Neocolonial Psy-Warfare: The Collusion of Western Media, NGO’s | Opinion | teleSUR English

Neocolonial Psy-Warfare: The Collusion of Western Media, NGO’s | Opinion | teleSUR English – Just as in the West’s corporate disinformation media, the corporate management of the NGO sector works via a straightforward class mechanism that naturally screens out genuine dissidents. The various ideological filters can accommodate all kinds of nonconformists, across gender, sexuality, race, religion and class itself, but long experience has shown that peer pressure and fear of losing income or status suppress dissent very effectively. Only a tiny number of people are able to resist the subtle but crushing machinery of intellectual oppression this insidious culture imposes. And because the numbers who resist are so small, they have a correspondingly trivial impact in the West’s psychological war against the global impoverished majority. This in its turn means that really quite diverse identities accumulate in the Western NGO sector, clustering around gender, sexuality, race, and political ideology. Those identity-focused clusters feed into and are in turn themselves to some extent shaped by the majority world NGO sector, itself mostly dependent on the corporate and government funding base of their Western counterparts. The resulting enormous global network enjoys a symbiotic relationship with Western corporate and alternative media. Western media pick up stories from NGOs so the NGOs benefit from Western media coverage in a mutual credibility-enhancing display for the benefit of gullible consumers. This kind of perception management occurs constantly in foreign news coverage of countries targeted by NATO country governments, from Venezuela to Syria to Eritrea but it takes time and effort to uncover how this psy-warfare mechanism works.

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