Lynch the N Word

We are in a battle of ideologies in the black community. Ideological wars can be the longest most protracted and costly battles to be fought.Costly in time, energy and money, there effect on human beings and their quality of life.The war against the Nazis was a war of ideology, the cold war was a war of ideology and the war we are in now with al-qaeda is a war of ideology. If you are sleep walking thru the cultural ideological war in the black com munity, then you have smoked to much weed and drank to many forties. First thing I want to know is where are all of the conscious rappers at? I’m sure they are out there somewhere but they are certainly not getting the support of any major labels. It sure would be great to hear a modern day version of Gil Scott-Heron. The next thing I want to know is where is the outrage? If you look at or listen to black media you do not see anyone displaying outrage over the use of the word nigger in our popular culture. I’m just a nobody with a website and alot of ideas but where are the people with the real power.

via Lynch the N Word.via Lynch the N Word.via Lynch the N Word.via Lynch the N Word.

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