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The Black Panther Party aligned itself and formed coalitions with other progressive organizations including Cesar Chavez’s Farm Workers Movement, AIM (The American Indian Movement), the Asian Red Guard, the Young Lords Movement, the Peace & Freedom Party, SDS, Young Patriots, etc. The Black Panther Party was a powerful grassroots activist organization that formed coalitions seeking to further our civil human rights and achieve real freedom and justice for all the People. These were the political revolutionary objectives of my Black Panther Party.

This is the true history of the original Black Panther Party, it’s true legacy, and an example of how we, the people, must continue the work together as the Black Panther Party did with its allies through coalitions to proactively preserve our constitutional rights.

At this time, more than ever, we need activists who are motivated and dedicated to organizing people, raising consciousness and instilling self-respect. We especially need creative Black youth who know our history and who understand that Black Unity is the catalyst to help humanize this racist world. We need socially conscious activists who will work toward the economic empowerment of our people. We need activists who cross all ethnic and religious backgrounds and color lines, who will work to achieve true freedom and justice and establish civil and human rights for all, We must create a world of decent human relationships where revolutionary humanism is grounded in democratic human rights for every person on earth

All Power To All The People!
Bobby Seale

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