Rachel Dolezal Now Claiming to Be Founding Member of Bad Brains

EDITOR”S NOTE: The (only) website that this story was published on is well-known (in the Punk world) for pumping satire called thehardtimes.net and frankly, they ‘punked’ me pretty good with this. (As they did with Iggy Azalia as well) What helped this fib along was Rachel Doezal’s twisted saga and the numerous double-downs which damaged discussion on the race/culture issue in the US for years to come. I got caught up too because it seemed likely given the circumstances. And I continued to let it go after I found out — thanks to a friendly listener of the Bob Kincaid Show (which you should be listening to anyway) so I could see where the discussion would lead, which was nowhere. Apparently, not enough Black Folk know, or care enough about Punk/Hardcore to give a damn about Washington DC’s Blackest hard-rock band, even if Ms. Doelzal could remotely be connected to them. Oh well…

The 37-year-old Dolezal claims to “have been there since day one” when describing her association with the band that formed in 1977 (when Dolezal was less than a year old).

Dolezal’s parents, who are white, have stated publicly that her daughter was no where near Washington D.C.’s punk scene in the late ’70s, or 171-A Studios, and that she has never expressed any interest in punk music until very recently.

“I… don’t understand… why people have a hard time… believing this,” stated a confused Dolezal when confronted by reporters. “Being in the Bad Brains shaped my entire identity, they are like family to me.”

Bad Brains frontman HR has remained relatively quiet on the situation, and refused to comment on a picture Dolezal produced of the two, which she says proves HR is her father.

via Rachel Dolezal Now Claiming to Be Founding Member of Bad Brains.

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  1. something is seriously wrong with this chick and it may just come out sooner than later.

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