California: Black Activist Faces “Lynching” Charge for Trying to Free Protester | Democracy Now!

n Sacramento, California, an African-Amercan activist is facing up to four years in prison for “lynching,” after she allegedly tried to pull a fellow protester away from police. Under a 1933 California law designed to protect black people from white mobs, the act of attempting to free someone from police custody can be defined as “lynching,” a felony offense. The law has been used repeatedly against activists, including Maile Hampton, who was arrested for her actions at a protest against police brutality. On Thursday, protesters packed a court hearing to support Hampton, who returns to court again on April 30. Following an outcry, local and state officials have vowed to remove the word “lynching” from California law.

via Headlines for April 10, 2015 | Democracy Now!.


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