The Mismeasures of Radical Afrocentrism: Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives (July 24, 2014)

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The Mismeasures of Radical Afrocentrism:

Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives


I denounce European colonialism…but I respect the learning and profound discoveries of Western civilisation‘.

– CLR James

MORAThe above quote was expressed by a progressive, independent-thinking Afro-nationalist journalist named CLR James.1 He was an Afro-Trinidadian activist widely respected as one of the most radical Black socialist intellectuals of the last century. His book on the history of the Haitian Revolution: ‘The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution‘ (1938)2 and many of his published essays still form the theoretical basis of many postcolonial study programmes found across the world. Especially in the Caribbean.

His analysis on the state of the African was, for its time, deemed as a direct threat to the established Europocentric order. And during his lifetime, Mr. James was routinely dismissed by conservative European and Euro-Settler commentators as a wild-eyed, African Marxist seeking to ‘stir troubles’ and physical violence against White People and western capitalist efforts in the Black World. They were right of course, but for all the wrong reasons.3

CLR James was not a racialist. He was an African who objected to European oppression, not European Peoples. There is a big difference between the two. And he was intelligent enough to understand that and brave enough to weather the ideological and political struggle involved.

CLR James is largely forgotten now by Europocentric supremacists and anti-communists. But Afrocentric proponents continue to read, study and disseminate his works. Only now, some of the more conservative Afro-centred students also crudely dismiss Mr. James as a sell-out for producing works like, ‘Civilising the Blacks: Why Britain needs to Maintain Her African Possessions‘ (1936). I mention this particular work because I can vividly remember trying to reason with a college student, some years ago, who insisted that Black leftists, ‘like him’, (meaning: political ‘liberals’) were working with leftist Jews to undermine the Black liberation movement.

I was stunned by this and wanted to learn more. And as we continued to talk, I soon realised that he had never actually read the original work. When I suggested that this was an accuracy issue, he countered that I came across as someone who had ‘bought-into’ the mindset of the Jewish-controlled ‘Illuminati’ conspiracy4 to destroy Black people because only an ‘Uncle Tom‘ would question the undeniable ‘truth’ of the ‘righteous Black man‘ and his sacred history.5 Full-stop. And, no further discussion would continue unless I was willing to stand there and be insulted as a half-caste, homosexual-friendly, ‘Agent of the Devil‘.6

Later on however, (after attempting in vain several times to convince me that he was right) he finally revealed that his negative opinions on the subject were formed primarily from listening to other people discuss reading material that listed (only) the title of the article and the name of the author as an example of ‘anti-African’ propaganda. That was all. He also admitted to me (privately) that he was totally unaware of the actual data contained within the work itself, the context in which it was written, or anything at all about the author. And frankly, he wasn’t very interested. He had his ‘facts’. And that was all that was necessary.

Essentially he, like his sources, was too intellectually lazy to do any real research to check-up on the validity of the information. They all, to a man, simply made knee-jerk assumptions based on the literal language used in the title of the work, without any regard to its context. Which is incredibly foolish, since books, like people, cannot always be accurately judged by their covers alone. Even if they appear ‘strange’ at the outset. And moreover, in their zealous attempts to ‘educate’ their information-starved community, they ended up generating rumours that falsely and unnecessarily spread confusion. In this case, the stupid bad-jacketing of a legitimate and committed African intellectual as a gullible tool of the White Power establishment. Which simply, is not true.

I have not heard of that particular conspiracy theory since then and hopefully, I never will again. But when I do reflect about the encounter, I wonder about ‘what if’ that misguided fellow had actually read the work in question and had fully understood it? Would he have come to respect and consider what he would learn, or would he just reject it outright?

Mr. James’ work was objective in its deconstruction of African and Afro-Diasporic sociopolitical issues and causes. And his scientific, socialist rejection of blanket, anti-White racial biases and the spreading of pseudo-history would annoy most anyone steeped in today’s revisionist Afrocentrism.7

In fact, almost every critical, orthodox Afrocentric thinker who has ever disagreed (in print or in speech) with far-right, African ethnic determinism; (the eerily naziesque ‘melanin theory‘) false and misleading Afro-centred, pseudo-history; (the infamous – ‘A “Black” Man, A Moor, John Hansonurban legend)8 and the ever-popular doltish hatred of European Jews9 (and some Arabs) for being ‘Devilish’, is viewed by this desperate lot as a ‘sell-out’. And let’s be frank here, people who subscribe to these twisted ideas are not known for being easy to communicate with.10

Besides CLR James, I’ve heard similar reactionary criticisms about the Martinique psychologist Franz Fanon, (because he was married to a White woman) African revolutionary leader President Nelson Mandela, (because many of the White members of the African National Congress were Jewish, such as Joe Slovo) and Pan-African intellectual Prof. Horace Campbell, (mostly for not supporting Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi‘s wobbly continental politics).11 I have personally spoken with numerous hardcore, RBG-minded brothers and sisters over the years (people I know personally) who tell me that they view many early Afrocentric theorists as hopelessly ‘Eurocentric’ in their perspectives and their politics. They express anger and regret that these thinkers never supported revisionist ideas (or radical movements) that articulate a purely emotive desire to engage in armed struggle and/or the ethnic and religious ‘cleansing’ of their White opponents.12 Of course, this is semantic cherry-picking, because African intellectuals like Bro. Min. Malcolm X, never, at any time or in any way, ever advocated what these extremists say they believe in or claim to promote.

