Fourth World Radyo: The #BaltimoreUprising and Afro-Academic Schadenfreude

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Summary@TheAngryindian speaks with San Francisco-based independent journalist and film-maker Rebecca Pierce (@aptly_engineerd / about the ‘Don’t Judge Blacks Differently’ video starring Chloe Valdary, a pro-Zionist American African student sponsored by Prager University: [] and the problems it presents to general public comprehension of the multifaceted historical and legal issues that sparked the Baltimore Riots and subsequent uprising. The question is asked: What is the Jew of African descent to do when confronted with anti-African racialism; Revisionist Zionism; anti-Palestinian prejudice and the anti-cosmopolitan politics of right-wing/neo-Fascist People-of-Colour? Her answer is the best part of the show.

EXTRA: A historical sample of the mind-melting, Jew-hating, xenophobic non-logic of the late William Pierce, (absolutely no relation to our esteemed guest) the infamous White Supremacist author of the equally-infamous ‘Turner Diaries‘, a virtual handbook for ‘Lone Wolf’ neo-Fascists that inspired the Oklahoma federal…

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