TheAngryindian / Assimilationist Betrayal or Deserved Justice? American African Political and Community Priorities

eu.ixquick.com_2016-05-09_16-49-47.jpg(Editor / APNS-ANG) : AG Loretta Lynch announced the launching of a new federal civil rights lawsuit to address the state sponsored, anti-Transpeople legislation in North Carolina – HB2 and Ms. Lynch, an African-American, openly called the law ‘impermissibly discriminatory.’ She went further by stating to the transgender community that ‘We see you. We stand with you. And we will do everything we can to protect you.’

If only the Obama Administration and the US DOJ was as morally committed to addressing systemic racial discrimination against Indigenous and African citizens of the United States as they are with the LGBTQ community. Which is not to say that LGBTQ folk do not deserve our collective  protection from, they do, without reservation. But it is noticeably unfair and it is empirically hypocritical in that the Original Peoples of the Américas and the descendants of those who were shipped in as free labour and sexual servants from West Africa cannot achieve any measurable degree of justice or state-acknowledged recognition of their generational suffering under a Black presidency while the LGBTQ; far-right Revisionist Zionist and vulture capitalist sectors of US society receive consistent focus in mainstream newsmedia, common-centre public compassion and progressive government action.

And in the case of hard-line Zionism, (and its incessant war of genocide against autochthonous Palestinians) excessive amounts of financial; political and major media assistance is accorded and roundly denied other, equally-deserving ethnic and social groups, ostensibly, because the European Jewish experience of systemic hatred and obfuscation under Christian societies was/is deemed ‘unique’ and therefore not subject to the same rules of establishment repression. Why? Because politically speaking, the White nation-state of Israel is a European colonial outpost whose sole purpose for existence is to ‘protect’ American and European interests within that part of the world. The extremists who claim to speak for all of the world’s Jews through the bullying tactics of far-right Zionists are actually correct about one thing, the White World hates the Jew and the conscious Jew fully knows and understands this. Further, they also understand where the real power lies and that Tel Aviv would not exist were it not for the conspicuous political; military and financial support the Jewish State in the Levant (JSIL) receives from White Anglo-Saxon Protestant lobbyists and the ever-expansive North American military-industrial complex based within the corridors of power in Washington D.C. (and Dallas, TX) and to a lesser extent, London, Paris and Berlin.

This is true. And aside from the always greedy corporatist-class, Gays and Jews (in no particular order) have only very recently been accepted, politically anyway, as full-members of North American society with a right to lodge complaints against their second-class (or less) social treatment. However, Native Americans and Africans have yet to see any serious respect shown for their struggles much less the (ongoing) genocide(s) both groups have managed to survive, (although not structurally intact). And both communities have yet to see any real sense of ‘closure’ or a belief in a lasting justice – especially after the usual speeches have been made – when our respective Peoples still face Eurosettler animosity, blockage and murderous violence on a day-to-day basis.

Let me be clear here: LGBTQ Folk deserve their human, and by extension, political rights. However, so do the rest of us who by no-fault of our own, are simply not on the political radar because our (deserved) liberation isn’t conductive to maintaining ‘positive’ White Power domestically and/or gaining our votes isn’t deemed necessary in today’s right-wing, establishment two-party political circus. Blacks lives, indeed, do not matter. If they did, AG Lynch and the previous leadership of the DOJ under Mr. Eric Holder would have done everything possible to protect Black Americans from institutional anti-African and anti-Indigenous racialism and disenfranchisement. But that was never a part of the plan. And the apathetic posturing (and whining) of the Black American bourgeoisie is at the root of the problem. For it was they who made the fateful decision to ignore African and Native American suffering in order to get their class of elitist ‘400 Club’ or ‘Talented Tenth’ into advantageous positions of personal profit and glory. And it is they who routinely strive to maintain the Europocentric status quo, so long as they have a room in the Big House of the White elites who own (but not always operate) the North American corporatist plantation. If they need to sacrifice a section of their own community to earn that place, they will do so. Just as other elite-within-marginalised ethnic groups do around the world. (i.e.,: Chinese landowners in the Philippines/Mestizos in Latin America/Arabised Africans in Marutiania and the Sudan)

Either we are in this together (respectively) as oppressed peoples, or are we cannon fodder? If the latter is true, then we really should be concerned. Because if they do not need our votes, that means that they do not need our political support, which means that we are (at any given moment) subject to being exploited, in various forms, by that very same system. The private prison ‘industry’ is one good example of this, as is the Flint Water Crisis, wherein the state Republican Party through ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) decided to deliberately poison the primarily African and working-class/poor Eurosettler communities of the state. So far, the GOP has yet to take responsibility for what is essentially a deliberate act of anti-African genocide masked as a ‘conscious mistake’ by an absentee government. Add-in mass incarceration rates for Native Americans, Africans and Spanish-speaking Indios from Latin America; racist police brutality; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the ugly, institutional racism found in housing, medical care, immigration and other services in Occupied Canada/United States/Mexico when it comes to People of Colour and you have a serious case for charging these states with abject programmes of institutional ethnic reduction and/or, total eradication through forced assimilation.

All of this is true and occurring right now. As is the current wave of murderous anti-Transwomen violence going on within the United States. While the US mainstream focuses on the recent public transformation of Euro-American (conservative) republican sports figure Caitlyn Jenner, Black Transwomen are being killed at an alarming rate and it seems as if the rank-and-file LGBTQ community, which chiefly serves to represent the Eurosettler political perspective of gay liberation, doesn’t give a damn. At least, not enough to raise as much hell about that as they are about which toilet a Transperson is being forced to use. Which of course, is patently stupid.

Both issues are important. And all discrimination should be investigated and eradicated as a matter of general practise. Not just the picked issues and causes which appeal to the White political current and the non-White economic bourgeoisie. If justice really matters, then it matters for all of us, all the time. Not just for the political flavour of the day or for the legal and/or extralegal exploitation of (already) exploited people(s).

And if the political sectors of the LGBTQ community were at all serious about universal justice, they would address this issue head-on instead of pretending that it does not exist.


— The Angryindian

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