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But Edkins’ project sounds more ambitious in scope. “Days of Cannibalism” is further described as a triptych Western set in contemporary continental Africa, where, first, the threat is in the business of globalized trade in China, but, secondly, also within a band of smugglers in Lesotho, who play cards in a local bar named “Days of Cannibalism,” and, third, in the violence of a cattle raid deep in the high mountains of Lesotho. The filmmaker employs these 3 connected stories as the cinematic tableau on which he’ll explore the Sino-African relationship today – the power structure, and those who are affected by it.

And with a title like “Days of Cannibalism,” combined with such a potentially explosive subject, and the filmmaker’s proposed mixed style, the project definitely has my attention, and has been added to my watch-list.

“Days of Cannibalism” was also selected from a record 399 entries to receive grants from Rotterdam’s IFFR fund 2 years ago, to assist with script development, production, post-production, and distribution.


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