#WrongfullyConvicted Brothers Win $17,000,000 Settlement From NYC – The Root

According to the Post, approximately 70 of the homicide detective’s murder convictions are currently under investigation by the district attorney, who is probing allegations of coerced testimony, false confessions and hiding exculpatory evidence.

The Post reports that most of Scarcella’s convictions rested on the testimony of a Teresa Gomez, a prostitute with a known drug addiction. Gomez is now dead. Lawyers fighting on the brothers’ behalf argued that Gomez was “hopelessly addicted to drugs, criminal in her conduct for the most part, increasingly erratic in terms of her accounts,” the news site notes.

And so the brothers were cleared, although the vindication came too late for one of them, Austin, who died in prison 14 years ago at age 37 after being wrongfully convicted for a 1995 murder.


via #WrongfullyConvicted Brothers Win $17,000,000 Settlement From NYC – The Root.

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