Najee Ali Taunts Widower of Woman Killed by LAPD | Jasmyne Cannick

Najee Ali Taunts Widower of Woman Killed by LAPD | Jasmyne Cannick – t’s no secret that relations are strained between Najee Ali and Black Lives Matter. Besides denouncing the group, Najee has publicly admitted to pointing out protesters to the police to be arrested. He regularly posts photos of himself smiling alongside of Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck as well as publicly praises Beck before the police commission. Beck continues to be a target of BLMLA who has called for his firing over the officer-involved deaths of Ezell Ford, Wakiesha Wilson, Brendon Glenn and the in-custody death of Redel Jones. So friends they are not. Well on Tuesday Najee Ali decided to come into the police commission meeting and plop his ass right down in the middle of BLMLA members. It didn’t take long before the insults started flying. To be clear, Najee Ali was not under duress in the video above when he said what he said and did what he did. As a matter of fact he was quite smug in my opinion.

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