4th World Radyo: Coast-to-Coast Progressive Talk Radio with Bob Kincaid and TheAngryindian

APNS Public Radyo

Summary: This show features a special two-part conversation between TheAngryindian and Head on Radio chat-radio host and producer Bob Kincaid (@bobkincaid) discussing the tense controversy between members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Socialist US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 4WR co-producer Guadalupe Morales has taken two call-in events from the Kincaid show (11-08-2015/12-08-2015) and edited them down into one dispatch for your progressive listening pleasure.

If you have not heard of Bob Kincaid or Head on Radio, here’s a good chance to find out what you have been missing! Please check him out at: [http://www.headonradionetwork.com/] and Listen Live: [http://www.headonradionetwork.com/listen-live/] And remember, independent and progressive chat needs your support! Help where you can!

Listen / Download: 01:01:56 – (Mp3) – 91.2 MB / (Ogg) – 77.2 MB

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