The Silent Truth Documentary aka The LaVena Johnson Murder Cover-Up

The Silent Truth Documentary aka The LaVena Johnson Murder Cover-Up – To a standing room only crowd, the audience reaction fluctuated wildly between gasps of horror, in terms of the magnitude of this crime, and applause for this brave and loving family. LaVena’s mother could not bear to relive this nightmare by watching the film, and sat out the duration of the viewing with family members and friends. The film was followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Johnson, the film’s director Joan Brooker Marks, and consultant Colonel Ann Wright. This debut marks the beginning of a limited engagement national tour. The film was served to witness the quest for justice, for LaVena and far too many others like her. LaVena Johnson didn’t have to enlist in the U.S. Army. Her parents had the ability to pay for her college education, as well as that of her four siblings. So—when LaVena announced to her family her plans to begin an army stint immediately following high school graduation–a pall of doubt fell over the entire family. LaVena’s father, Dr. John Johnson was a military psychologist for his entire career, so the family was familiar with military issues. To this day Dr. Johnson is convinced that LaVena had been indoctrinated by recruiters visiting her high school, Hazelwood Central–a mandate introduced by the No Child Left Behind Act. ( This aspect of her story will be covered in the second part of this series.)

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