Why Do Africans (People of African Descent ) Bleach Their Beautiful Dark Skin,


Perm Their Natural Kinky Hair,


Have “Pointed Nose” Operations?







Africans’ early encounters with Arabs and Europeans were mostly catastrophic; these foreigners colonized and enslaved millions of African people. They deemed African aesthetics as ugly. African contributions to world civilization: medicine, traditional religions, arts, science, fashion, etc were labelled inferior. As a result many Africans today are still trying to deal with the psychological impact of these encounters: “internalized self-hate.”

African men and women bleach their skin, perm their hair and wear fake wigs that don’t look like their natural hair, have “pointed nose” surgeries in order to look like their former oppressors. It is their way of fighting for recognition. Mainstream media both in the Middle East and the Western world promote and feature white or lighter complexioned people.

For example, most of the black people that work for CNN are either light skinned or mixed race. They…

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