Blog Wars: The Daily Stormer and its Racist Frenemies | Hatewatch

Anglin has also taken a beating on Stormfront, the first hate site on the web. He’s been attacked by Stormfront posters in a thread called “Why the Hatred for Andrew Anglin?” for “his race-mixing past” and for being an “infiltrator.” Another post claims that Anglin has been banned from Stormfront. A call to the site’s owner Don Black to ask if this is true was not returned.The white nationalist site Counter-Currents, which considers itself high brow compared to neo-Nazis, has described Anglin as “slumming and pandering because of mistaken ideas” and “burning through brain cells by using stimulants.” Others have attacked him for defending Christianity and denouncing Christian Identity, whose believers argue Jews are the spawn of Satan and Eve.Others adore him. Traditional Youth Network’s Matt Parrot recently wrote, Anglin’s “site achieves more traffic and influence than most of his critics combined.”


via Blog Wars: The Daily Stormer and its Racist Frenemies | Hatewatch.

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