(Updated) Further Proof That Black Fascists & House Negroes Will Choose to Support Eurosettler Fascists Every Chance They Get

Diamond and Silk: Maxine Waters a “Domestic Terrorist” | Video | RealClearPolitics – Diamond and Silk told FOX News’ Jesse Watters Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a “domestic terrorist” and the “gift that keeps on giving.” Diamond agreed with President Trump’s assessment that Waters’is a “low IQ individual.” She called it “very low.”

“Maxine Waters and her rhetoric is like the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party, so we want her to keep talking,” Diamond said on Watters’ Saturday night show.

Trump Surrogates Promote Campaign In Interview With Neo-Nazi Holocaust Denier

[Time1/7/16, via DonaldJTrump.com; YouTube.com, 12/4/151/28/16, 3/1/16]

Diamond And Silk Have Appeared In The Media Promoting Trump. Diamond and Silk have appeared in media outlets like CNN, Fox News, and Fox Business to promote Trump’s candidacy. [CNN.com, 8/11/15, 8/21/15, 2/23/16; FoxNews.com, 3/20/16; YouTube.com, 1/8/16]

Diamond And Silk Promoted Trump In Interview With Trump Supporter John Friend For American Free Press

Diamond And Silk Did Approximately 18-Minute Interview With John Friend For American Free Press. Diamond and Silk participated in a March 23 American Free Press (AFP) audio interview in which they promoted Trump’s candidacy. They were described as “two of the more outspoken and enthusiastic supporters of Donald J. Trump.” [American Free Press3/23/163/23/16]

Diamond And Silk And Friend Repeatedly Praised Trump Campaign. Diamond and Silk used the AFP interview to tout Trump’s candidacy. Friend wrote in his recap of the interview:

Friend Praised Diamond And Silk For Getting “The Truth Out About What’s Going On In America Today.” [American Free Press3/23/16]

Friend Regularly Expresses Support For Trump, Attended Trump Rally. Friend’s Twitter account biography features the hashtags #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #Trump2016, #AlwaysTrump. He recently attended a Trump rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, and “had to purchase a Make America Great Again hat.” He wrote of Trump: “Trump has truly touched the hearts of millions of Americans across this nation. His public policy positions are rock solid, particularly when it comes to immigration, which is, in my opinion, the only issue that really matters in this upcoming election.” [Twitter.com, accessed 3/24/16; The Realist Report, 12/17/15

John Friend Believes Hitler Was “The Greatest Thing That’s Happened To Western Civilization”

John Friend Works For The American Free Press, An Anti-Semitic Publication. John Friend produces content for The American Free Press. The Southern Poverty Law Center has written that the American Free Press is an “anti-Semitic weekly” that “was founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto.” The Anti-Defamation League wrote that the publication is “an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented news­pa­per” that attracts “the most vitriolic anti-Semites.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, 7/15/11, Anti-Defamation League, 6/1/1510/30/15]

ADL: John Friend Is A “Vir­u­lent Anti-Semite And Holo­caust Denier.”

Headline On Friend’s Website: “Jews Did 9/11 – John Friend Booed For Telling The Truth.” The post embeds a YouTube video of him holding a sign claiming Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks. [The Realist Report, 10/28/15

Friend Has Praised “‘White Christian Patriots’ Such As Adolf Hitler And Joseph Goebbels.” The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that “Friend told a reporter he finds ‘inspiration and guidance from America’s Founding Fathers’ as well as ‘white Christian patriots’ such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels”:

Kanye West professes ‘love’ for Donald Trump, criticizes Obama, radio host says | Fox News – The interview with Hot 97 host Ebro Darden came after West expressed his unexpected support for conservative activist and Black Lives Matter critic Candace Owens on Twitter.

“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” West tweeted Saturday. The post followed a lengthy string of pseudo-philisophical one-liners and platitudes, including “all you have to be is yourself” and “images are limitless and words aren’t.”

Kanye West Calls Out Beyoncé and Praises Trump in Onstage Tirade – The New York Times – By Joe Coscarelli // Kanye West likened himself to Donald J. Trump at a concert on Saturday in California before tumbling into a 17-minute, free-associative speech addressing radio programmers, MTV, his friends and collaborators Jay Z and Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and more.

After getting an array of grievances off his chest — from real-world politics to awards-show politics — Mr. West ended the performance with a microphone drop, having played only three songs, leaving fans bitter and upset, according to reactions on social media.

Rapper Kanye West calls Trump ‘my brother’ — ‘very cool!’ Trump responds – The Washington Post

ESPN Analyst Sage Steele Says Her White Husband Should be Praised for Marrying Her, a Biracial Woman | Black Girl with Long Hair

Black Woman Endures Racist Rant From Her White Boyfriend

In a video she recorded and posted on Facebook, you can hear her White boyfriend ranting about Black Lives Matter, complaining about President Obama inciting riots and calling her girlfriend a dumb n*gger.

It’s so, so hard to believe. But there is audiovisual proof. Be forewarned, this audio is extremely racist, hateful and offensive. You cannot play this video aloud in mixed company.

For those of you who can’t play this out loud right now, here’s the transcript.

“Him –
“You don’t like it, get the fuck out.
You know what? That’s what Drumpf should do. The second he’s elected, give all you mother fuckers your tickets back.
You don’t like it, peace! black lives matter? Go matter to fucking Ghana. Go dig for fucking diamonds over there. Have fun.”
Her –
“You do realize you sound like a racist, right?”
Him –
“Maddie I don’t care. You want to know why? Cause I’m not up there saying white lives matter. White lives come to the front.
Black lives go to the back. I’m just like ‘hey what’s up. How you doing?’ but when you want to come at me with your fucking black lives matter
and this that and the other thing and the white people need to go to the back because black people always had to go to the back now the white people need to do it?
Fuck your black ass. Get the fuck out. Get out of my country. You’re causing the fucking problem. Bye! Here’s your ticket back to mother fucking Nigeria. Peace out.”
“I never said any of that.”
Him –
“The guy you voted for is the number one fucking head of that fucking bullshit. Fucking started the shit and fucking incites fucking riots. When he said I support the black lives matter movement,
that’s it, you’re done. You’re done. You’re a dumb fucking n*gg*r in my book. You have no fucking value to me.”
Her –
“You do realize that makes you sound like a racist when you use racial slurs that way.”
Him –
“Then don’t be a dumb n*gg*r. Don’t be a dumb fucking n*gg*r. Don’t be an average shoe shine boy. Get a job, go to work, do something other than sitting there making fucking videos about ‘fuck Donald Drumpf. Going take my mom’s fucking food stamps away. blahblahblah I’mma start a war. I’mma go to war.’ Why don’t you get a fucking job, you fucking n*gg*r?
Jesus christ. Sound like a racist all the fuck I want. I’m right.”

On Facebook, Madison told the Brown Girl Squad that the man, who was physically as well as emotionally abusive, is now her ex boyfriend. Today, months after the incident, she’s happy and in another relationship.

Madison said that she decided to share the video because, “I know I can’t be the only one to have experienced [this] and I wanted people to know that there is so much love on the other side of an abusive relationship. It’s scary to leave but well worth it.”

Kanye West Booed By Crowd After Saying He Would Have Voted For Trump – The second leg of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour kicked off last night in San Jose and during the show, Ye decided to express some of his political thoughts. Speaking for the first time since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, Kanye said he didn’t vote this year but that he would have voted for Trump. The crowd responded with a series of boos.


Kanye West Wears a Confederate Flag, Says ‘React How You Want’ – He caused controversy with his song “New Slaves” about modern-day racism and now Kanye West is prompting talk again – the rapper was seen wearing a jacket emblazoned with the Confederate flag on Saturday. The star, who got engaged to Kim Kardashian at the end of October, has been criticized for featuring the flag on merchandise for his Yeezus tour. The gear includes T-shirts featuring the flag along with a skull and the words “I ain’t comin’ down.” But in an interview with Los Angeles radio station 97.1 AMP on Monday, West, 36, explained the reasoning behind using the flag – which was adopted by the Southern states during the American Civil War but has come to represent a symbol of racism and hate to many.
Kanye West wears Confederate flag jacket, says ‘it’s my flag’ | Fox News – The Confederate flag: a symbol of racism for some, but a fashion choice for Kanye West.

The rapper was spotted Saturday wearing a jacket emblazoned with the flag after being criticized for featuring it on merchandise for his current “Yeezus” concert tour, People reports.