Some individuals have even gone so far as to claim that a few of these progressive leaders were (actually) covert Freemasons, secretly working for any number of ‘satanic’ esoteric organisations13often Jewish14 and/or Islamic – to (eventually) eradicate the entire African population of the world in a complex Luciferian plot to take over the Earth.15

For me, personally speaking, this is an intellectual state of affairs that I find to be incredibly frustrating if not laughingly suspect. Not so much because of the odd nature of the subjects involved, but because in truth, these folks do not spend nearly as much time reflecting on the here and now as they do with the past or with the occult. I’ve witnessed speeches in African bookstalls by ultra-suspicious radical Afrocentrists who spent more than an hour attacking hard rock bands like Motörhead simply because they briefly mentioned the ‘Devil’ in a song,16 while ignoring, for example, actual statements by Lemmy Kilmister saying: ‘If a black guy and an Indian woman had a son it would be a Sioux named Boy‘.17 Which either says he’s a seriously callous bigot or, simply an intelligent, Anarchist-thinking, anti-fascist Englishman,18 objectively offering an reasoned opinion about how the question of ‘race’ is dealt with in the democracies of North America.19

To me, that would be worth discussing for more than and hour,20 instead of speculating on whether or not UFO‘s (unidentified flying objects) and aliens who had contact with the Dogon are coming to help righteous African Peoples do battle against the ‘Children of Yakub‘.21 22 23 This is silly. And this isn’t merely a problem of minor differences between equally valid opinions either. This is nonsensical, highly paranoid and patently racialist non-thinking.24 And while I will accord due credit to these individuals for their personal commitment to knowledge and to the uplifting our people, their efforts are wasted on frantically worrying about the obscure, the arcane and the otherworldly. And this too is indubitably true.25 These folks are much more concerned with the (allegedly) Freemasonic configuration of the street grids and concealed mystical symbolism in Washington D.C.26 than with effectively ending the sociopolitical marginalisation of Africans at home and in the Diaspora.

Many of these ideas are indeed, truly bizarre. And I am not kidding about this.27 And moderates within the African Diaspora and the otherwise conscious Afro-intellectuals who are deciding to ignore this – out of sympathetic allegiance to fellow Africans – do so at our peril. By saying nothing, we allow this sort of insane bollocks to spread. Worse, passive, communal acquiescence allows for the proponents of this weirdness to claim a degree of legitimacy that can only be measured by the silence of reasonable people who are, not without cause, fearful of community social rejection and other forms of retaliation.

This is why I say when Afro-activists like CLR James aren’t respected as ‘Black’ enough by right-wing,28 conspiracy-fuelled African conservatives claiming to represent a ‘true’ Afrocentric politic, this presents more than a serious disconnect from the historical roots of African scholarship. It is a stark departure from common-sense into the dark world of far-right absolutism.29 And as we witness the international rise of fascism and religious xenophobia around the world, we need to start taking these issues seriously and cease pretending that far-right politics and neoconservative attitudes have no negative impact on the general welfare of the African community.30

Freedom, Next Time?

“We have to build our own power. We have to win every single political office we can, where we have a majority of black people… The question for black people is not, when is the white man going to give us our rights, or when is he going to give us good education for our children, or when is he going to give us jobs—if the white man gives you anything—just remember when he gets ready he will take it right back. We have to take for ourselves.”

– Fannie Lou Hamer, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Many Africans in North America – today – live under the illusion that political apathy is an effective cloak from what is happening in the rest of the world. These political ostriches, especially within the United States, in many ways betray their own cultural history of survival and resistance to anti-human oppression. Africans in the US, until very recently, were almost always politically conscious, active and genuinely sympathetic to the plight of other oppressed peoples around the globe. And even though numbers of Africans had ‘served’, many more have openly opposed the inhuman practise of war and economic exploitation of the poor.31

Let’s be clear here, its one thing to mention the name-drop the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King every five minutes, but it is yet another issue to live up to his example as a deeply committed human rights activist. MLK did not try to duck what was happening in the streets and he never shied away from commenting on the international crisis of US-sponsored colonial violence in Southeast Asia. Neither did Malcolm X. The same however cannot be said for conservative, quasi-religious organisations like the ‘sovereign’ Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Nation, ‘Dr.’ York’s infamous United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.32 or the ‘Lost-Found’ Nation of Islam in America (NOI), who until their recruitment of Malcolm, consciously avoided what they perceived to be the ‘worldly’ issues of human politics.

This is not a criticism of the NOI as much as it is a statement of fact. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught, as did his mentor, Master W.D. Fard Muhammad, that spiritual matters superseded the material world, (except when it came to the acquisition of personal wealth). Malcolm was different in that his input focused on practical issues important to the average Black man and woman as well as their respective form of (somewhat atheistic) Islam. Malcolm ‘s ideas of Black Nationalism – learned from the teachings of Marcus Garvey – appealed to people who were more concerned with being able to pay the rent than with waiting for the ‘Mother Wheel’.33 and he helped the organisation grow exponentially. Before this, officially, the NOI, as an organisation, (for spiritual reasons) did not involve itself (at the time) in the various political movements that led up to the mainstream Civil Rights era.34

I for one do not believe that it is fair to judge them negatively on this. And I also feel that it is critical to recognise that they were not alone in this perspective. Many of the uniquely Afro-centred religious groups (or cults) that were popular following the Reconstruction era were often strongly non-political. Some because they really believed that politics were ‘the Devil’s game’ and others, for fear of certain retaliation by reactionary White racist terrorists. A logical concern in a nation that has often decided to lynch and burn Africans, Indians, Jews and Asians at will.

As an alternative, Black American theologians such as ‘Sweet Daddy’ Grace and Rev. Ike usually substituted the promotion of ‘prosperity gospels’ or prophecies forecasting the ‘divine intervention’ of Providence over Earthly concerns instead of direct social or political activism. Although some did engage in peripheral politics such as the Rev. M. J. ‘Father’ Divine and the ‘Prophet’ Jones, they only did so in order to preach in favour of conservative issues and right-wing causes that sometimes did more to hurt the African community than to help it.

