Black Lives Matter and the strategy question |

A full year on after the death of Mike Brown, thousands of activists have coalesced around the demand “Black Lives Matter,” a demand which evokes not only the struggle against police terrorism, but also the fight for economic justice, access to education and more. However, without national organization, BLM activists have struggled to forge a clear agenda. In such a broad movement, which galvanized both seasoned organizers and people drawn to activism for the first time, large and looming political debates about the future of our struggle have mostly been shunted aside in favor of the next mobilization.

Taking time for political debate has been difficult as the racist state continues on its murderous rampage, killing more than three people a day since the beginning of 2015. Yet this protest, and the response it provoked, demonstrates that putting the debate about strategy on the back burner is no longer an option.


via Black Lives Matter and the strategy question |

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