In an interview Monday with Los Angeles radio station 97.1 AMP, West explained why the former flag of Southern states during the Civil War made its way into his merchandise.

The majority of Trump supporters surveyed described black people as “less evolved.” – Many political pundits appear bewildered that a candidate as overtly racist as Trump could have so much success on the presidential campaign trail. But for those whites who deny the full humanity of blacks, Trump may be popular not despite his racism but because of it.

Donald Trump and Dennis Rodman – Athletes Endorse Trump — Perhaps Trump’s biggest endorsement coup came in the form of NBA Hall of Fame center Dennis Rodman, who apparently is on sabbatical from serving as the United States’ Very Unofficial Ambassador to North Korea. Trump praised Rodman when he visited the hermit kindom last year and played a basketball game to honor Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, whom Rodman calls ‘a friend.’ The Rodman-Trump détente looked to be at risk after Rodman started telling people that Trump had offered to accompany him on his next trip to Pyongyang, however:

Football Legend Herschel Walker: Donald Trump Will ‘Save America’ – Breitbart – “We have to do what’s right to save America. I guarantee you Donald [Trump] would do better than a lot of people in office now,” Walker said according to TMZ. “That I can tell you for a fact.”

Walker’s comments come just days after Donald Trump caused another media firestorm with his announced support for temporarily halting immigration of Muslims from terror hotbeds.

“Look, we can’t build a wall and not let people in the country,” the Heisman Trophy-winner and former Celebrity Apprentice star added. “But we do have to get this country safe. We have to quit being politically correct.”

Terrell Owens — ENDORSING TRUMP … ‘You’re Hired!’ | TMZ.com – Donald Trump’s already got his first celebrity supporter … Terrell Owens … who tells TMZ Sports he fully supports his former boss’ run for the presidency because “he won’t put up with B.S.”

T.O. — who appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” with Trump earlier this year — says he gained a TON of respect for Trump during their time on the show and thinks D.T. could do great things for the country as the man in charge.

“This may be what the country needs and Trump … he’s a guy who won’t put up with B.S. and has what it takes to change how government is run.”

“With that being said, Trump … YOU’RE HIRED”

Owens adds, “Plus, as the president, Trump would be able to say he knows me and he likes me … LOL!”

Black Trump Voters Tell Comedy Central, ‘He’s a Gangsta’ – EBONY – “He’s a gangsta,” said one participant in the conversation with host Wilmore. Another seems pretty confident that Donald Trump “is not going to make you a slave.”

Okay, we’ll buy that, seeing that he hasn’t said anything about support of human trafficking in his campaign so far.

Everybody’s trying to enslave you,” said another brotherman who supports Trump. “But the main important thing is how much I’m going to get paid while I’m in slavery.”

Editor’s Note: We’re really not sure why not being enslaved (which seems to negate payment on its face) is such a point of this discussion. A brief poll of this newsroom confirmed that nobody had been in chains.

Black Pastor Sends Clinton Blackface Tweet In Support Of Trump – Televangelist and NOW Television Network CEO Pastor Rev. Mark Burns caused a social media firestorm by tweeting a post with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in blackface. Burns is a prominent Trump adviser, a proponent of the “prosperity gospel,” and the man who delivered the most partisan convention prayer in modern history, according to Think Progress. Burns took down the post and went on a media circuit to apologize saying he should have used a different methodology to express his views.

On News One Now, Burns told Host and Managing Editor Roland S. Martin: “I thought the picture represented the message that the state of blacks has been used by the Democratic Party and by many cases are not operating at the same level that other ethnic groups are in this country,” said Burns. “And yet we have been voting in masses. Yes, we have progressed a lot; we have gained a lot but we are still not moving at the same speed that other ethnic groups are in this country. I believe that the voting bloc of the African American community it already belongs, at least in the mind of the Democrats; already belong to the Democratic Party. I truly apologized for the offensive blackface image of that cartoon and the depiction of the blackface is offensive by itself. As an African American man in America, I don’t stand by anyone portraying themselves in the blackface, but the message I intended, I still stand behind.”

I’m a Young Black Woman and I Support Trump | VICE | United States – There is an impulse to respond to comments like these made by Trump with disgust—but he’s right. Despite the popular liberal myth that undocumented immigrants only take jobs Americans don’t want, they really are displacing African Americans from employment opportunities. In 2008, the United States Commission on Civil Rights found black men to be disproportionately employed in low-skilled labor jobs and in direct competition with undocumented immigrants. One year later, the Federal Reserve connected record-high American youth unemployment with an influx of low-skilled laborers entering the country. Perhaps most damningly, the National Bureau of Economic Research examined census data from 1960 to 2000 and found “as immigrants disproportionately increased the supply of workers in a particular skill group, the wage of black workers in that group fell, the employment rate declined, and the incarceration rate rose.”

9 Black Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump – And in the interest of airing them out, here is a list of the 10 Black folks who are #TeamTrump2016. Please note that Omarosa, Dr. Ben Carson, the National Black Republican Association and Tootsie Roll and Blow Pop, also known as Diamond and Silk did not make the list. As that’s like saying water is wet.

Black Panther Leader Says TRUMP IS RIGHT, Black Voters Are… – And this just isn’t any member of the New Black Panthers… This is their top leader, Quanell X.

Watch (below) as Quenell X agrees with Trump that the Democratic party has kept black voters on a plantation and been “pimped like prostitutes” For five decades.

It’s clear that Democrats, who run every major urban city, have taken the black vote for granted. Decades after LBJ’s great society, inner-city blacks are in worse shape than ever.

ixquick-proxy.com_2016-02-29_09-38-07Trump booted a black man from his rally and called him a ‘thug.’ Turns out he is a supporter. – The Washington Post – By Amy B Wang October 29

Midway into his speech, the crowd suddenly grew restless, so Donald Trump paused.

An increasing number of people began pointing at a person to Trump’s right. Soon, hundreds of people who had gathered for his Wednesday evening campaign rally in Kinston, N.C., were frantically waving their “Trump Pence” signs in that direction.

Trump glanced at the person his supporters were singling out: A black man wearing a suit jacket and sunglasses.

“That’s all right, leave him alone,” said Trump, who at first seemed dismissive of what he saw.

He quickly pivoted.

“We have a protester,” Trump declared. The crowd booed.

“By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” he said, seemingly addressing both the crowd and the person simultaneously. “Where’s the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?”

The Black Supremacist Death Cult Behind “Blacks for Trump” Signs – [Reich-Wing Watch] Not all blacks oppose Trump! The right-wing, racist, conspiracy fringe within the black community is just as loony as the one within the white community, though they are fewer in numbers of course.

Dave Chappelle Rips Clinton: ‘She’s Not Right and We All Know It’ | Observer – Chappelle further shocked the New York crowd by defending Trump. He took issue with the media stating as fact that Trump had admitted committing sexual assault in the recorded conversation. “Sexual assault? It wasn’t. He said, ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.’ That phrase implies consent. I just don’t like the way the media twisted that whole thing. Nobody questioned it.” The comedian stated that Trump’s resilience in the face of the leak had impressed him. Comparing Trump to The Terminator, Chappelle said, “That would have devastated anybody else.” Chappelle added that Trump’s handling of the debate immediately following the controversy had won him over. Referring to Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz’s hostile questioning, he said, “Something about this was backward. A gay white man and a white woman asking a multi-billionaire how he knows the system is rigged and insisting it’s not. Does that sound right to you? It didn’t seem right to me. And here’s how you know Trump is the most gangsta candidate ever. They asked him how he knows the system is rigged and he said, ‘Because I take advantage of it.’ He may as well have flashed his membership card for the Illuminati right then.”

Fox Regular David Clarke: Trump Will Be “The Best Thing That’s Happened To The Black Community Since Dr. Martin Luther King” – DAVID CLARKE: It’s going to be a big turnout on November 8th as well. But, one of the reasons why these demographics that they’re going after, Mrs. Bill Clinton going after the women vote, going after the minority, why she’s not doing well? Because she’s not a likable person and she’s not emotionally connected. Look, if Donald Trump gets elected as president of the United States, his appeal to the black community is going to mean — to me anyway, it’s going to mean that he’s going to be the best thing that has happened to the black community since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

politicalwrinkles.com_2016-03-02_15-36-31Louis Farrakhan Supports Trump » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind! – “So when Mr. Trump said we can’t allow these Muslim refugees into America, a lot of people were upset with him, but I know the hatred for America in the Muslim world is building,” he said during a recent interview with Alex Jones. “So in this way I think Mr. Trump is wise to vet anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now.” Farrakhan also said he understood why Trump is so popular: people are sick of establishment politicians.