If you still don’t share my level of concern, please consider this situation: because of cursory misreadings of radical medical literature,35 the rampant ignorance surrounding the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the Afro-Diaspora (even in 2014) is, in many ways, a direct result of this sort of right-wing, non-thinking.36 37 And while the Catholic Church can be blamed for much in this regard,38 revisionist Afrocentric theorists in particular deserve a fair share of blame39 for this too. Numerous people-of-colour are deeply confused about these issues chiefly because of widespread false information that focuses undue anger against homosexuals they collectively blame for the disease;40 to specious rumours about the non-existence of the disease,41 or, selling false hope about alternative cures that just do not work.42

One virulent example of these sorts of myths began with American African lawyer Boyd E. Graves who promoted the story that there was a ‘patented cure’ for HIV/AIDS. What he was referring to was a US patent application that was approved on October 14th, 1997 (US 5676977 A) as a ‘Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystal devices‘ that never actually worked.

But despite the medical fact that the process did not work as intended, people continue to pass this gross misinformation around. This leads to a great deal of confusion because as far as anyone knows, such alternative treatments provide zero medical benefit. But part of what keeps this fable alive is the lone fact that the process has a US patent which some assume means that it must ‘work‘. What most people do not understand is that obtaining a patent is not the same as having an idea that actually works. Nor does it mean that it is guaranteed to get government approval. A patent only means that a particular product or idea is one-of-a-kind and that it cannot be copied by anyone else without paying royalties. Nothing more.

People who are desperate for help with HIV/AIDS – especially in Africa – and other afflictions still seek out this ‘cure’. And the man who initially popularised the method – who said that he had used the tetrasilver tetroxide injection himself – has since passed away. But many still believe in the ‘cure’ although it has been shown not to work.43 And numerous old, out-of-date websites that serve the African Diaspora still carry this really bad misinformation.44 And many others seem reluctant to address the issue at all.

In fairness to the reader I must admit to something. As strange as this may sound, I personally do not (totally) subscribe to the mainstream medical opinion of an accidental ‘monkey-to-human’ transmission of the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)45 via bush Africans innocently consuming tainted wild game.46 While I accept this as a logical (and likely) possibility, I simply think that there is much more to this story than what is publicly discussed.47 But I am not a trained bio-geneticist and I claim no expertise in the field of medicine. I readily concede that this is only my personal opinion, based upon a set of reasonable questions,48 informed by the documented history of human experimentation against both Indigenous and African Americans:49 50

Throughout the 1840s, J. Marion Sims, who is often referred to as “the father of gynecology”, performed surgical experiments on enslaved African women, without anaesthesia. The women—one of whom was operated on 30 times—regularly died from infections resulting from the experiments.[WikiSource – ‘Some defend ‘father of gynecology’ by Barron H. Lerner, The Tuscaloosa News‘, Oct 30, 2003] In order to test one of his theories about the causes of trismus in infants, Sims performed experiments where he used a shoemaker’s awl to move around the skull bones of the babies of enslaved women’.

Unethical human experimentation in the United States – Source: Wikipedia

That’s just one example from the slavery period. And trust me when I say that the list of abuses is quite long and ugly. And it is often selective. Because while most people might be aware of the notorious Tuskegee Experiment,51 even fewer are knowledgeable about the forced sterilisation of Indigenous women in the United States52 throughout the 1970’s up to the mid 1980’s.53 And just recently, President Barack Obama has apologised on behalf of the US government for a covert programme of medical experimentation that infected Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis without their consent.54 The test leaders were given full authority by the ruling right-wing Guatemalan government to utilise unwitting rural Indians, forgotten prisoners and the mentally challenged against their will.55 56

If you are shocked by this dear reader, don’t be. Because the routine violation of human rights in the United States is a matter of the documented historical record.57 58 And as quiet as it is kept, the pseudo-scientific European concept of Eugenics was practised in the United States long before the German Nazi Party made it a vital factor of their government policy.59

So while I do think that there is reason to believe that there is more to the official story of HIV/AIDS, I also think that it is incredibly dangerous (and patently bizarre) to suggest that HIV and AIDS, does not exist, or that Black people should not get tested60 (although I think pushing testing without medical alternatives afterwards is faulty) or worse, that HIV/AIDS does not affect racially ‘pure’ peoples at all. Stupidity is a respecter of no race – it is a universal malady. And what we need is open discussion and a willingness to discuss the issue of HIV/AIDS in the African World intelligently on the basis of facts, not with baseless, quasi-religious speculation.61

And it is also past-due for us, as a conscious community, to denounce the absurd and vociferous squabble denying the empirical possibly of Africans (and other people-of-colour) to be violently xenophobic; misogynist; homophobic and just as ignorantly hateful as any other human group.62 This sort of thinking is simply nonsense and ignorant of human history. And this does objective research and investigation of African-centred subjects a huge and terrible disservice.

The Heart of Darkness

I am not interested in power for power’s sake, but I’m interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good‘.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Xenophobic, pro-African ethnic biases, religious prejudice and a general sense of intolerance for people and things one does not understand (and not just against White people) are not only possible, but clearly evident within the phenomenon described recently as ‘micro-aggressions‘.63 To argue otherwise is ridiculous. It insanely implies that African Peoples are ‘different’ from the rest of ‘normal’ humanity, which is absurd. Mostly, because it is precisely this sort of intellectual emptiness that has buttressed the very racism these revisionist Afrocentrists proclaim to so vehemently abhor.

