out with radio host Bob Kincaid (whom I hold no ill-will towards, although I do not particularly trust him any longer) because it was an important conversation that became contentious because I asked why White liberals refuse to recognise their own, internalised racialism and bias. It was basically a discourse rooted precisely in what we are discussing right now. The fucked-up inability many of us have when it comes to looking at ourselves in the mirror – be it the political or the personal – when it comes to ‘checking’ one’s on particular social space/group//ethnicity/ideology/religion. We all tend to give a ‘pass’ to those of our own persuasion. Which may be ‘normal’ and positive in many ways, like everything else, it has a downside that must also be recognised and addressed to prevent thing from getting out of hand.

In fact, the entire issue is one of people – everywhere – making the political a personal crusade for their particular peeves; fears and self-inadequacies. My evidence for this? The entire world is shifting towards the far-right and White, Western liberals – in the US – do not realise or wish to accept, that it was their passive tolerance for right-wing extremist thinking – as a postmodernist ‘human right’ – is what made all of this mayhem possible.

In essence, Donald Trump would not be where he is if White liberals did not allow for White racism within popular culture out of a subliminal need to ‘identify’ with other White Peoples. Mr. Trump is merely stepping upon ideological stones placed upon the political ladder long before he ever became a certain threat to the public peace. If they had, David Duke would never have won election and would not have a snowball’s chance in the Christian Hell today. Western European Racialism is a part of life in the Americas. As it is said in Brasil:

The White man eats at the table
The Indio eats in the kitchen
The Black eats outside.

And many (thoroughly hypocritical) White American liberals are reluctant to fully challenge that social set-up. Why? Because for the most part, it benefits ‘them’. The status-quo is maintained not, as much, by force as it is by passive acquiescence to that ideal by both the victim as well as the victimiser. So for me, the anti-Russian/pro-Russian bollocks is a non sequitur. They have an understandable, (from a lay-intelligence perspective) motive for animosity towards western-states given their history of bad-relations with the US government – before and after – the Bolshevik Revolution (see: ‘Siberian Intervention’) and especially following World War Two. But in reality, Israel hacks and spies into the USG all the time, which should, by rights, raise the hackles of anyone at all concerned about the national security of any nation in an electronic age of near-zero privacy and tech-savvy international criminals and crime gangs which is already a major problem.

To me, and apparently a whole host of others looking at this, this sort of chaos could lead to a whole new level of bad-politics and even worse, more repressive police methods and law enforcement efforts to address the issue. The DNC is crooked, for certain. And I do not support them any longer. But giving a pass to an international hack (by any government) isn’t a particularly wise way to address the problem(s). Both of these offences should be condemned. And The Fourth World, which is struggling to solidify its base internationally, should be watchful of what is happening since these events weigh either for-or-against our own struggles and rights to territorial integrity and our own rights to secure communications and data retention.

Sorry for the long-winded response. But your note got me thinking about the other dynamics of the issue I never hear raised anywhere, much less discussed in news media.



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