Brunell Donald-Kyei: Trump silent on police shooting because he’s waiting for facts – YouTube

The Farrakhan Fracas: Blacks, Jews and Nationalism — The uproar over Farrakhan started when he was accused of being an admirer of Hitler. He is, but in a specific sense. For example, he said that Hitler was not just “great” but “wickedly great.” He admired not Hitler’s massacre of the Jews, despite the Zionist smears, but rather his nationalism. He may aim to become a true Hitler in the future – his views favoring the most retrograde forms of capitalism, the subjection of women and the oppression of gays are already reactionary enough – but that’s not what he is saying now.

Here the Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man. He wasn’t great for me as a black person, but he was a great German. Now I’m not proud of Hitler’s evil against Jewish people, but that’s a matter of record. He rose Germany up from nothing. Well, in a sense you could say there’s similarity in that we are rising our people up from nothing. But don’t compare me with your wicked Hitlers.

Nationalists think alike: the problems of their people can be solved by building a great nation. This is why Farrakhan admires Hitler. He sees blacks as an emerging nation with their own emerging religion of Islam – a totality that includes all blacks except “traitors.” So too he sees Jews as a totality: Judaism = Zionism = Jewishness. This parallelism does not of course mean that rival nationalists like each other. Each is out for his own nation within the existing world of capitalist imperialism and its unceasing war of all against all. Different nations and nationalists make alliances and break them; each is for his own at the expense of all others. Farrakhan puts it in religious terms:

This I want the Jews to know and we want the world to know: that they are not the chosen people of God. … What will you do today when the lie is uncovered and we show the world that we are the chosen people of that promise? We are the people who have no land that we can call our own. … We are the chosen people of God and can back it up. We are ready to do battle with you wherever you come from in the earth. It is the black people in America that is the chosen people of Almighty God.

There are apologists (including socialist ones) who insist that Farrakhan is simply anti-Zionist – opposed to the racially exclusive state of Israel – but not anti-Jewish. The Socialist Workers Party’s Militant (July 13) asserted that the charge of anti-Semitism “is a lie from start to finish.” But it had to admit that there was something a mite off the mark in Farrakhan’s reference to Judaism as a “gutter” (or “dirty”) religion, that while he attacks Zionism “he incorrectly equates those who adhere to the Jewish religion with Zionism.” Exactly: if he’s anti-Zionist but defines all religious Jews as Zionist, then he’s anti-Jewish. Likewise, when he singles out Judaism as a “gutter religion” while not attacking other religions, he is again anti-Jewish. The SWP notes that Farrakhan’s “mistake” in equating Judaism with Zionism is the same as the Zionists’ denouncing all critics of Israel as anti-Semites. Very true, but to show that Farrakhan uses the same nationalist logic as Zionism is hardly a defense.

ixquick.com_2016-03-07_15-44-27Brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers endorses Trump – Civil rights activist Charles Evers has endorsed Donald Trump for president, touting what Evers refers to as the current Republican front-runner’s business acumen. “I believe in him first of all because he’s a businessman. I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi,” he said. Evers is the brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, who was assassinated in front of his Jackson home in 1963. Asked about Trump’s controversial remarks regarding immigration and an incident Tuesday in which 30 black students were reported to have been removed from the candidate’s rally in Valdosta, Georgia, Evers responded, “I haven’t seen any proof of him being a racist.” However he added, “all of us have some racism in us. Even me.” Evers referenced a proclamation by Gov. Phil Bryant declaring April “Confederate Heritage Month” and said that Trump has not taken similar actions. According to Evers, the hiring practices of Trump’s properties are reflective of him being “fair.” Before launching his campaign, Trump was accused of discrimination. In 1973, the real estate mogul and his father were sued by the Department of Justice under the Fair Housing Act for allegedly implementing a system to block black applicants from renting Trump Management’s Brooklyn; Queens; and Norfolk, Virginia, properties.

Flash – Former Republican candidate Ben Carson endorses Trump – France 24 – Carson made the endorsement at one of Trump’s clubs in Palm Beach, Florida. “There are two different Donald Trumps,” Carson said in his endorsement. “There’s the one you see on the stage, and there’s the one who’s is very cerebral, sits there, you can have a very good conversation with him.” Carson praised Trump as “a very intelligent man who cares deeply about America.” Carson said that the election is “not about me. It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s about America.” The religiously conservative Carson said that in talking with Trump he discovered that “there’s a lot more alignment, philosophically and spiritually, than I ever thought that there was.”

Farrakhan: Trump Followers Are Racist | – There is no better example of the “pot calling the kettle black” than Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and fake “minister, accusing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of “exacerbating the race situation in America.” In a video posted on social media accompanying his “pot/kettle” statement, the charlatan Farrakhan warned America that if Trump was elected president, it would put the United States on the “fast track” to destruction. His exact words were, “If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.” This is the same man who a few months ago called for 10,000 blacks to rise up and kill whites if the federal government did not intercede on behalf of blacks; in other words, give in to the demands of Farrakhan’s insanity. Yet, Farrakhan accuses Trump of making the race situation in this country worse. In his continued display of insanity, Farrakhan predicts Trump will take America where America is headed — people in America will eventually be like Trump. Farrakhan is claiming America, meaning whites, will become more racists if Trump becomes president. “He’ll take America exactly where America is heading. He’ll take you there on a rocket ship,” Farrakhan said. “If he becomes your president, you’ll be just like him. … When you get leadership that is not rooted in justice, then they begin to make the people just like themselves.”
Farrakhan contends those who follow Trump have always had racists feelings, but Trump’s comments are giving them permission to now air them.

Farrakhan: Trump, ISIS Are Signs God is Sending Plagues Down on America – Breitbart – While promoting the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March this October 10 in Washington, D.C. in a interview with “The Rock Newman Show,” Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam said that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wanting to make America great again and the success of ISIS are both signs God is judging the Untied States and, “The battle is on and the plagues are coming down on America.”
Farrakhan said, “God is present today. They need to be afraid. I’m talking to the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the U.S. government. You need to be afraid today because the God of justice is present now. That’s why he said vengeance is mine. The battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord’s and God has come. The battle is on and the plagues are coming down on America. I’m not afraid. But you need to be, and especially when you see what’s coming up, because as a man soweth the same shall he also reap. And when you have done the evil that you have done to us and done it to others, did you never think that there would come a day when you would have to pay for all that crap that you have done?”

Trump and Farrakhan – Both Trump and Farrakhan “tell it like it is” according to their followers. Both men have a penchant for speaking to the hearts and spirits of people who are mostly ignored, groups of people who feel marginalized and forgotten, and who are angry about it. Both men are angry, and make no bones about it. But Trump gets a pass; the media pretty much looks the other way and refuses to call him to accountability for what he says, while Farrakhan has been vilified and marginalized. Nothing Trump has said has made the media act like responsible journalists. Most of those who interview him seldom really challenge him and when they do, they allow him to talk over them. They cannot get a word in edgewise. There have been exceptions. Fox anchor Megyn Kelly dared challenge Trump in the first GOP debate on the statements he had made about women. Her challenge caused him to go ballistic, and to attack her in a most disturbing way. As a public figure, seeking the presidency, he had no right to say, in response to her questioning of him, that she had blood “coming out of her whatever.”

(Brother Minister Jeremiah Shabazz Speaks on the first meeting between representatives of The Nation Of Islam — he and Malcolm X — and members of the Ku Klux Klan @ 16:10)

The Odd Couple | Southern Poverty Law Center – When scientology comes up, what comes to mind for most folks is a bizarre belief system practiced by fabulously wealthy, fabulously famous movie actors and other white denizens of Hollywood. Think Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The Nation of Islam, for most, conjures up a very different picture — stern-looking, bow-tied black men standing on street corners in tough neighborhoods, selling newspapers promoting the Nation’s white-bashing theology. What could these two religions have in common?

