: White Nationalists at the RNC Don’t Think Trump Goes Far Enough

AntiFa-mediaWhite Nationalists at the RNC Don’t Think Trump Goes Far Enough – [] The Traditionalist Worker Party, Heimbach said, supports balkanization. “Every ethnic group should be able to opt out of multiculturalism if it wants to,” Heimbach said. “Multiculturalism leads to violence. Multiculturalism leads to disunity,” he continued. “Different cultures want to live differently.” “The idea of freedom is to be able to choose what system of government you live under,” Heimbach said. And it’s not just white people who think multiculturalism has failed, he added with a smirk. As examples, he pointed to Native American reservations—“They’ve got land, where, if you’re not a member of the tribe, you can’t buy land there. You can’t own a business there. But we still pass through: We’re not at war with them”—and Chechnya. (Both Native Americans and Chechens might dispute this characterization of their ostensible sovereignty.) Later on Monday, Heimbach told Gawker, the Traditionalist Worker Party would be holding a meeting with “a couple dozen” people in town for the convention—including some delegates—to discuss white separatist policy. The meeting is private, and he declined to identify the delegates who have said they would attend.

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