Simon Moya-Smith: Elizabeth Warren should apologize to Native Americans (Opinion) –

Elizabeth Warren should apologize to Native Americans (Opinion) – – If the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is going to use our community as fodder for his frequent tirades, then Warren should show she is a real friend to our — and supposedly her — community by calling him out on it. Of course, Trump isn’t the only Republican currently narrowing in on her dubious lineage. On Monday, former Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts said Warren should take a DNA test to prove whether or not her claim of Cherokee heritage is legitimate. “The easy answer, as you all know, is that Harvard and Penn can release those records, she can authorize the release of those records, she can take a DNA test, she can release the records herself. There’s never been any effort,” Brown told reporters. But what exactly would that change at this point? She has played the Indian card for decades and is already ensconced in the ivory tower. Even if she were found not to be Native American it’s hard to imagine her reputation would suffer a lasting blow, not least because millions of other U.S. citizens claim to be indigenous North American, too. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, half of the country’s adults who identify as mixed race claim to be white and American Indian. That’s more than 8 million people — most of whom just guess they are Native American with no proof, only rumor and family lore.

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