Nation of Islam – RationalWiki – Dianetics Since 2010, Louis Farrakhan has been encouraging members of the Nation of Islam to waste their time and money by joining yet another cult study Dianetics.[14] He claimed it would be used as a tool for white people “to become ‘civilized'”.[15] To the surprise of nobody, Farrakhan later confirmed an official and ill-advised alliance with the Church of Scientology.[16]

Scientology cult: Hubbard’s Extreme Racism OK With Us : Indybay — “The Scripture of the Scientology religion consists of the writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. This Scripture includes more than half a million written pages, over 3,000 tape-recorded lectures and some 100 films….This Scripture is the sole source of all doctrine regarding the religion of Scientology and it is an inherent principle of the religion that only by exactly following the path it outlines can mankind achieve spiritual salvation. This concept of orthodoxy in religious practice is fundamental to Scientology. Thus, any attempt to alter or misrepresent the Scripture is regarded as a most severe breach of ecclesiastical ethics.” Thus, it is simply not permitted to alter, modify, or update Hubbard’s work in any way. In fact, it is official policy that members must “exactly follow Hubbard’s path.” Still, even with the “scriptures” remaining intact, this does not explain why the cult will not make a clear statement of its position on Hubbard’s extreme views. Here are a few examples of Hubbard’s views on people of different races and sexualities than his.

Hubbard spent a little time in southern Africa:

  • The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world — he is probably impossible by any human standard. – Hubbard, PAB No. 119, 1 September 1957, as published in Level 0 PABS (c.1968, The American St. Hill Organization).
  • As long as a white foreman is there, they will prevent soil erosion; but the moment that a white foreman turns his back — boo! There goes the whole program. And you finally get up to the point of where he’s [native] supposed to take care of something, a lesson which has never been taught to the native of South Africa. – Hubbard, 15th ACC (Power of Simplicity) lecture “Education: Point of Agreement”, 30 Oct 1956.
  • The insanity rate per capita in South Africa is appalling. …it is easily seen that a primary requisite in any programme of the rehabilitation of the Bantu in South Africa would be mental health – Hubbard, HCOB April 1960, “The Scientific Treatment of the Insane”
  • [Y]ou’ll find in Africans a fantastic amount of heavy space opera and so on, going on … which makes the colored African very, very interesting to process because he doesn’t know why he goes through all these dances … and why he feels so barbarous ….– Hubbard, 1st Melbourne ACC, lecture “Principal Incidents on the Track”, 27 November 1959.
  • They took people who were totally dedicated to certain tribal procedures … and said, “You’re free.” And they said, “Free. Free? Free. Ah! You mean there’s no police anymore.” Boom! Boom! – Hubbard, State of Man Congress, Opening lecture, 1 January 1960.
  • …the Zulu is only outside the bars of a madhouse because there are no madhouses provided by his tribe. … primitives are far more aberrated than civilized peoples. Their savageness, their unprogressiveness, their incidence of illness … – Hubbard, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.
  • Illiterate cultures do not survive and they are not very high. The natives of the tribe of the Bugga Bugga Booga Boogas down in Lower Bugga Wugga Booga Woog are mostly no longer with us, or they are around waving red flags today and revolting against their central government. And they didn’t learn fast. Their literacy was not up to absorbing culture rapidly. They’ve been very happily down amongst the bong-bong trees, you know, dancing up and down amongst the bong-bong trees, and the highest level of their interest and so forth was their own back yard. – Hubbard, The Study Tapes, “Study: Evaluation and Information”, lecture given on 11 August 1964


  • Actually, have you ever noticed how a Negro, in particular down south, where they’re pretty close to the soil, personifies MEST? The gatepost and the wagon and the whip and anything around there—a hat. They talk to them, you know. “What’sa mattuh wi’ you hat?” They imbue them with personality. – Hubbard, Therapy section of Technique 80 (“Route to Infinity” tapes), Part I, a lecture given on 21 May 1952


Wooing the Jews | Scientology Racism — by Toby Axelrod –This is not the first time Scientologists have dressed in Nazi uniforms and accused critics of persecuting them. See Cult Dons Nazi Garb in Protest , from 1979.When German Chancellor Helmut Kohl visited Australia in July 1997, he was greeted by jeering Scientologists in Nazi-style uniforms with swastika armbands. They confronted him with placards reading “Hands Off Our Religion” and “Is Germany Really A Free Country?” The protest was part of Scientology’s fight for recognition as a religion in Germany, a status that would bring significant tax benefits. Not only does Germany refuse that request, but also the government actually sees Scientology as a danger that must be curbed. In response, the Church of Scientology in Germany has, for years, linked itself with the treatment of the Jews under Hitler, claiming the shared experience of persecution. Scientologists say members have lost jobs, and children have been removed from schools because of their faith. The German government says the charges are at best exaggerated and at worst false. Germany recently got a boost from United Nations special investigator Abdelfattah Amor who, in April, rejected the church’s charge of persecution in Germany, and called the comparison between modern Germany and Nazi Germany “so shocking as to be meaningless and puerile.” Though church President Rev. Heber Jentzsch says Scientology’s comparison of its treatment in Germany to that of the German Jews under the Nazis has officially stopped because of objections from Jewish leaders, the theme still threads through Scientology publicity. The comparison with Nazi Germany has irked not only mainstream Jewish organizations but also high officials of both the U.S. and German governments as well, who call it an insult to all Holocaust victims.

Scientology’s fight for apartheid – On November 11, 1957, an office of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI) opened in Johannesburg. This marked the formal beginning of the expansion into South Africa by the Church of Scientology, the highly controversial religion-cum-cult-cum-pseudo-science founded in 1952 by the late American science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Forty years later, there are Scientology churches (or “orgs”) and “missions” in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Hillbrow, Soweto and Belleuelle. Some 200,000 South Africans are claimed to be members of the Church of Scientology. (This figure is probably 20 or 30 times the actual number). Worldwide, an estimated 100,000 people (claimed figure: 7 million) are members of the Church, making it one of the largest “New Age” religions in the world. However, it has a distinctly nasty reputation and a dark past in many countries. South Africa is no exception in this regard. With the “velvet revolution” of the transition to democratic rule in South Africa, many formerly hidden aspects of the apartheid years are being revealed in a process which in Czechoslovakia was termed lustracije – lustration, or bringing into the light. In this article I have sought to “lustrate” the way in which Scientology approached the problems of South Africa. The evidence is clear and unambiguous: a variety of books, periodicals and papers from inside and outside Scientology, produced over the last 40 years, details how the Church of Scientology actively supported the forces and philosophy of apartheid for many years. I have made use of these materials to chronicle what I have termed “Scientology’s fight for apartheid”. To say the least, it shows Scientology to have behaved in a way which totally belies its stated goals…

(In this 15th February 1965 press conference at the Audubon Ballroom (one day after his home was firebombed by the Nation of Islam and seven days before they assassinated him), Malcolm X exposed an alliance that Elijah Muhammad had entered into with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the American Nazi Party. Malcolm also described a vicious assault on an associate, Leon 4X Ameer, which was carried out by members of Louis Farrakhan’s Boston Mosque #11. In addition, Malcolm provides details of an effort to assassinate him that was to have been carried out by the Captain of Mosque #11, Clarence 2X Gill.)

ixquick.com_2016-03-03_09-58-01White nationalist David Duke praises Trump’s candidacy – CNNPolitics.com – Washington (CNN)David Duke, the anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan leader, praised Republican front-runner Donald Trump for his immigration policy proposals and said Trump is “the best of the lot.” After ranting about “Jewish supremacy” and Jewish domination of the media, Duke took time out of two of his radio programs last week to talk up Trump’s candidacy as a “great thing,” praising the Republican candidate’s plan to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Donald Trump and David Duke: For the record – The Washington Post

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann: “How do you feel about the David Duke quasi-endorsement?”

Trump: “I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.”

Heilemann: “Would you repudiate David Duke?”

Trump: “Sure, I would do that, if it made you feel better. I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me. Actually I don’t think it was an endorsement. He said I was absolutely the best of all of the candidates.”

— exchange during an interview on Bloomberg Politics, Aug. 26, 2015

Donald Trump Declines Three Chances To Disavow David Duke – Huffington Post

Three times on Sunday morning, Donald Trump was given the chance to disavow the support his campaign is getting from white supremacist groups. And three times, he balked.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Trump was pressed by host Jake Tapper to distance himself from David Duke, a former KKK leader who has supported Trump’s campaign and gone so far as to say that a vote against the businessman would be a “treason to your heritage.”

politicalwrinkles.com_2016-03-02_15-37-21American Black Muslims, Neo-Nazis, Foreign Muslim Extremists Join Forces | Southern Poverty Law Center
Martin A. Lee
March 05, 2002

Some American Black Muslims are making common cause with domestic neo-Nazis and foreign Muslim extremists.

