Freed from prison, but they’re still paying the price

A bill in the state Legislature would have made changes in Michigan,but it died last week for lack of support when the 2013-14 session came to a close early Friday. Those who did support the measure, Democrat and Republican, say exonerees deserve state-sponsored financial help. Even parolees in Michigan receive assistance with housing, medical care, job services and more.”If you’re an exoneree, you get nothing. You don’t get any of that. You don’t have a parole officer. You walk out. That’s it,” said Caitlin Plummer, a staff attorney with the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic. “They treat you as if it never happened and just send you out the door with nothing.”Since 1990, 55 people have been exonerated in Michigan and about 1,500 nationwide. Since the advent of DNA evidence, which plays a role in some, but not all, exonerations, more states have passed compensation laws.


via Freed from prison, but they’re still paying the price.

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