In many other ways, their intellectual and ideological connections to European-style xenophobias was observed in the historically recent adoption of Western-styled anti-Homosexuality laws in Africa. This began after accepting the decidedly non-African tutelage of bigoted, rabidly anti-Gay,64 White American and European evangelical organisations often backed by US government funding:65

American evangelicals such as Scott Lively and California pastor Rick Warren have a history of involvement in Uganda where they focus their missionary work. As a result, Warren and others have become influential in the shaping of public policy in Uganda, Nigeria and, to a lesser extent, Kenya.[18] Stephen Langa, the March 2009 workshop organiser, specifically cited an unlicensed conversion therapist named Richard A. Cohen, who states in Coming out Straight, that was given to Langa and other prominent Ugandans,

Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014, Source: Wikipedia.

This development flies in the face of the historical fact that Africans, really never rejected people on the basis of their sexual orientation.66 Not until recently. Under the influence of White evangelicals this has changed. Further, the West African religion of Vodun has always openly accepted homosexual men and women and many of the pagan African deities of Vodun are indeed often combinations of both genders and they are believed to be able to alter their spiritual essence at will. So when Africans rail against Gays, are they really being ‘African’ about this? Or are they just pathetically listening to Whites as tell them who they should hate?

And if this doesn’t sound hypocritical enough, while pro-African – African governments on the continent and newspaper ‘journalists’ spent time, money and imaginative effort protecting their hapless populations from homosexuals, evil dwarfs and ‘witches’, the former European colonial powers had begun carving Africa up again like a White man’s Thanksgiving turkey right under their noses.67 AFRICOM,68 (the United States Africa Command) with its operational headquarters stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, has been acting quietly for more than several years on the continent. This became evident once local Islamic extremist thugs identifying themselves as autonomous branches of al-Qaeda (which did not exist in Africa before AFRICOM) made themselves known through acts of terror against the African public.69

If Africa is ‘free’, how did this happen?

Who exactly is to blame for this? Remember now, this is the much lauded, ‘post-colonial’ era of indigenous Black leadership. The White man is supposed to be theoretically, ‘gone’ from the scene. But modern leaders in Africa have allowed – in the 21st century – for the return of the exploitative capitalist White man and his economic and military re-involvement in African affairs.70 White mercenaries are again, operating in the open in Africa71 pretty much as they did during the late 1950’s, through the Katanga Revolt in the Congo of the 60’s, towards the very end of the very violent 1970’s.72 And the currently sitting African leaders – who all talk big about rejecting Europocentrism outright73 – but like fools, are really trying to play ball with a new set of colonial players:

Most worrying for the African continent, however, is the forward march of AFRICOM – the US military’s African command – in the wake of the aggression against Libya. It is no coincidence that barely a month after the fall of Tripoli – and in the same month Gaddafi was murdered (October 2011) – the US announced it was sending troops to no less than four more African countries – the Central African Republic, Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. AFRICOM have now announced an unprecedented fourteen major joint military exercises in African countries for 2012. The military re-conquest of Africa is rolling steadily on’.

– Dan Glazebrook, Source: []

Libya’s political leadership tried this tactic.74 Did it work? ‘Black faces in high places’ have, in hindsight, given the African man and woman in the world more bruised-eyes than anything else. And if you think I enjoy saying this, I don’t. But it is true: more people of African-descent than ever before hold positions of incredible responsibility and influence in the US and around the world. Yet, Africans, as a demographic, actually possess even less sociopolitical and economic power than ever. There are many reasons for this, but for space reasons, I’ll only list two.

One; our leadership is a direct product of the damaged environment that it emerged from. Africa and its peoples around the world were physically harmed, as well as psychologically shaped, by institutional racism from both invading Arabs and Europeans for centuries. This is not in doubt. And two; this historical factor is never regarded as an important or fundamental dynamic to help explain the abject failure of African or Black leadership to change the vicious exploitative paradigm of Black disenfranchisement.75

This subject is avoided at all costs by well-meaning Whites as well and bully-boy revisionist Afrocentrists anxious to avoid and indication of testosterone-based ‘weakness’ or political ignorance. The fact is that we do not know what we are doing. After so much oppression, we have forgotten how to be free. We do not know how to operate a functioning government because we have never had the chance to do so without the influence of White paternalism guiding the development towards its own favour.

This is a serious problem, because by ignoring the issue, the further decline of Africa and Africans everywhere is at risk through the broad refusal to be honest with the ‘one-self’, or, one’s own community. Yes, I blame White Arabs and Europeans for their history as nations that took part in exploiting Africa. But I do not blame them as individuals, unless, they have personally expressed an allegiance to upholding the errors of the past. However, I do fault those African leaders who have worked selfishly for themselves, using the African independence movement as a vehicle for their own criminality while continuing to ‘blame the man’.

Perspectives As Power

I am America. I am the part you won’t recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me‘.

– Hon. Muhammad Ali

Let me clarify my position on this: I do indeed stand on the political argument that Africans in the Americas cannot be ‘racist’, (utilising the literal meaning of the term) because we do not possess the material or political means to deny other ethnic groups their basic civil or material rights en masse. Meaning: African-Americans (and First Nations/Native American Peoples) simply do not control the actual ‘means of production’ when it comes to territorial settlement; affordable housing; employment security or military and educational infrastructure spending. This is a fact. If it were not, our respective situations and the entire Anglophone World would look very, very different.

But this does in any way mean to imply that African Peoples and individuals cannot be downright bastards just like every other human on the planet. And this does not mean to say that when Africans can and do attain social, political and military power, that they would not abuse it just as badly as any White man would in the same position. To deny otherwise is pure racialism – in its most classical sense. I have previously suggested in a series of essays76 that US President Barack Obama in many ways reminded me of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (Lucius Septimius Severus Augustus) a North African general who laid waste to the Afro-Arab world on behalf of a European empire. And while it is very true that modern concepts of racism and racialism mean nothing when discussing the ancient world,77 it still makes sense to question why someone would will willing to harm one’s own ethnic population for the benefit of another?

