Police union targets black officer for vocal critique of racism in the department

Police union targets black officer for vocal critique of racism in the department – The San Francisco Examiner : The San Francisco Examiner – Sgt. Yulanda Williams was one of two black police officers mentioned by name in the series of racist text messages sent by a group of officers that emerged last year in court filings. She’s also one of the only active duty officers who has publicly participated in the Blue Ribbon Panel on police bias formed by District Attorney George Gascon in the wake of San Francisco Police Department scandals. In addition, Williams is the head of Officers for Justice, an organization that advocates for black officers in the SFPD’s ranks. Now Williams says she’s in hot water with the police union for speaking out. The San Francisco Police Officers Association, which has pushed an agenda claiming no systematic bias exists among police ranks, has called out Williams specifically for her public comments on the subject. In a Jan. 20 letter addressed to Williams and sent to the more than 2,000 dues-paying union members, President Martin Halloran wrote that the union doesn’t like some of the comments Williams made in front of Gascon’s Blue Ribbon panel on law enforcement bias. “The POA is disturbed about some of your comments and accusations: For example, you claim that racism is ‘widespread’ within our department,” noted the letter. “The POA disagrees. While a handful of officers engaged in racist and homophobic text messaging — and were condemned for doing so by the [POA] and by me personally — there is no evidence that racism is widespread throughout the department.” Williams told the panel on Jan. 14 that she has seen examples of bias in the department firsthand. Furthermore, she said the POA has been insensitive toward the black community.

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  1. Of course, they would never admit that there department is biased and who better to single out than a black police officer. Fortunately, most people ( I hope) are not that stupid that they can’t see through this.

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