Remember to Breathe

I have been writing and rewriting words about Cindy Gladue.

I have opened and closed so many word documents that I have lost count.

I realized, after the last attempt, that I am so exhausted writing about murdered women.  I am so tired of reading headlines about murdered sisters, missing teenaged girls, and unsolved cases of vanishing aunties.  I am so profoundly sad that sometimes these stories make my bones ache.

My heart hurts for the families and communities that are still searching for answers, that are carrying their grief with them.

I want to be clear, this sadness is not a burden.  I would like to earnestly think that none of us carry this with resentment to our own.  I do not resent that we have become witnesses to these injustices, I just resent a government that does not care.  I resent that our bodies are still trespassed, that…

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