And this too needs repeating: the phenomenon and the term itself, Racism, represents systemic disenfranchisement, not the issue of irrational, emotional responses to arbitrary ethnic prejudices. People are ‘bigoted’ – social systems are ‘racist’. Remember that, if nothing else.

What sort of bent mentality would argue today, after everything that has been learned, that Ugandan leader, Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada wasn’t a rank fascist simply because he was a ‘Black’ man?78 He was an officer in the British African Rifles, meaning, he had been killing his own people for the occupying White governments long before he took personal political and military power. How does that excuse the cannibalistic (figuratively speaking) political monstrosity of what he did to his fellow countrymen – in the name of Africa – under the auspices of the capitalist establishments of England, the United States and the State of Israel? (Which supported him up to the very end.)79 Many Afrocentrists cheer Gen. Dada as an positive example of Black Power, not as a megalomaniac who destroyed his country and by extension, helped White Africa and Apartheid survive just a little bit longer.

Revisionist Afrocentrists do not deal with this. And in my opinion, many of them do not think at all. Not because they are unintelligent, but because they are afraid to intellectually face the material reality of their depressed position in the world. Instead of studying, for example the history of European imperialism in relation to Africa, they instead fret about the mathematical configuration of the Great Pyramid and argue that education ‘was not necessary’ since Africans ‘just know’ how to do such things when Whites and Arabs are ‘absent’.80 This kind of banality is nonsensical and – without debate – ultimately, unhelpful to dealing with real African problems. It isn’t helping anyone, except those nations, organisation and individual bastards who take advantage of African ignorance and its various peoples as if it were a free lunch.

Africans reside at the very bottom of the human social pecking order. And we know it. And many in the Black World are angry. Some to the point of seeing red. This is a problem White people cannot – and should not – be expected to solve. We who are concerned about these matters can generalise about ‘Black Rage’, ignore the far-right and suggest that Africans should simply ‘get over it’, or, we can address the issues at hand and work with our people towards solutions that really do what they are supposed to do. And we need to be willing to explain to our angry and confused brothers and sisters that the best way to hurt White Supremacy is to not be as bigoted or as hateful as they are, but to be ‘smarter’ than they are. Elevate your game. African DNA did not construct the Ancient world, African ingenuity, critical judgement and human labour did.

What we are witnessing in the slide towards neoconservative politics in the African Diaspora and in the African community in the Americas is generational desperation. It really is that simple. And this is no different (politically) than the mass social depression German civil society experienced following the crippling of their economy under the Treaty of Versailles after the first of the European tribal wars of the 20th century, (World War One). The rise of terrorism in Africa is a result of international capitalist policies towards Africa as a whole.81 And no one experienced in international politics denies this.

And while many African moderates might wish to boastfully point out the increasing number of assimilated brown-hued and black-skinned, pepper-flakes that have burst through the ‘glass-ceiling’ of White institutional racism, we must ask ourselves: has it helped?82 And what sort of people-of-colour have risen to occupy these positions? Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice watched a stage performance (Spamalot) while Black people drowned during the Hurricane Katrina crisis.83 Her predecessor, General Colin Powell flat-out lied to the United Nations about the US justification for invading and occupying Iraq.84 And if Yéle Haiti was supposed to be an example of things to come in the Afro-Americas, musician and almost-president, Wyclef Jean was found ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange85 while Haiti continued to dig itself out of its earthquake and colonial rubble.86

I expect resentful reactions to this, but if I’m wrong, tell me how and why I’m wrong. Show and prove – with credible arguments – that can objectively refute what I am saying. White people and White racism is a big factor, but it is not our only problem. Often, the metaphorical Satan conservative folks worry about so much looks exactly like them. And just as some European alchemists and mystics in the Middle Ages believed that the Christian Devil could bring them personal riches, (See: ‘Doctor Faustus’) like-minded Afrocentrists believe that they too can outwit Mephistopheles without losing their immortal souls.

This is a mistake of grand proportions. And it is not a stretch to suggest that much of the excessive sectarian violence in modern African is a result of this attitude. And base ignorance is not the cause, just the opposite. There are numerous African police officers, paramilitaries and terrorist leaders in the bush who are nicknamed or self-described as ‘Hitler’.87 Where did they learn this from? The historical examples of their European masters, or from their own African fellows?

Have genocides happened in Africa before the arrival of Whites? Probably, but there is no legitimate moral or practical comparison to European genocides without stepping into the arena of White denial. (See: the ‘Herero and Namaqua Genocide‘) And too, there are admittedly a number of severely mentally ill Africans in the world who desperately want to do the death dance – meaning – they want acclaim as mass executioners to earn their place in history. They see the original Adolf Hitler, a squalid and troubled little man who drove an entire nation (that wasn’t his) to perdition, and other hardline mass murderers as deified heroes being remembered, (and incessantly copied) if for nothing else but their indiscriminate and limitless brutality and thirst for personal power.

Yes, the capitalist and racist West did assassinate the Congo’s Patrice Lumumba,88 but they could not do it without inside help. Power-hungry elements within the African government and military structure such as Mobutu Sese Seko and Joseph Kasavubu made it possible. And they benefited greatly from the removal of Lumumba and others dedicated to empowering Africa and not the capitalists in the West. And with the expert help of professional European soldiers,89 often working undercover for, or in concert with, various intelligence agencies with vested interests in African resources, these sell-outs helped keep Africa weak for decades.90

And if there is any real blame to laid anywhere, is must be at the feet of those in positions of power in Africa who would fill their own pockets with the gold of the nation while tiptoeing over the broken bodies of their own people(s). Let us also be honest about this: if fascism exists in Africa today, it is because it was imported along with capitalism. It must be understood that indigenous African leaders like Mugabe did not actually ‘slide’ into fascist ideology as much as they used its tools to maintain control. The same can be said about Ba’athist Saddam Hussein, an admitted student of Joseph Stalin, who (it is rumoured) when asked by an associate why he was reading the dictator’s communist memoirs responded, ‘Was Stalin really a communist’?

