Michigan man who shot Renisha McBride on porch gets 17-32 years – LA Times

“He has never been so afraid in his life,” Carpenter said. “He was in an extreme emotional state…. It is Mr. Wafer’s state of mind that you need to look at.”Carpenter presented a number of reasons that the judge could give a lesser sentence, including Wafer’s age, 55, arguing that 17 years was a “death sentence.” She also said that he could be rehabilitated — and that the jury didn’t want him to die in prison.“They don’t think he’s a bad guy,” she said, tearing up. “They don’t want a life sentence, they told you that.”cComments @jimboski58 That didn’t happen in this case, either. There is no evidence McBride was acting attempting a “riotous entry”, that would have justified Wafer’s pulling the trigger. Why are you implying otherwise? mgurbada909 at 9:27 AM September 03, 2014Add a comment See all comments74Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of 17 years. Wafer was found guilty of second-degree murder, which carries a minimum sentence of 15 years, plus two for a gun crime.McBride was involved in a car accident several blocks from Wafer’s house that evening. Her family believes she was knocking on his door for help. An autopsy found that she died of a single gunshot wound to the face.Audio of the 911 call Wafer placed after the shooting offered no clarity as to why he shot McBride.


via Michigan man who shot Renisha McBride on porch gets 17-32 years – LA Times.

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