Will Anyone Heed Warnings From George Zimmerman’s Dad?

Editor’s Note: The name of George Zimmerman is painful to read in the news again, but here it is. This time it is the father ‘speaking out’ about how bad the sensible world is treating his thoroughly misunderstood son. We are supposed to come away from this with the idea that the real victim in this story is George Zimmerman, not Trayvon Martin, the young, unarmed, innocent African man he shot to death for daring to be Black while walking through a gated community.

Make of this what you will, but simply, for the sake of argument, imagine if the father of a Black/Native/Latino/Asian individual with a documented history of indiscriminate violence had said what Zimmerman Senior uttered to GQ magazine. What would the response from law enforcement, FOX non-News and the racist mouth-breathers who litter social media be? The hate-levels would be enormous, black-hearted and vicious. The White Panic would spread from coast-to-coast. But White Privilege being what it is…

— TheAngryindian

[http://talkingpointsmemo.com] According to GQ, the family said they were forced to enact a series of security protocols to protect themselves and moved into a home whose location is unknown to anyone outside the immediate family members.

From the magazine:

They watched the movie Argo to learn how to live like CIA. Code names for everyone. No mail delivered to the house. No visitors. No talking to the few neighbors they had. No long phone conversations—keep it short and vague to outwit surveillance. Never discuss your whereabouts via phone or text. Keep a weapon close by at all times. Robert slept with his gun. Still does.And in case someone—or multiple someones—decided to mount an attack on the house, the Zimmermans pre-packed their own “go-bags” filled with everything they would need to flee in a rush, as well as what they called “footballs”—like the one President Obama has with the nuclear codes—that contained laptops, cell phones, and other essential electronics.

They also memorized a color-coded threat-ID system. Code blue: Law enforcement at the door. Code brown: Draw your weapons. Code black: Come out guns blazing.

via George Zimmerman’s Dad: If FBI Comes For My Son, ‘He’s Probably Gonna Shoot A Few Of Them’.

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