I CARE: Wales: Rise in race hate crimes reported since Brexit vote, equality body says

linksunten.indymedia.org_2016-01-02_11-23-32I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – 1/7/2016- Reports of race hate crime to South Wales race equality council, Race Equality First, have soared since the EU referendum. The organisation said a “huge rise” in reports had been coming in to its office daily. German, French and other European citizens, as well as people from ethnic minorities, have been told to “go home”, the organisation said. Among reports from EU citizens from other countries was one from a German woman who was racially abused while playing with her two-year-old daughter in a Cardiff park. In another case a woman was told to go home while attending an appointment at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and shouted at by men in a van. The group’s chief executive Aliya Mohammed said: “We are hearing the same messages being repeated to ethnic minority people in Wales: ‘You’re not welcome here anymore’, ‘We voted for you to leave so off you go then’, ‘Go back to your own country’, ‘Leave means leave – now’. “These are just a few amongst many other disturbing and abusive messages that have been reported to us. ‘Leave means leave’ “Social media has also been flooded with racist and hostile messages towards ethnic minority people and throughout the day individuals have emailed us to notify us of racist messages sent to them. “We are talking about people from Germany, France and parts of Europe who, until they speak, people don’t realise they are European and are then being told to go home. “People have also used the ‘N-word’. There has been a huge increase in race hate. We can’t put an exact figure on it because we have not got the data yet.” In an email to the organisation the German woman, who does not want to be named, described how she was met with a volley of abuse. “I was in Victoria Park, Canton, with my two-year-old daughter, speaking my mother tongue to her, as I always do. “I was then asked by a white, British man, roughly in his late forties, early fifties, what language I was speaking. I responded ‘German – I am one of these European citizens in this country’. To which he responded ‘Oh, German. Yes, Hitler and the Jews etc’. “I just thought I’d let you add this to the number of incidents in Cardiff since the referendum.”

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