Police Manhunts and Race: Eric Frein & Christopher Dorner By Cheryl Dorsey

https://i0.wp.com/d.ibtimes.co.uk/en/full/1400106/frein.jpgThis was very different from the Christopher Dorner manhunt which ended in a shootout and Dorner’s death. Very different from the confrontation and detention of accused jay-walker Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. This was not at all like the detention and capture of “reasonably suspicious” Ezell Ford in Los Angeles.As a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, I know that officers are taught “time is on our side”; there’s no need to ‘rush in’; we can wait the suspect out. Why didn’t the LAPD and San Bernardino Sheriffs, after surrounding the cabin where Christopher Dorner had been hiding, just wait for a while. What was their urgency?It had been reported that Dorner had been spotted several times during the nine-day manhunt as he eluded authorities; much like Eric Frein.Why did Darren Wilson apparently need to confront Mike Brown for refusing to get out of the middle of the street? Why not just wait a while let him continue to walk to the sidewalk?

via LA Progressive: Police Manhunts and Race.

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