Common Space – #ShekuBayoh: Family react with anger to Kenny MacAskill “hunting Police Scotland” remarks

Common Space – Sheku Bayoh: Family react with anger to Kenny MacAskill “hunting Police Scotland” remarks – Writing for a police magazine, Police Professional, MacAskill said: “An assumption of institutional racism and homicide are alluded to without awaiting the outcome of complex and highly thorough investigations into a specific incident. “The fact that the police are involved seems to change the ground rules for many that would apply in another suspicious death or for another organisation. That appears to be happening as the open season of hunting Police Scotland continues and individual officers are targeted,” he added. Bayoh died in police custody on 3 May after he was arrested by nine police officers in Kircaldy. During the arrest, Bayoh was restrained with handcuffs and leg braces, and police used used batons, pava spray and CS spray on him. Bayoh’s death is currently being investigated by the IPCC.

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