Whipping Is A White Slavemaster Behavior | NOI Research Group

http://freedmenspatrol.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/whipping.jpgEditor’s Note: If you can deal with seeing past the obvious anti-Jewish tones that appear in this work and have the ability to read it objectively, a really serious ppint is being made here. It is unfortunate that the author choose to include ethnic references that can (and will) be utilised to discredit the essay, but aside from that, I find the questions raised to be extremely valid and deserving of honest discussion within the Afro-American community.  — TheAngryindian


Whipping Is A White Slavemaster Behavior | NOI Research Group – Our brother NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was commenting on the charge of child abuse against Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson for allegedly whipping and injuring his child. Whereas Barkley may have appeared to many to be defending the indefensible “whipping” of a child, he moved us closer to understanding when he honestly admitted that Black parents in the South “whip” their children. “Whipping—we do that all the time. Every Black parent in the South is going to be in jail under those circumstances,” Barkley admitted in an interview on CBS’ “NFL Today.” Charles Barkley’s reference to the South has obvious significance for those American code talkers and immediately draws our attention to the routine violence of plantation slavery and the Ku Klux Klan lynchings, castrations, and human burnings alive. This is a history that white America can’t seem to remember, but it is one that Blacks will never forget. If there is one thing that the Jewish people have taught us, it is that we should never forget our history. And should it be surprising that professional sports are the setting for these incidents, the industry with the business model that most resembles the slave trade? Where Black “bucks” are “branded” with numbers and traded among wealthy white men like Donald “I -give-them-houses” Sterling? It is in slavery where “whipping” took hold in “Black culture” and became to many almost essential to Black child rearing. Blacks may hate themselves, but they do not hate their children. In fact, they are so good at bringing up children that nearly every white family of the South with means had a Black surrogate mother or “mammy” to raise their white children. But raising a white child to be a ruler is quite a bit different from raising a Black one to be a slave. Child rearing for the latter is necessarily attended by often-crippling violence to contort and distort a free-spirited Black mind, which is born in the image and likeness of God, into a true believer in his or her own inferiority, ready to perform dutifully and perpetually their role in service to a vicious oppressor—and to then love that oppressor for the opportunity.

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