In 1961, Elijah Muhammad, founder of the black supremacist Nation of Islam, met with Ku Klux Klan leaders at the Magnolia Hall in Atlanta. Although they had different ideas about the skin color of the master race, they shared the belief that blacks and whites should stay separate.

The following year, Muhammad invited American Nazi Party chief George Lincoln Rockwell to address a Nation convention in Chicago, even though Rockwell had often called blacks “the lowest scum of humanity.”

Flanked by a dozen storm troopers in swastika armbands, Rockwell told an audience of 5,000 Nation devotees that he was “proud to stand here before black men. … Elijah Muhammad is the Adolf Hitler of the black man.”

Sporadic contacts between Black Muslims and white supremacists continued after Louis Farrakhan set up his own branch of the Nation of Islam in 1975.

Klan leader Tom Metzger was so impressed with Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic bombast that he donated $100 to the Nation after a Farrakhan rally in Los Angeles in September 1985. A month later, Metzger and 200 other white supremacists from the United States and Canada gathered on a farm about 50 miles west of Detroit, where they pledged their support for the Nation of Islam.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” explained Art Jones, a neo-Nazi militant from Chicago. “I salute Louis Farrakhan and anyone else who stands up against the Jews.”


Louis Farrakhan | Southern Poverty Law Center

Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism has earned him some strange allies. Former Klan and White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger was so impressed with Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic bombast that he donated $100 to the NOI after attending a Farrakhan rally in Los Angeles in September 1985. Given that white supremacists share the NOI’s belief in separation of the races, a month later, Metzger and 200 other white supremacists from the United States and Canada gathered on a farm about 50 miles west of Detroit, where they pledged their support for the Nation of Islam.

Anti-Semitism is only one of Farrakhan’s many prejudices. Over the years, his comments have consistently been rabidly anti-gay. “God don’t like men coming to men with lust in their hearts like you should go to a female,” he told a Kansas City crowd in 1996. “If you think that the kingdom of God is going to be filled up with that kind of degenerate crap, you’re out of your damn mind.”

The Nation of Islam – The Peace FAQ

Farrakhan also built alliances with people and groups known for their anti-Semitism. Former Ku Klux Klan leader Tom Metzger-who would later be found responsible, along with his White Aryan Resistance organisation, for the brutal skinhead murder of a black Ethiopian immigrant in Portland, Oregon-was a guest at Farrakhan’s 1985 Los Angeles speech. Metzger donated $100 to Farrakhan, and the two created an alliance as their anti-Semitic and separationist agendas dovetailed. That same year, Farrakhan invited Arthur Butz, one of the world’s best-known Holocaust deniers, to speak to the Nation of Islam‘s Saviour’s Day celebration.

In 1986, Farrakhan and a delegation of Nation of Islam leaders visited Libya to attend the “Second International General Conference for a World Forum to Combat Imperialism, Zionism, Racism, Reaction and Fascism.” The trip violated US laws banning travel to Libya. When it was unclear whether Farrakhan would be prosecuted (he was not), his chief spokesman, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, said that if Farrakhan were charged, “the people will burn this country to the ground.” He threatened that Nation of Islam members would “walk up to the car where your police officers are taking a break and blow their damn brains out.” He said his organisation would kill “anything that’s white, that ain’t right, that’s in sight.”

In 1991, the Nation of Islam “Research Department” published a 334 page book entitled The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews: Volume One. Presented as a scholarly text (it has 1275 footnotes), the book “chronicles Jewish writings that testify to their involvement in the slave trade and the oppression of Black people” (Final Call, May 4, 1992).

ixquick.com_2016-03-02_16-56-38.jpgWHITE SUPREMACISTS VOICE SUPPORT OF FARRAKHAN – NYTimes.com – By WAYNE KING, Special to the New York Times
Published: October 12, 1985 — HOUSTON, Oct. 10— Leaders of neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups met in a gesture of solidarity against Jews last weekend and talked of an accommodation with Louis Farrakhan, leader of a Black Muslim group who has been accused of anti-Semitism. The meeting of 200 leaders and their supporters was held at the Michigan farm of Robert Miles, a former Ku Klux Klan leader. According to people who attended the meeting, several speakers talked favorably about Mr. Farrakhan.

One, Art Jones, a white supremacist in Chicago, declared: ”The enemy of my enemy he is my friend. I salute Louis Farrakhan and anyone else who stands up against the Jews.” – ‘A Rotting Carcass’ – Another, Thomas Metzger, a former Klan leader in California, was quoted as saying in an address Saturday night: ”America is like a rotting carcass. The Jews are living off the carcass like the parasites they are. Farrakhan understands this.” Neither Mr. Jones nor Mr. Metzger could be reached by telephone for elaboration, but Mr. Miles confirmed that they had spoken at the meeting.

KLAN FIGURE MET WITH FARRAKHAN – NYTimes.com – LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2— The former head of the Ku Klux Klan in California said today that he headed a ”white nationalist” delegation that attended a speech here last month by Louis Farrakhan, leader of a Black Muslim group, and that talks between the black and white groups have been going on for a year. The former Klan leader, Thomas Metzger of San Diego, said that he and nine members of his organization attended the Farrakhan rally here Sept. 14 as guests of Mr. Farrakhan and that they contributed $100 to support the Muslim’s cause. Mr. Farrakhan, who heads the Nation of Islam, has been widely attacked in the past two years for statements that many consider anti-Semitic, among them assertions that Judaism is ”a gutter religion” and that Hitler was a ”great man.” The Muslim leader, who preaches on political and economic self-determination for blacks, has attracted 15,000 people to the Los Angeles speech and about 10,000 to an appearance in Washington last July, drawing heavy criticism from Jewish leaders in both cities. Prominent civil rights and political leaders in both cities were criticized by Jewish leaders as not denouncing Mr. Farrakhan’s visits in advance.

White Racists Aid Farrakhan`s Group – tribunedigital-chicagotribune – October 03, 1985|By Jonathan Kaufman, Boston Globe.

Members of a white racist organization led by the former head of the California Ku Klux Klan provided Louis Farrakhan, the Black Muslim minister, with information about “Jewish extremists“ and recently attended a rally by Farrakhan in Los Angeles, contributing $100, according to members of both groups.

The contacts between the two groups are puzzling federal officials and worrying Jewish organizations, who say an alliance may be forming between radical whites and radical blacks.

“Birds of a feather flock together,“ said Herb Brin, publisher of several California Jewish newspapers, who attended the rally. “They have a common bond in hatred of the Jews. If blacks can say these (anti-Semitic)

things, white separatists can say, `We`ve been saying these things all along.` “

“It`s a new wrinkle,“ said Jack Killorin, spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. “That kind of tie is not visible in the kind of extremist and hate organizations that we have been dealing with.“ In a telephone interview from California, Thomas Metzger, former head of the California Ku Klux Klan and now head of the White American Political Association, said he and nine followers were invited to attend last month`s rally by officials of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan`s organization.

“It`s in the interest of any kind of contact where there is a chance of some kind of dialogue,“ said Metzger, who said he and his followers gave $100 during the rally. “We see similarities in the principles that Louis Farrakhan is talking about: the exploitation of working people by an elitist group in Washington and by corporations and by the people who are their sponsors and masters.“

division-historia.blogspot.com_2016-03-03_09-47-18Farrakhan, The Klan And Credibility – tribunedigital-chicagotribune — October 09, 1985|By Clarence Page.

Conversations with my own self:

Q–Why did a neo-Klan group go to a Louis Farrakhan rally in Los Angeles? A–Birds of a feather flock together.

Q–But don`t white supremacists and Farrakhan have a, uh, fundamental difference?

A–You might think so. But they have quite a bit in common, too. Farrakhan is anti-integration. So is the Klan. Farrakhan likes to insult the Jewish community. In fact, he seems to enjoy nothing more. So does the Klan. He also has called for a separate state for blacks. If we got it, I am sure the Klan would be happy to help us pack.

Q–Do the Klan and the Nation of Islam have a coalition?

A–Not quite. Thomas Metzger, a former California Klan leader who now leads something called the White People`s Political Association, took a delegation of nine other “white nationalists,“ as they call themselves, to Farrakhan`s rally on Sept. 14. Metzger says they have been meeting with Farrakhan for a year. They were so delighted with Farrakhan`s message, Metzger says, that they left a $100 contribution. That may not be much cash in today`s economy, but it`s the thought that counts.

Q–What does Farrakhan say about it?

A–His people were less enthusiastic than Metzger. Nation of Islam spokesmen denied any working relationship, but they thanked Metzger for the hundred bucks.

