Walking Contradictions: Black people who don’t want to be Afrikan | Taurean Brown

From the days of chattel enslavement to the present, the identity of Afrikans in Amerikkka has gone through many transitions. We went from Nigger to Colored to Negro to Black to Afro-American to African-American, along with the several other identities inside of this timeline.Black people, who flat out refuse to be Afrikan, use classic talking points created by white supremacy to defend their stance. “My Grandparents, my parents, and I was born in Amerikkka, therefore I’m not Afrikan; I’m Amerikkkan.” “I know nothing about Afrikan culture, so I can’t be Afrikan.” “Even people from Afrika doesn’t see Black people in America as Afrikans.” “My parents are from insert Caribbean island/Latin country so I’m not Afrikan.” All of these responses were created from white supremacist conditioning. Their intention is to separate Black people from their connection with the lives and experiences of BILLIONS of Afrikans that exist around the globe.


via Walking Contradictions: Black people who don’t want to be Afrikan | Taurean Brown.

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  1. I know several Black people (some family members) that would rather be stoned to death than to admit they have Afrikan blood. And my family is from the Geech/Gullah corridor part of the Lowcountry. You don’t get more Afrikan than the people from that region. I mean we are direct descendants of slaves brought from Sierra Leone.

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