FBI Monitored Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein’s Activism | Alternet

eu.ixquick-proxy.com_2016-07-31_12-17-32.jpgFBI Monitored Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein’s Activism | Alternet – Epstein’s FBI file also details racial discrimination complaints she made to government bodies as part of her housing justice work with the Greater St. Louis organization, Freedom of Residence. Epstein dedicated much of her life to human rights organizing after suffering profound loss and injustice at an early age. Born in Freiburg, Germany, she lost most of her family—including her parents and grandparents—to the Holocaust. She was saved when, at the age of 14, her family placed her on a Kindertransport ship to England. After serving as a researcher for the Nuremberg Doctors Trial prosecution, she immigrated to the United States, eventually landing in St. Louis. In addition to her racial justice and Palestine solidarity organizing, she spoke out against the war in Vietnam and denounced unjust U.S. immigration policies. At the age of 90, she was arrested at the office of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to protest his decision to activate the national guard against Black Lives Matter protesters in Ferguson, following the police killing of African-American teenager Michael Brown.


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  1. Hedy Epstein is a great woman.

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