Florida Ku Klux Klan Leader Reveals Police And Judges Are In Support Of Their Cause – YouTube

via ▶ Florida Ku Klux Klan Leader Reveals Police And Judges Are In Support Of Their Cause – YouTube.

KKK Christians Seek to Rebrand, and Say that they are Misunderstood | Black Blue Dog – by Nigel Boys The Ku Klux Klan has attempted to change its image in Iowa and has contacted residents to join them. This has drawn the anger of those in the area, who have no interest in being a part of what they represent. The local group, although tracing its ancestry back to the KKK of old has a new focus, so it says. According to the group’s leadership, they are now concentrating on being more patriotic and showing their faith in Christ. The group is distributing flyers that are consistent with their new public image. However, Reverend Wendy Abrahamson, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Mason City doesn’t agree. She says that Jesus never supported any form of separatism and that the rules of the KKK are not compatible with Bible teachings. Abrahamson continues that if the KKK local group is trying to show a new image to the general public, they should start by getting rid of their violent reputation and maybe choose a new name. She states that people will always associate the KKK with violence and racism. The Ku Klux Klan goes back to 1865 after the end of the Civil War, and the local group in Iowa has started to promote their “new image” by distributing flyers weighed down with rocks beneath mailboxes in Van Buren County. Van Buren County Shefiff, Dan Tedrow, stated that he has received numerous complaints about the placing of the fliers. Rep. Curt Hansen, said that he was appalled that this hate organization was trying to work its way into Iowa. He stated that it was not a good thing for the county.


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