Flash – Dodging murder, building bombs: An ‘angrier’ Mandela seen in new film – France 24

ixquick-proxy.com_2016-05-17_21-29-43Flash – Dodging murder, building bombs: An ‘angrier’ Mandela seen in new film – France 24 – British director John Irvin has brought a sneak preview of the film “Mandela’s Gun” to the Cannes film festival after four years of chasing down revelations about the anti-apartheid icon’s life as a young revolutionary. One leak from the long-awaited film this week showed to what extent the West was keen to stop Mandela from launching an armed rebellion against South Africa’s apartheid regime at a time when the Cold War was in full swing. Former diplomat and CIA operative Donald Rickard told Irvin he had tipped off apartheid authorities, leading to the arrest of Mandela who the Americans believed was “completely under the control of the Soviet Union”. Irvin told AFP he had travelled all the way to America to track down Rickard — who has since died — and record the interview which was first reported by Britain’s The Sunday Times newspaper. Irvin said the CIA had informants within the African National Congress (ANC) and “a lot of people knew that he (Mandela) was in town” after his return from months abroad receiving military training and drumming up support for the armed struggle.

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