UK: Liverpool lawyer unmasked as ex-leader of far right British Resistance party

AntiFa-mediaI CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – One of the party’s registered officers is Jack Sen – the former West Lancs Ukip candidate who was suspended after his Twitter account was used, allegedly by a party activist, to send anti-Semitic messages to Wavertree MP Luciana Berger. He later defected to the BNP. Mr Chiffers is also chairman of a right-wing think-tank called the British Renaissance Policy Institute. He wrote on its website his aim is to “save western civilization from destruction”. Mr Sen and Mr Chiffers both appeared in a video filmed outside Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum in March. In the five-minute clip, Mr Sen describes British Resistance as a “new party formed to combat cultural Marxism and help us reclaim Britain from our oppressors”.

In a follow-up clip, Mr Chiffers claims the museum is an “instrument of psychological warfare” that “guilts people into accepting mass immigration”. He also talks about the Overton window – a pundits’ term for the range of political opinions the public will find acceptable. Mr Chiffers says: “We need to move that Overton window radically to the right if we are to stand any chance of winning.” He also says in the same video: “The indigenous British have the right to remain a majority in their own homeland.” The British Resistance Facebook page also makes numerous far right references, although Mr Chiffers says he never had any involvement in the party’s social media. Its Facebook page says: “No foreign aid, no EU, no immigration. No more PC rubbish, no quangos, no foreign wars, confront cultural Marxism. Indigenous British people first.”

The page was used to share a message from ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin after the EU referendum saying “Happy Independence Day to all Britons”. It was also used to re-publish a link to an article that accused Remain campaigners of using the death of Labour MP Jo Cox for “political purposes”. And the page was used to post some photos of an immigration raid accompanied by the words “disgusting filthy illegals”. Mr Chiffers’ conduct is now under investigation by his bosses, who have launched disciplinary proceedings. He claimed he could not comment on the disciplinary matters but said: “I have provided all of my clients with the best possible service irrespective of their personal characteristics.” He added: “I will not apologise for my political philosophy, which is in no way supportive of violence or racism.

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