Hasn’t Africa had enough of this? At some point it has to end. Or, Africa and its Peoples are finished.

My fundamental point is this: radical Afrocentrists are no less xenophobic and no less irrational than the radical White Supremacists they mock, yet, also parrot ideologically as well as politically. And too, this is also another (false) belief that needs to be called out, the idea that by challenging racist White Power with (an equally arrogant form of) Black Power, Africans in the Diaspora will (at least, or, at last) see themselves as equal – if not superior – in status and stature to the Europeans who have oppressed us (physically, mentally as well as spiritually) for so very long.

We cannot save ourselves by being like those that have oppressed us. Being aggressively ‘Black’ is not a cure, its a hindrance to seeing and thinking clearly and critically. When you are belligerent, you cannot think. You don’t think, you only react. Often with regret, once you can take a breath and review what it was that you overlooked out of frustration in search for an end to the pain and injustice of racism.

Separating the political from the psychological, I think, is a mistake. And this is why I say chemically straightening our hair (thanks to Madame C.J. Walker) and injecting ourselves with skin-bleaching creams will not solve the social problems we face.91 If we cannot accept ourselves as we are when we are born, we have bought into the lie of African racial inferiority. And reactionary behaviours and attitudes instead of empowering us, are painfully indicative of just how damaged we are as a people as as a Diaspora.

When revisionist Afrocentrists start giving this sort of an analysis and begin presenting reasoned challenges to the bourgeois Black establishment, I’ll start to take them seriously. Not until then. Because that is where the actual battle-lines are drawn, on the intellectual and political level. This is the very same reason slave owners often killed Blacks (and some Whites) for teaching Africans how to read. Because knowledge is indeed, power.

This is why neoconservative Afrocentrists, who have done nothing more than argue on street corners for equal rights to gun ownership, are stuck in a time-warp that revolves around the political and social conditions that the original BPP faced in the late 1960’s. And it shows in their rhetoric which hasn’t been updated since. And it still refuses to acknowledge, (as Black revolutionary leaders Russell Maroon Shoatz and COINTELPRO victim Elmer G. “Geronimo” Pratt have) that the militaristic armed posturing of the period was often counter-productive to their political goals.

Why? Because waving guns around does not encourage open and conscientious dialogue. It encourages fear. And standing about today in ‘official’ battle camouflage, yelling unnecessary expletives at passers-by while promising a ‘race war’ isn’t what people like Bro. Min. Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke or the rank-and-file of the BPP were about. And they abuse the work and the memories of these individuals when they connect their names to their intellectual confusions as a means of backing up what they are preaching..

Of course, I fully expect reactionary Afrocentrists to vehemently deny this – mostly through yelling – and they are welcome to argue otherwise. But let us be honest, just how many of these Black Power barkers were actually involved in the nationwide protests against what happened to Trayvon Martin? How about the Oscar Grant case? Or the Black-on-Black gun violence going down in the US city of Chicago? Or any number of cases where African men and women were gunned down or otherwise abused by law enforcement or racist gun-rights advocates like George Zimmerman?

How about fair housing; mass incarceration; employment discrimination and health care activism? They might mention these issues, in passing, but only in relation to and as justification for their own radical platform(s).92 (See: ‘sovereign citizens‘)93 Like their racialist, neoconservative White Supremacist contemporaries, revisionist Afrocentrists live (mentally) in a past that never actually existed. And they hope for a future, that is patently impossible. This is a fact. And their ridiculous and stubbornly pseudo-intellectual discourses, passed around the community via the Afro-activist ‘chitlin’ circuit’ – is without question, meticulously centralised upon the most bizarre subjects imaginable. And this is itself, a major intellectual (and educational) distraction from helping Africa and its people(s).

Please understand my position on this. I do not deny that many of these folks do spend an inordinate amount of time studying and debating (chiefly amongst each other, thereby reinforcing the possibility of ‘group-think’) vast amounts of – largely underground produced – alternative, literary material. And let me be perfectly clear: I am not questioning, or in any way, insulting, the personal intelligence of revisionist Afrocentrists. And I respect their dedication to a knowledge of their past. But, what I do and will argue is, that the subject matter they choose to focus on is, for all accounts and purposes, absolutely useless to empirically freeing Black People.

The March of Folly

There is no negro problem. The problem is whether the American people have loyalty enough, honor enough, patriotism enough, to live up to their own constitution‘.

– Mr. Frederick Douglass

This is a terrible place to be intellectually.94 Chiefly because to be accepted as a Black radical today – according to the vociferous advocates of radical African neo-conservatism95 – one must be willing to accept (or ignore) any number of off-the-wall theories and a blind prejudice towards against everything this narrow perspective views as ‘White’, ‘Western’ or ‘weak’.

If someone, anyone, disagrees with their closed-minded, conspiratorial view of the world, they are either politely disparaged as being soft – afraid to challenge White Racism directly – or demeaned personally as being ‘weak’, (which often stoops to petty insults such as: ‘You are Gay’, really meaning: ‘You are like a woman’, which rudely exposes the rank misogyny and homophobia that can be found in these quarters).96 Logic and common sense are ignored in favour of bully-boy, far-right racialist political rhetoric and silly, macho posturing that looks more like the John Birch Society (JBS) or the White Power advocating Conservative Citizens Councils97 (CCC) than the internationalist (and actively non-racist) Black Panther Party for Self-Defence (BBP) or the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee98 (SNCC).99

In fact, some are even working to narrow that wide, ideological and racialist divide.

