From Claudette Colvin to Kindra Chapman: Does Respectability Still Matter?

She Says...

Kindra Chapman was arrested on July 14th, 2015 on the charge of first degree robbery. She was taken to Homewood City Jail and booked at 6:22pm. An hour and 28 minutes later at 7:50pm she was reportedly found dead in her jail cell. The Homewood Police Department claimed it was a suicide.

Kindra chapman isn’t a huxtable. She didn’t have a family that lived in a big house. She didn’t have a first class education. Her father is said to be in jail and her family has a long history with the Homewood Police Department. She is from Rosedale, a poor Black community in the city of Birmingham, AL-specifically Homewood. She has been in trouble before, gets mixed up in the “wrong crowd,” and has a criminal record. She doesn’t come from the “best part” of us.

Does this affect the way we scream that her life matters?…

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