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Zinn Education ProjectOn July 29, 1910, citizens in the small, predominately African American town of Slocum, Texas were massacred. This was one of many towns, such as Rosewood and Tulsa, where a successful, self-sufficient African American community was the subject of a terrorist attack designed to maintain economic white supremacy. In each town, the incident that sparked the attack was relatively insignificant and often fabricated. The death toll was comparable if not higher than in the Rosewood massacre and the Tulsa race riot massacre, but few have heard of Slocum. A new book, The 1910 Slocum Massacre: An Act of Genocide in East Texas is an invaluable resource on this history. Continue reading here: http://zinnedproject.org/2014/07/slocum-massacre/ Also read, “Convenient Amnesia in Texas—The Slocum Massacre”: http://bit.ly/1o4oFQA A Texas school principal who is a descendant of the Slocum Massacre has asked the Zinn Education Project to help shine a light on this seldom told history. Teach about this practice in history with the lesson “Burned Out of Homes and History” by Rethinking Schools author Linda Christensen: http://bit.ly/1fDOUvG— with Corwin L Harris, Rose Cannon, Loretta M. Hill and Benita Hannett.


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