WikiLeaks abetting worldwide fascist take-over | CounterVortex

Source: WikiLeaks abetting worldwide fascist take-over | CounterVortex — So is there a pattern of WikiLeaks serving Kremlin political ends? A commentary on Observer website calls the DNC data-dump a “clear attack by Putin on Clinton.” It charges that by “stepping into the middle of our Presidential race,” WikiLeaks “has outed themselves” as an “obvious Russian front.” It notes WikiLeaks’ longtime connection to Israel Shamir, a far-right open anti-Semite who boasts of his propaganda and intelligence efforts on the behalf of Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus.

Lukashenko is more of an open fascist than his ally Putin, but Putin is now rapidly ctaching up—passing laws restricting the Internet, unleashing relentless aerial terror on Syria, unilaterally annexing Crimea and persecuting its minorities.

The DNC leak should be seen in light of a bloc of strongmen and dictators now emerging on the global stage. As Erdogan consolidates his dictatorship in Turkey’s post-coup order, he is also patching things up with Putin and even softening his stance on Syria’s Bashar Assad. Putin (with Obama’s encouragement) has instrumented an unofficial non-aggression pact, divind Syria with his rival.

This convergence may extend beyond the immediate region. The Brexit vote has set Britain on the road to reaction. There is frightening potential for a Le Pen presidency in France. Democratic space is rapidly closing in China, amid a new territorial expansionism. Even in the Philippines, a self-proclaimed death squad boss just assumed the presidency.

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