Abdul Olugbala Shakur: The Vortex of Dementia | Moorbey’z Blog

eu.startpage.com_2016-07-24_11-19-02.jpgThe Vortex of Dementia | Moorbey’z Blog – Many of you are unaware of the overall objective of the Prison Industrial Complex, may be quick to dismiss the above experience as an aberration, not an elaborate scheme designed to break the spirit and torment the minds of its captives, the New Afrikan Revolutionary prisoners in particular. On the tenth day of being in the quiet cell, my neighbors were informed that if they did not kick on my wall late at night they’d not be removed from the quiet cell, a clear incentive in their complacent involvement to facilitate my captors’ endeavors to rob me of my sanity. For an entire month my neighbors kicked on my walls,and losing myself in sleep to escape this psychological torture was not an option, I was forced to confront this deliberate assault on my sanity. This scheme would repeat itself two more times. Each time longer than the next, the second times was approximately 45 days, and the third was 90 days. Then I was emergency transformed to Old Folsom State prison in 1985. San Quentin called Folsom Administration and lied to them about my alleged involvement in a prison guard murder, I was not even in the unit when it occurred, nor was I ever implicated in this matter, but it was San Quentin intent to evoke Folsom Administration to continue my psychological torture. Folsom placed me in four point restraint, butt naked under the guises that I allegedly had contraband in my rectum, which was not true. Two days later I was placed on the exercise yard and left out there all night in the rain, the next morning I was placed in the quiet cell in 4-A , where I stayed an additional six months. Then in 1987, I was placed in the first ever Bedrock Unit, I along with 24 white prisoners, I was the only New Afrikan(Black) Prisoner assigned to this unit and spent approximately eight (8) months in an environment designed to encourage a racial attack on me. I was eventually released from Bedrock (i.e.) behavioral control unit) once my captors realized their plan of racial attack did not work, about four months later I was placed back in Bedrock, where I spent over a year (note: both Corcoran and Pelican bay State Prison) were modeled after the original Bedrock Unit). My second return to Bedrock was under the false allegation that I was involved in a conspiracy to assault prison staff, in response to this fabricated charge, I was physically assaulted and had Tasers placed on my testicles while handcuffed behind my back.

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