When Malcolm X Met the Nazis | VICE | United States – On Sunday, June 25, 1961, ten members of the American Nazi Party arrived at a Nation of Islam rally in Washington, DC. The party’s founder, George Lincoln Rockwell, led them inside the Uline Arena, a quarter-million-square-foot stadium that would later host the Beatles’ first US concert. Ramrod-straight, square-jawed, and with a merciless, piercing gaze, Rockwell looked like a Hollywood villain straight out of central casting. (“How much taller he is than Hitler,” Esquire noted in an otherwise withering essay. “And how much better-looking.”) The Uline had nearly sold out. The Nazis were outnumbered 800 to one.

The fascists hadn’t come to make a bloody last stand. Instead, guards from the Fruit of Islam, the NOI’s paramilitary branch, frisked the men and ushered them to front-row-center seats. Their crisp brownshirt costumes and swastika armbands stood out against the suits and ties surrounding them. Despite the 90-degree heat, Rockwell and his men waited hours for the event’s main attraction. There is no record of anyone cracking a smile at the situation’s absurdity.

ixquick.com_2016-03-02_18-21-01Conspiracies in Common – Prominent Farrakhan follower Steve Cokely, has charged an international “secret society’ exists to oppress blacks and create a single world government run by Jews. In the same speech, Cokely kid the AIDS epidemic to doctors, especially Jewish ones, injecting black babies with the AIDS virus. Said Farrakhan, “Cokely spoke the truth.”

The “international Jewish conspiracy” theme surfaces in both camps. LaRouche has endorsed the notorious Czarist forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, stating that a “corrected version…would stipulate that the evil paths cited were actually the practices of…B’nai B’rith….” In turn, the Protocols and Henry Ford, Sr.’s The International Jew have been sold in bookstores owned by Nation of Islam supporters.[2]

Both groups have echoed the classic a anti-Semitic blood libel that the Jews killed Christ. In the world according to LaRouche, “It was the Jewish Sadducees who crucified Christ and the same faction in Rome who prompted the Emperor Nero to launch the centuries-long ‘holocaust’ against the Christians.” Last year Farrakhan’s national spokesman, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, stated, “it is a known fact that the Jews have been an enemy of Jesus” and they “sought to kill the Messiah.” And in his 1994 Savior’s Day speech, Farrakhan told followers, “they didn’t want to hear what he said. And they trumped up lies on Him and they killed Him. Right to this day Jews don’t believe in Jesus….”

Both organizations have cozied up to white supremacist groups. The LaRouche network has employed Ku Klux Klan members as security consultants, notably Roy Frankhauser, a two-time felon lately of the United Klans of America. Among Frankhauser’s convictions was one involving explosives in connection with a school bus bombing in Pontiac, Mich. Representatives of Farrakhan invited former Klansman Tom Metzger and several members of his White American Political Association (now called White Aryan Resistance – WAR) to a 1985 Los Angeles Coliseum appearance by Farrakhan. Later Metzger’s group donated $100 to Farrakhan. According to Metzger, he and Farrakhan’s people exchanged “intelligence.”[3]

Both the LaRouche organization and the Nation of Islam promote ignorant and distorted claims concerning the Holocaust. The LaRouche tabloid has referred to “the mythical ‘six million Jewish victims’ of the Nazi ‘holocaust,”‘ asserting that a million and a half Jews perished, and that Hitler was put in power by prominent Jewish banking families. The cult continues to vilify the Office of Special Investigations of the U.S. Department of Justice and defend accused Nazi war criminals and German rocket scientists who used slave laborers while working under the Nazi regime. For its part, in February 1985, the NOI welcomed Arthur Butz, author of the Holocaust-denial tract, The Hoax of the 20th Century, as a guest speaker at its annual Savior’s Day Convention in Chicago. Butz’s pseudo-history has been sold at recent NOI events. Despite the historical tack, Farrakhan has admonished Jews: “You cannot say ‘never again’ to God, because when He puts you in the oven, ‘never again’ don’t mean a thing.”

LaRouche, Farrakhan and Anton (Tony) Chaitkin

CovertAction Quarterly, Winter 1994-95
As distasteful and embarrassing as low budget pornography, the coupling of Lyndon LaRouche and Louis Farrakhan makes skin—both black and white—crawl. On September 1, in the insistent institutional luxury of the downtown Washington Vista Hotel, longtime Lyndon LaRouche crony Anton Chaitkin and Nation of Islam (NOI) spokesperson Abdul Alim Mohammad joined up to vilify the forces of evil. A LaRouche front group, the Schiller Institute, paid for the hall and, according to LaRouchite Lynn Speed, would contribute to any costs not covered by the gate.
The evening’s panel, “The ADL: Spies, Lies, Murder, and Deceit,” was part of a decade-long link between the two seemingly disparate groups under the banner of “Your enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The common enemy that night was the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith.
As CovertAction reported in Summer 1993, 34-year veteran ADL employee Roy Bullock had illegally gathered information on hundreds of organizations he grouped as “Right,” “pinko,” and “Arab,” including, of course, NOI and LaRouche. Both groups seized on this scandal and unleashed a web of weird conspiracy theories in which Jews were a secret elite bent on world domination.
“The alliance angers me,” says Loretta Ross of the Center for Democratic Renewal, “because it allows that ultimate devil, white supremacy, to get off the hook [and]…serves as a dangerous distraction that could have serious consequences for the struggle for justice.” It also undermines what Rodney Orange, president of the Baltimore NAACP, calls NOI’s “message of self-respect and nationalism [which] resonates with underprivileged communities.”
In the old days, before LaRouche started courting black support, NOI would have considered his openly racist organization anathema. A 1974 LaRouche publication warned whites that “Soon you will lose your jobs probably to a welfare loafer, a methadone-crazed dope-fiend, [or] some gang member brought in from a ghetto neighborhood.” Now, he rants on about international Zionist conspiracies to rule the world and the control of global narcotrafficking by British royalty.
I got a taste of LaRouchian tactics when I called the Washington-based Schiller Institute to interview Anton Chaitkin for an article I was writing on the alliance for the Canadian press. He was evasive, hostile, and instantly accused me of being a CIA agent. I left my number in Vermont where I was staying and suggested we talk again after he confirmed that I was indeed a journalist on assignment. A few days later, on a gaudy fall Saturday morning, I was on the phone with a friend discussing the pitfalls of taping sheetrock. An operator interrupted announcing an emergency call from Anton Chaitkin. When I took it, he launched into such an unstoppable flood of accusation, I could feel the spittle through the phone.
In the course of a few minutes, Chaitkin branded me a Nazi, a CIA agent, a Royal Mountie, a terrorist, a Canadian spy, an agent provocateur, a paid employee of the ADL, and suggested I cohabitated with domestic animals one of which was a Mountie’s horse. Daunted by this overestimation of my prowess, both political and sexual, I suggested that he might want to pick one or the other. “They are all the same, that’s what we are talking about,” he screamed into the phone. Oh, silly me.

PublicEye.org – The Website of Political Research Associates – While they are in no position to exert any significant influence over the direction of U.S. politics, it is nonetheless defensible to argue that the Nation of Islam is the only indigenous fascist movement in the U.S. composed of African-Americans. Many of the key elements of a fascist political movement are present in the NOI, including theories of racial nationalism, racial superiority, organic leadership, and the appropriateness of authoritarian measures in support of public safety and security. The Fruit of Islam who surround Farrakhan as bodyguards reflect an attachment to military trappings, and help build a cult of personality around Minister Farrakhan himself. The demagoguery of Farrakhan and some of his key lieutenants periodically strays into scapegoating of Jews as evil conspirators. And if congruence with key elements of fascism is not alone persuasive, consider that members of the Nation of Islam have at times cooperated with white U.S. fascists around a shared interest in racial separatism and racial nationalism.

In July, 1990 Farrakhan granted an extensive exclusive interview to Spotlight where his views of separate development for the Black and white communities was stressed. The interview was presented in an overwhelmingly sympathetic and supportive fashion, with an introduction by the editors where Farrakhan’s movement was described as “based on the cultivation of spiritual, education, and family values, as well as racial separation.” As mentioned earlier, the Spotlight is part of a quasi-Nazi empire and has praised the Waffen SS, celebrated racist skinheads, promotes white supreacists, questions the factual basis of Hitler’s attempted genocide of Jews and other enemies of the Reich, and fills its pages with articles claiming “dual loyalist” Jews control the media, U.S. foreign policy, and CIA covert operations.

