17- year old black teen killed by Military Police; police pepper spray people trying to help, ambulance arrives after two hours

Black Women Of Brazil

Marcos Vinícius Heleno

Note from BW of Brazil: The relentless war on black teens continues in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Year after year, reports show that Afro-Brazilian youth are 3.7 times more likely to die in a violent manner than white youth, but the bodies continue to be taken to the morgue. Communities continue to call for the de-militarization of the police (a topic for which a black candidate for governor of a state was recently assaulted) while the government claims that safety in communities has improved since the “occupation” by special Military Police units. These types of senseless deaths are the reason for the recent marches against the genocide of the black population. All of the details of the story have yet to surface, but DO keep one thing in mind. After murdering people, it is a common practice for police to place weapons in the…

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