This is how we kill our blacks by @thekooriwoman & @donayrials


There has been much discussion on social media in Australia about the current situation in Ferguson, Missouri. A young black man (Michael Brown) was shot dead by a white policeman and yesterday 25 November 2014 that white policeman was not indicted (that is to say there was not enough evidence to bring charges against him) for murder. Regardless of the circumstances of Michael Brown’s arrest, which many people have been happy to point out, it does not warrant such a heavy handed response from police, – let alone to not face any punishment whatsoever.

Put into context Michael Brown’s death was just another example of institutional racism within the US. Only 2 or 3 days before (need to check date) the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict the white policeman a 12 year old boy, yes you read that right, was shot dead by police. This 12 year old boy…

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