Did Israel arm Rwanda during the 1994 genocide? | Middle East Eye

I first heard it from an Israeli photographer. He was in Rwanda eight times and he saw the weapons. When I asked him if top leaders were involved in the arms deal, he said yes. When I said, that means [Yitzhak] Rabin and [Shimon] Peres, he told me: “You said it, I didn’t. And if you publish it anywhere, I will say that I don’t know you.” I started to look for more evidence. In our petition we rely, among other sources, on an Amnesty International report that was published in 1995.

The report gives details about the weapons that were loaded at Ben Gurion airport. The list included mostly small arms that Israel captured in the Arab-Israeli war in 1973, as well as Soviet and Chinese weapons that were loaded in Tirana, Albania. The arms were loaded in Israel and in Albania under the supervision of Israeli officers. Later on when attorney Mack and I prepared the petition we came across additional information that verified our suspicions.


via Did Israel arm Rwanda during the 1994 genocide? | Middle East Eye.

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