The Color of Feminism | The Women’s International Perspective

For many years women all over the world have been fighting for their rights. As I was discussing gender equality with some classmates, I realised how Western women have achieved a lot compared to women in my country. And while wage equality is one of the priorities of some Western feminists, it is not the case for Rwandan women.

I am not saying that your voice should not be heard, but hear me out; this homogenous existence is an illusion. And understand me when I say that your fight is completely different from other women. Compared to women who do not live in the West, consider yourself already privileged. As a Rwandan my definition of feminism is completely different. To me, feminism is to work for the well-being of women; make sure women are self sufficient especially in the patriarchal system that we live in.

Before you start talking about equal wages, women should first of all be able to go to school and get the same opportunity to work as men do. In Rwanda, traditionally men and women have different roles and domains, which reduce the career choice of women. Rwanda just got the first female pilot Esther Mbabazi while the total number of female U.S commercial pilots in 2011 was approximately 8,200 according to the company American Airlines.


via The Color of Feminism | The Women’s International Perspective.

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