Killer of Malcolm X’s grandson sentenced but questions still remain about his death

According to media accounts, the 28-year-old was a victim of beating in a Mexico City bar on May 9, 2013.

“The circumstances surrounding his death are still not clear, and it is now February 2015,” said Sabrina Green, a human rights activist with the Baltimore-based Free the Move 9 Mumia.

New York magazine reported at the time of his death young Shabazz was with a colleague, and the pair had up to a $1,200 bar-tab as a result of a scam perpetrated on unsuspecting tourists, and after an argument two waiters confronted Mr. Shabazz. He was later found in a street in Plaza Girabaldi, a busy tourist spot.

In July 2013, Mr. Metelus’ organization staged a hunger strike in front of the headquarters of the Federal District of Mexico City’s Governor’s Palace demanding that authorities move forward in their investigation of Mr. Shabazz’s death. One thousand heavily armed police officers forcibly removed the protestors who were in day eight of their hunger strike.

Ms. Green laments that there has not been any such protest in the U.S. “I think people are taking the position that his murder happened far away and seemingly in the far distant past,” she said.

On Feb. 24, Mr. Shabazz’s aunt, Ilyashah Shabazz, said on Democracy Now that her nephew had gone to Mexico “invited under the premise that the African Mexicans were being discriminated and treated unfairly and that they needed him to talk to them. And so, he went thinking that he was going to speak to these people, and they ended up killing him.”


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