Dear BJP, I Reject Your Hindutva, Your Fascism | Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Dear BJP, I Reject Your Hindutva, Your Fascism | Suchitra Krishnamoorthi – Even when vehicles were set ablaze due to Marathi Manoos prejudice and Biharis asked to return to their home state, we ignored them with the hope that sense would soon prevail. It didn’t. Sadly. Hindutva ideology had started to seep in. To even the most neutral amongst us, it was unacceptable. Never mind the disappointment. Manmohan Singh is a brilliant economist and will herald a new India we were told. After all, as India’s finance minister in the 90s he had introduced to us the concept of India shining. But his failure as prime minister, a position he was ushered into in 2004, was soon apparent — what was the power Sonia Gandhi wielded over him? OMG and why? What on earth for? Why did he look like a deer trapped in the headlights? Sycophancy was the giant ogre in this Congress Government — everybody was getting swallowed and the whole country was dying. An Italian accent became the most despised sound in the Indian psyche — even senior leaders like Digvijaya Singh had fallen into the Gandhi scion brainwash. Rahul Gandhi? Really? But Pappu can’t dance saala. Oh and not to forget that Vadra boy. What did Priyanka see in him ya? Looks like a total goonda and how did his whole family die so mysteriously ya? OMG? What? Forbes[sic] has listed Sonia Gandhi as the third richest woman in the world? Baapre! And she still wears those cheap cotton saris? What an actress ya. Better than Shabana Azmi!

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