‘Don’t behave like a k****r,’ worker told – Crime & Courts | IOL News

‘Don’t behave like a k****r,’ worker told – Crime & Courts | IOL News – The Compass Group owns and operates Mafuta, a ship operating under contract to Debmarine Namibia. Piers was fired this month for alleged misconduct, including suspicion of being drunk on company premises. Piers’s hate speech allegations were first presented as part of his defence at his disciplinary hearing. The record states only that “his statement was not related to the issue at hand”. Piers’s statement was included in the documents related to the CCMA case, in which he accuses Swan of discrimination. “I was subjected to discrimination by Mr Derek Swan of the Compass Group, in which he uttered the following words – I must not conduct myself like a k****r, the country is already messed up and Pik Botha told us to f**k them up.” Piers, who worked for the company from February 2012, alleged Swan made the comments after his repeated questions about salary grievances, his request for medical reports he required to claim compensation and for the company to bear hospital expenses for an injury he allegedly sustained in May while on duty on the Mafuta. CCMA documents showed Piers was dismissed on July 7 after a disciplinary inquiry where he faced a charge of “arriving at work (office) under the influence of intoxicating substances”. Swan referred queries to the company’s Joburg office.

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