Spotlight, the Liberty Lobby, and the Institute for Historical Review were all created by Willis Carto, the mastermind of the international movement that calls itself Historical Revisionism. The Revisionists claim that there was no plan by Hitler to exterminate Jews. One Revisionist author, Dr. Arthur R. Butz, was invited to share the stage with members of the Nation of Islam and other guests at a February 1985 Chicago NOI forum. Butz’s only noteworthy accomplishment at the time was a book titled The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, which argued that the gassing and cremation of large numbers of Jews during the Nazi reign was not scientifically possible. Butz is an associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Northwestern University.

Racialist nationalism, anti-Jewish bigotry, and fascist principles have also provided a basis in the past for white supremacists and anti-Jewish bigots such as neo-Nazi Tom Metzger to voice support for Farrakhan. The October 12, 1985 New York Times reported on a Michigan meeting of white supremacists where Metzger told his audience of neo-Nazis and Klan members, “America is like a rotting carcass. The Jews are living off the carcass like the parasites they are. Farrakhan understands this.” That meeting was attended by Political Research Associates author Russ Bellant, a freelance journalist, who reported the Metzger quote and provided it to the New York Times. Metzger peddles a national socialist brand of fascism and white supremacy.

Kkk, Farrakhan Discussions Have Been Going On For Year – tribunedigital-sunsentinel – October 4, 1985|The New York Times

LOS ANGELES — The former head of the Ku Klux Klan in California says he headed a “white nationalist“ delegation that attended a speech here last month by Louis Farrakhan, leader of a Black Muslim group, and that talks between the black and white groups have been going on for a year.
Thomas Metzger of San Diego said Wednesday that he and nine members of his organization attended the Farrakhan rally here Sept. 14 as guests of Farrakhan and that they contributed $100 to support the Muslim`s cause.
Farrakhan, who heads the Nation of Islam, has been widely attacked in the past two years for statements that many consider anti-Semitic, among them assertions that Judaism is “a gutter religion“ and that Hitler was a “great man.“
The Muslim leader, who preaches on political and economic self- determination for blacks, has attracted 15,000 people to the Los Angeles speech and about 10,000 to an appearance in Washington last July, drawing heavy criticism from Jewish leaders in both cities. Prominent civil rights and political leaders in both cities were criticized by Jewish leaders as not denouncing Farrakhan`s visits in advance.
Farrakhan is scheduled to speak Monday at Madison Square Garden in New York, where he has been repudiated in recent days by Mayor Koch and a range of civic, religious and government leaders.
Metzger said he now heads the White People`s Political Association, which he described as a “white nationalist“ organization.

EXPOSED! Black Leaders and White Racist United. | UR2BFree – A few years ago I interviewed Tom Metzger, the white supremacist who founded the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) and a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan on my radio program. Tom Metzger was on stage when Geraldo Rivera interviewed the Klan and Roy Ennis of CORE in 1985. Tom Metzger’s son threw the chair that broke Geraldo’s nose (see the Video) that day. Tom Metzger was also the target of a lawsuit in the racially-motivated murder of a black man. He lost that lawsuit and his fortune to the victim’s family. I tell you the history of Tom Metzger to illustrate that he is far from a friend to black people. That is why it was such a shock when he admitted on my radio program giving financial support to Louis Farrakhan.

Why would a white racist contribute to The Nation of Islam and why would they accept his support? They both desire the same thing; a separate country. They both want white people against black people, all scared of “the system,” and all angry, looking to their respective groups for guidance. They share the delusion of dividing the nation up into white and black nations. While they keep you in non-performing public schools, high unemployment, and the penal system, they also tell you how to think and how to vote. Master has always done that.

When I first asked Metzger the question about his financial support to Louis Farrakhan he was shocked. His bodyguard tensed up, the control room went silent, and you could feel the pressure in the air. He was actually surprised that I would even ask the question. Tom knew my radio show; I was the only black talk show host on in his county. He also knew that I only asked questions I already had the answers to. I knew that Tom Metzger had been invited by Louis Farrakhan to attend a Nation of Islam event. Metzger had voiced his support and maintained contact with them. I had done my homework. The October 12, 1985 New York Times had a story about a white supremacist meeting. The article quoted Metzger as saying to the Klan and neo-Nazi audience, “America is like a rotting carcass. The Jews are living off the carcass like the parasites they are. Farrakhan understands this.”

Years later, Metzger addressed a meeting of the NEW BLACK PANTHERS (see the VIDEO) who were situating themselves as the new protectors of the black community. Why would they invite and greet a racist, past Klan Leader, founder of WAR (White Aryan Resistance,) and convicted murder of a black man to speak to them? Who are the real Uncle Toms?

Farrakhan Blind To Slavery Reports – tribunedigital-sunsentinel – That’s what the two leaders talked about, according to a report by the Libyan news agency Jana. What they apparently did not talk about was something Farrakhan also has been curiously silent about: slavery.

It’s alive and well in north Africa, according to reports from the State Department, the United Nations and a variety of private human rights organizations. According to various reports, a vigorous trafficking in human beings continues particularly in Mauritania, which supposedly outlawed the practice in 1980, and Sudan, which has been torn by civil war for the past 13 years between the north Sudanese, mostly Arab, and the mostly black south Sudanese.

And they’re not alone. Libya, too, appears to play a role.

For example, a declassified State Department report released by Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-Va., a longtime human-rights crusader, said that busloads of captured women and children have been forced into involuntary servitude and trucked to unknown destinations in Libya as recently as 1993.

The document, based on embassy reports, cites a string of rapes, mass killings, village burnings and mass capture of south Sudanese black ethnic groups, such as the Dinka and the Nuba, by heavily armed soldiers from the north.

Government forces “routinely steal women and children,” the State Department report said. “Some women and girls are kept as wives, the others are shipped north where they perform forced labor on Kordofan farms or are exported, notably to Libya,” the report said. “The town of Hamarat el Sheikh, northwest of Sodiri in north Kordofan, is reported to be a transit point for Dinka and Nuba children who are then trucked to Libya.”

Against that backdrop, the Jana report of Farrakhan’s visit makes even more intriguing reading.

According to Jana, Gadhafi justifies Libyan intervention in the affairs of the United States by stating that “America, which was created by immigrants from the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe, did not belong to anyone but to its original people, the Red Indians, who are of Libyan origin, and nobody has the right to claim that he is a master there, and others merely his slaves.”

“Red Indians who are of Libyan origin?” That’s certainly is an attention grabber, along with Gadhafi’s point about masters and slaves. In that spirit, Farrakhan should have questioned Gadhafi about the reports of slavery in his country.

Would you buy a toothpaste from this man? | Feature | Chicago Reader – The embarrassments began when white supremacist Thomas Metzger attended Farrakhan’s Los Angeles speech, and then took up a collection among his colleagues, donating $100 to the Nation of Islam. Metzger is the former grand dragon of the California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and currently head of the so-called White American Political Association, which purports to be a coalition of white supremacist groups. When the news broke that he had attended the rally, some weeks after the fact, Metzger told reporters that his group and the Nation of Islam could respect each other and cooperate because they shared common goals—to separate the races and fight the Jews. At the time, just before the Madison Square Garden rally, Farrakhan’s aides vehemently denied that they knew anything about Metzger’s appearance in Los Angeles; they also denied sharing any common ground with him. They said the whole episode was created by the Minister’s enemies to drive a wedge between him and the people. But the facts appear to be otherwise. According to a Nation source in Chicago, Metzger was invited by officials of the nation of Islam’s LA mosque. Just after the rally—but before the news broke—at least one Farrakhan aide was bragging, “did you hear about Tom Metzger? He came to the Forum, and said he endorsed the Minister’s program.” Farrakhan himself, when asked, conceded, “if he was invited by the local mosque there, I did not know it, and I would not disapprove of it if I did know it because it was an open meeting.” Farrakhan added, with no hesitation, “Let me be very candid. We honor and respect any white person who wants to keep their race white as we definitely want to keep ours black … . There’ a common denominator, yes.”

