Let the Guarani live on their land – Survival International

Let the Guarani live on their land – Survival International – Guarani in Brazil have been kicked off their land once again, their homes bulldozed, leaving them living destitute on the side of a highway. On 6 July 2016, almost 100 police agents evicted the Guarani of Apy Ka’y community from the tiny parcel of their ancestral homeland they had reoccupied in 2013. Video footage of their homes being bulldozed and of community leader Damiana’s reaction have sparked international outrage. The Guarani are fighting for their land, but it comes at a price. Damiana is a mother who has lost three sons, each one killed in their struggle. Now, gunmen have turned their attention to her. Damiana and the Guarani depend on you. Please email the Minister of Justice now, demanding that the Guarani’s land is returned to them!

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