Caged Warrior – Leonard #Peltier

With its COINTELPRO brainchild, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI operatives had a mission of quashing all movements considered subversive, using divide-and-conquer tactics, flooding inner-city neighborhoods with drugs, tying up movement hands with false arrests and trials, and complicity in cruel and torturous measures. The main targets of their aggressive attacks were the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement, both tagged as Commie groups. In 1975, the FBI funded, participated in, and armed Dick Wilson and his GOONs with high-tech assault weaponry, using Pine Ridge as a battlefield to wipe out AIM.The pressure boiled over on June 26, as two FBI special agents entered the Jumping Bull residence, an AIM nerve center. The two agents, Coler and Williams, followed a pick-up driven by a suspect, Jimmy Eagle onto the compound, where they parked in a field surrounded by armed AIM defenders. To this day, witnesses insist that the agents fired upon AIM first using service revolvers and assault rifles stashed in their cars. The agents, outnumbered and outgunned, were both wounded in the exchange of fire, and soon after executed at point-blank range by an unknown assailant. Everyone in the compound fled, first the reservation, then the state. Peltier, like Sitting Bull before him, ran to Canada.


via Caged Warrior – Leonard Peltier.

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