Career Afrocentrists such as activists Dick Gregory, former Black Panther Larry Pinkney and Afro-Latino musician Immortal Technique have appeared on the Internet media programmes of Libertarian conspiracy-theorist and serial hypocrite Alex Jones,100 a perennial favourite of populist Republicans; neoconservative Tea Partiers; staunch neo-Federalists; racist neo-Nazis; unrepentant Ku Klux Klan fellow-travellers and the treasonous-talking, anti-government ‘Three Percenters‘. All groups with a documented history of history and racial terrorism and for some odd reason, are seemingly immune from investigation under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for openly discussing their plans for an organised sedition.101

The amazingly creepy fact that the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion‘ is still a best-seller in Afro-centred book circles says something about how little the African community really understands sociopolitics at the international level. And it must also be said in the midst of ‘Operation Protective Edge‘,102 that a degree of the conservative African opposition to what is happening to the Indigenous Palestinian population by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) is fed by the Judeophobic-leaning Libertarian103 and Paleoconservative underground ‘news’ media which bases their opposition to Israel on the fact that is a Jewish state, not a colonialist one. They can care less about oppressed Arab Peoples. And because of the historical link between African slavery by Arabs, revisionist Afrocentrists (without thinking deeply about it) have jumped on this bandwagon without fully understanding why. And, embarrassingly, they end up listening to (and believing) in the very same people they are supposed to be busy about struggling against. And this is precisely the case with revisionist, far-right Africans in the United States and the touchy (for White people) issues of abortion and most recently, gun-control.

In the case of a woman’s ‘right to choose’ whether or not she should have the ability to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, far-right White Supremacists and ‘Pro-Life/Pro Death Penalty’ propagandists have falsely claimed that the medical services provided by Planned Parenthood are a covert plan to eliminate ethnic minorities – Africans in particular – by locating their clinics (only) in low-income minority neighbourhoods.104 Republican presidential candidate and Tea Party Negro Herman Cain has helped endorse this harmful myth and he continues to support it, despite the fact that he has been factually refuted several times over.105

This conspiracy theory is without question, bollocks.106 Just read the factual data for yourself: (‘Claim that Most Abortion Clinics Are Located in Black Neighborhoods Is False‘, Guttmacher Institute Advisory – January 2011 – PDF). It simply isn’t true. But what is true is that the racist far-right has (hypocritically) made profitable use of the hard fact that early US feminist and birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger was, by her own admission, an avowed eugenicist with pro-European racial biases. No one disputes her history of promoting (now disproved) racialist theories, called at the time, ‘racial hygiene’. And researchers are well aware that Ms. Sanger had actually written at length about her low opinion of non-Whites; her belief in a ‘scientific’ connection between poverty and ‘bad’ genetics and her racist critiques casually objectifying Indigenous Peoples as ‘semi-animals’.

It is also true that she addressed at least one female Ku Klux Klan klavern during the 1920’s and that her American Birth Control League (ABCL) was a vocal supporter of state-sponsored eugenic programmes that were common (and legal) at the time.107 And again, this information is not a huge secret, although pro-lifers who zealously promote this data highlight these issues as if well-read Black people were blissfully unaware of their own history. What we don’t always have, and what these charlatans take advantage of, is the lack of any relative historical context or an educated sociopolitical explanation as to why these concepts were (and are) so dangerous.108

Let us then place her in a correct context. Although Ms. Sanger was with a doubt a sincere fighter for women’s rights, she was no abolitionist. Her thinking in regards to race was no different than many others, such as social activist Jacob Riis; naturalist Charles R. Darwin; industrialist John D. Rockefeller, writers George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells and Afro-American ‘Talented Tenth109 intellectual W.E.B. DuBois. And most of her ardent opponents, including New York moralist and arch-misogynist Anthony Comstock, were just as racially bigoted in their social thinking as she was. This is all true. But the popular belief in conservative, pro-life circles that her programme, ‘The Negro Project‘ was an anti-African genocide programme is not true. Not true at all.

If this is a very confounding subject, it is specifically because racist White conservatives have made it so. The supposed ‘indisputable evidence’ that ‘proves’ Ms. Sanger was behind a covert plan of African ethnocide is, on its own merit, intentionally disingenuous. This is accomplished by first, incessantly repeating her more questionable statements, (weaved in a singular, selective fashion) followed by repetitively using the exact same line, without context, over and over again:

We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs‘.

– Letter by Margaret Sanger to Dr. C.J. Gamble, December 10th, 1939

By highlighting that single sentence, it is made to appear that Ms. Sanger only brought birth control services (but not abortion) to black communities in the US to encourage the early termination of African births. But it is clear – to anyone who actually takes the time to investigate the allegations – that the quote pro-lifers and revisionist Afrocentrists believe points to as substantiation of their charges of ‘Black genocide’ has been gnarled beyond its original intent. Anti-abortion conservatives have conveniently picked one solitary line from a personal letter Sanger wrote to one of her colleagues to create this myth and never publish the entire letter which fully explains her statement:

Here is the entire letter, in full: (courtesy of

December 10, 1939

Dr. C. J. Gamble

255 Adams Street

Milton, Mass

Dear Doctor Gamble:

It’s good to know that you are recovering. I also am stepping up and have felt much better the past week

Miss Delp was here for Thanksgiving and I am more than delighted to learn that she was able to get $250.00 from the California Birth Control organization plus the $600.00 from the Federation. That’s good; she is a go-getter and a live wire, very tactful and charming as well. I think that my pick of her has been justified, even though she is a little higher priced than the ordinary. She has been working on the article to be written by Miriam de Ford (Mrs. Maynard Shipley). They were good enough to send me a rough draft for comments and suggestions, and the important suggestion that I made was not to include Miss Delp’s actual name in the article, because of the fact that her sister is married to one of the high spots in the Farm Security Department and if the enemy started to work on her name they might make it difficult along the line; otherwise I think the article is good.