ixquick-proxy.com_2016-03-03_09-51-29Rev. Jim Jones Bilalian News June 4, 1976 Farrakhan Nation Of Islam? – “If the Muslims and Peoples Temple can get together, anybody can make it,” the Rev. Jones proclaimed. He advised listeners not to fall into “the trap of religious sectarianism and provincialism.” All religious groupings, he observed, must forget their petty differences in order to overcome exploitation. He mentioned that only a few days ago some misguided individuals had fire-bombed his church’s property and made threatening telephone calls conserning the Jubilee, but instead of discouraging him, these incidents only “proved that this meeting was the hand of God upon us.” The Rev. Jones called the Honorable W.D. Muhammad “a prophet,” and declared, “with the alternatives I see on the horizon, I only wish he were running for President.” Turning to the pages of history, he pointed out that “Muslims made room for Jesus and gave him honor. And its high time that Christianity gave honor to Muhammad.” Bro. Jones underscored the dangers of taking scriptures literally, citing the Biblical verse which reads: “Servants, obey your master.” Referring to the example of Jesus, he observed: “Jesus said there’s only one way you can be saved- ‘Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, let the oppressed go free.’ “Who is fulfilling the words of Jesus? Who opened his arms and said, ‘Come Christians, come Jews, come atheist, come agnostics?’ Who is fulfilling the words of Jesus any better than the Honorable Wallace D. Muhammad?” The Rev. Jones concluded his speech with these words: “If you come after the Nation of Islam you better come after me.” The Chief Minister The Honorable W.D. Muhammad voiced appreciation for Bro. Jim Jones and for “the great community that he heads- the Peoples Temple Church. In time,” he noted, “maybe we will all realize just how muh the world is indebted to the step that has been taken this day.” Delving deeply into scripture, the Chief Minister showed that there is no compulsion in religion. “God never imposes His way on anybody or any community. Almighty God’s way is an open way.” He went on to say that almighty Allah had purposely let different religious communities flourish around the world in order to test man and to eventually produce a unity from diversity, a oneness which would lift all peoples to Him. The Chief Minister demonstrated the unity of all true believers and the oneness of all the great heroes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. “Those who believe that they should conform to God’s righteousness are all brothers in one brotherhood,” he declared. In conclusion, the Honorable W.D. Muhammad assured his listeners that: “God has ordained a natural movement to destroy the corrupt world and establish truth. This is our day!” — http://www.assatashakur.org/jimmy4.pdf

NOI-Jim JonesPeoples Temple – [wikipedia] – Jones used his position at the Housing Authority to lead the fight for a period against the eviction of tenants from San Francisco’s I-Hotel.[69] The Temple further forged an alliance with San Francisco Sun Reporter publisher Carlton Goodlett and received frequent favorable mentions in that paper.[70] It also received frequent favorable mentions from San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen and other local newspaper and television reporters.[71]
Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett (far right) is one of the recipients of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian award given at Glide Memorial Church January 1977.

The Temple aroused police suspicion after Jones praised the radical Bay Area group the Symbionese Liberation Army and its leaders attended San Francisco Temple meetings.[72] Further suspicions were raised after the defection of Joyce Shaw and the death soon after of her husband, Bob Houston.[73] After tension rose between the Temple and the Nation of Islam in San Francisco, the group held a large “spiritual” jubilee in the Los Angeles convention center attended by thousands, including prominent political figures, to heal the rift.[74]

While the Temple forged media alliances, the move to San Francisco also opened the group to San Francisco media scrutiny. After Jones and hundreds of Temple members fled to Guyana following media investigations, Mayor Moscone issued a press release stating the Mayor’s office would not investigate the Temple.[59][75] During this time, Harvey Milk spoke at Peoples Temple political rallies[76] and wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter after the investigations began, praising Jones and stating that the leader of those attempting to extricate relatives from Jonestown was telling “bold-faced lies”.[77][78][79]

Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology | Southern Poverty Law Center

Two of America’s better known UFO-friendly religions, Scientology and the black nationalist Nation of Islam (NOI), now have more in common than unusual theologies involving intergalactic spaceships. For about a year, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan has been telling his followers to embrace Scientology in order to move closer to perfection in preparation for the end times.

According to a May 31 article in Final Call, NOI’s newspaper, nearly 700 NOI members have become Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors, and more will soon be trained in Church of Scientology (COS) techniques “to prepare better servants and saviours of the people by helping to clear up their minds and lives.” COS “auditors” supposedly help people ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Although both the Nation of Islam and Scientology embrace extraterrestrial theories as well as self-improvement programs aimed at lifting members to higher and higher levels, they nevertheless make for extremely surprising partners. NOI is a racist hate group that holds that white people are intrinsically, biologically evil — “blue-eyed devils,” in the group’s parlance. Scientology’s followers, who include several well-known celebrities and other wealthy people, are overwhelmingly white (although membership is open to all) and its founder reportedly was a racist who long defended South African apartheid.

The Scientology-Nation of Islam Alliance: Sideshow or Armageddon? « The Underground Bunker – For several years now some of us in the press have been bringing up the strange relationship that has grown up between Scientology and the Nation of Islam. Most recently, Eliza Gray did a wonderful job looking at Louis Farrakhan’s embrace of L. Ron Hubbard in The New Republic.

It’s been fascinating to watch Farrakhan explain in videotaped lectures how he’s managed to fall under the spell of the whitest man who ever lived. And it’s true that he’s asked many of his followers to get trained in Dianetics and to get training as auditors. But on this Saturday, we’d like to open up the blog for discussion of a question we have about this strange relationship between such unusual groups.

Cranks of a feather: The Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology team with antivaccine activists to oppose SB 277 – Respectful Insolence – Here’s a hint: In statistics, the simplest analysis is often not the correct analysis, and, boy, was this the case for Hooker’s reanalysis of the DeStefano et al dataset! He didn’t control for simple confounders. He did a crappy statistical analysis. He botched the analysis in pretty much every way possible. I can’t for the life of me figure out how antivaccinationists opposing SB 277 think that teaming up with the Nation of Islam will help them. I really can’t. The Nation of Islam is well known as a crank organization. Indeed, the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented extensively its anti-Semitism, depiction of white people as “devils” (which no doubt facilitated its believing the CDC whistleblower conspiracy theory), and its association with hate groups and authoritarian regimes. As if being racist, anti-Semitic admirers of Hitler weren’t enough, of late the Nation of Islam has forged an alliance with the Church of Scientology, even to the point of apparently having merged with it. (Note that the advertised town hall meeting will be taking place at the Scientology Cultural Center.) Amusingly, the SPLC drolly characterizes this relationship thusly.

ixquick.com_2016-05-26_15-37-23Azealia Banks says she is voting for Donald Trump – Azealia Banks has announced that she will vote for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump if he becomes the party’s candidate for this year’s US Presidential elections. Billionaire-turned-politician Trump has courted controversy during his campaign so far, but the Harlem rapper says she is “ready to admit” that she’s backing the billionaire. Writing on Twitter, Banks outlined her reasoning, saying she thinks Trump is “the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business”, criticising Democrats rival Hillary Clinton as being “too tied in with them” and left-leaning candidate Bernie Sanders as having “no clout”. “I only trust this country to be what it is: full of shit,” she continued. “Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House”.


WATCH: Donald Trump smiles as Don King drops the N-word during campaign event at Ohio church – “We need Donald Trump, especially black people, because we have to understand, brothers and sisters, they tried to tell me you have to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful,” he said. “I told Michael Jackson, if you are poor, you are a poor negro… if you are rich, you are a rich negro. If you are a talented intellectual, you are an intellectual negro. If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding n*gger… I mean, negro… you are a dancing and sliding and gliding negro.” Trump sat right behind King as he delivered his remarks and had a smile on his face the entire time.

Don King: ‘Every white woman should vote for Donald Trump’ | TheHill – “When the system was created … the white woman did not have the rights, and she still don’t have the rights. And people of color don’t have their rights. … Donald Trump says no, we’re going back to inclusiveness. Everybody counts. Every white woman should cast their vote for Donald Trump.” King’s appeal to female voters comes as Trump seeks to close the gap among this voter bloc, which has largely flocked to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. King introduced Trump at a church in King’s hometown of Cleveland, making the case that “the system is the enemy,” not the GOP nominee. “Why would I undertake the task … and distinct honor to present to you the next president of the United States is because he’s fearless. He’s courageous and brave and bold enough to take on the system,” King said. King argued that the real estate mogul is the only presidential candidate who can rebuild government, calling him a champion of all people, particularly African-Americans. “He’s the only man in hundreds of years that has the consensus of public opinion of rejection to the form of government,” King said. “The system is corrupt; the system is rigged; the system is sexist; the system is racist.” “He’s the only gladiator to take out the system … and create a new system,” King continued. “We need Donald Trump — especially black people.” King accidentally slipped in the n-word while making his appeal to black voters.

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