Lee Jasper Official Blog: If Rachel Dozal is Black, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Its an intellectual confusion that would have Franz Fanon, the black psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and author spinning in his grave. Fanon from Martinique wrote, the now seminal text, published in 1953, Black Skins White Mask. Here Fanon psychoanalysed the phenomena of black people seeking to annihilate their own culture and adopt the culture of the colonial invader. They became servile and compliant to white dominance and heretics of their own cultural and historical lineage. This is cultural and psychological appropriation of the worst form and black women throughout the world will recognise the unrestrained abuse and denigration that results in this ‘transition’. They will not be surprised or shocked that this behaviour is thought entirely acceptable by many. I fully expect her to write a book, in Hollywood someone is now writing the scripts and somewhere someone is thinking of nominating her for a Nobel Peace prize. Such white deception that weakens our struggle will rewarded generously by the western dominated media and white and black liberal alike.


via Lee Jasper Official Blog: If Rachel Dozal is Black, then I’m a monkey’s uncle..

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