As to my sending suggestions to the Federation: I think it is really unfair for me to do so. I am too far away to have the personal contact of the different reactions and it only holds up any definite project to have the pros and cons battered about which makes for more chaos and confusion.

There is only one thing that I would like to be in touch with and that is the Negro Project of the South which, if the execution of the details remain in Miss Rose’s hands, my suggestions will not be confusing because she knows the way my mind works.

Miss Rose sent me a copy of your letter of December 5th and I note that you doubt it worthwhile to employ a full time Negro physician. It seems to me from my experience where I have been in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, that while the colored Negroes have great respect for white doctors they can get closer to their own members and more or less lay their cards on the table which means their ignorance, superstitions and doubts. They do not do this with the white people and if we can train the Negro doctor at the Clinic he can go among them with enthusiasm and with knowledge, which, I believe, will have far-reaching results among the colored people. His work in my opinion should be entirely with the Negro profession and the nurses, hospital, social workers, as well as the County’s white doctors. His success will depend upon his personality and his training by us.

The ministers work is also important and also he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

I agree with you that Miss Rose has done a remarkable job in thinking thru and planning the Project but she has worked on it for sometime. As soon as I knew there was the possibility of getting any money I put her at work drafting the plan for Mr. Lackner. She is excellent at just such a job. She hangs on to details, weaves and corrulates them into the design. I shall never cease to have the utmost admiration and regard for her ability, and so far I have not seen anyone in the Federation who could take her place.

I am constantly delighted at the thought that you are getting better and now we must pray for Mrs. Timme who is seriously ill at the Doctors’ Hospital in New York.

My regards to your Sarah and to yourself

Sincerely yours,

MS/mh Margaret Sanger

I strongly encourage the reader to view an actual copy of the original letter itself in PDF form via the Smith College LibrariesDigital Collections. All the message suggests is that the new programme, taking place in the post-slavery American South, might require the endorsement of Black clergymen and doctors to earn the trust of the (naturally) suspicious (with cause) African community.

The other material they publish to support this claim is equally off-base. One false allegation levied against her is a mythological connection to Adolf Hitler. This is nothing more than speculative revisionist history.110 In fact, its a flat-out lie. Not only did they never meet, she was quite vocal about her objections of his use of eugenics principles in Europe. And she disparaged him and fascism often.111 But because this falsehood is rarely challenged, there are people who still think that there was a direct connection between the two when there was not.

Another of the falsehoods bandied about against Sanger concerns her first birth control clinics in New York City, USA. One of which was located within the Brownsville section of Brooklyn in 1916. The original neighbourhood, which is currently predominantly African and Latino, still exists. But at the time, it was an overwhelmingly immigrant community of Catholic Irish, Russians, Poles, Roma, Eastern Europeans and Ashkenazim Jews like most of New York during the early 1900’s. And by the time she was financially able to found a clinic in Harlem NYC in the 1930’s, more than half of her patients were White and European immigrant women, reflecting the racial residency demographics of the period.

What this means is that the vast majority of the women serviced by Ms. Sanger’s efforts were actually other Caucasians, not people-of-colour. They don’t tell you that part of it. And the confusion comes from many people only used to being aware of their own time and space.

We need to recognise that many people think that the districts we are discussing were always heavily populated by people-of-colour. If you are of a certain age group, perhaps a young Black person residing in Brownsville or Harlem today, you might think that these regions were always African communities. This is a misunderstanding, because populations fluctuate for various reasons and NYC is no different in that many previously European-only areas are now, due to African migration and immigration, mostly Black and Brown. But they did not start that way.

So that’s one lie put to rest. And the other myth that needs to be stamped-out as well is this: none of these health centres for women actually performed abortions. Ms. Sanger actually promoted ‘pregnancy prevention’, in other words, contraception, not the termination of pregnancies. So it should be clear by now to those who continue to perpetuate and believe the lie that Sanger wanted to generate a system of African genocide isn’t accurate. And none of the selective ‘evidence’ used to prove this myth fails to expose any such genocidal plot.112

Let us us look at this subject again briefly – but fully, as it relates to right-wing propaganda. Eugenics, the European pseudo-science of racialist studies, concerns itself with the hierarchical classification of human groups and advocates for the filtering out of ‘poor genes’, usually meaning: the mentally and developmentally challenged; the physically misshapen; effeminate homosexual males; women judged to be ‘too’ promiscuous and other randomly chosen social ‘deviants’ identified – often by legal courts113 – as being, ‘unfit to live‘.114 The stated goal being to eliminate poverty, social discrimination, crime and ‘feeble-mindedness’ from the human biological chain. Considered an important idea at the time, it was intended to be a ‘scientific’ justification for White racism and colonialism, just as Dr. Samuel Cartwright’s concept of Drapetomania (Runaway Slave Disease) was supposed to explain to confused slave owners that it wasn’t the inhuman treatment of their chattel that caused them to abscond, it was ‘insanity’.

This is true. And before someone starts screaming that the pro-lifers are correct, they are, factually speaking when it comes to Sanger’s personal racism. But it isn’t (always) the data that is in question, it is the shady manner in which the information is being presented and contorted by White anti-Abortionists proselytising in the Black community. Hasn’t anyone in the Afro-conspiracysphere ever asked themselves why these particular White folks are so concerned about Black women having abortions when they do not concern themselves with other (real) problems of Black Peoples?

Here’s what they don’t tell you: White anti-abortion activists are against choice, mostly, because the White, or European populations in Europe115 and most of the settler-states are in certain decline.116 That’s not me, that’s the science.117

The world is changing. Fast. And vocal White Supremacist types might be more crude in how they express their anxiety about this,118 but the more politically-savvy Caucasians within Religious Right lobbies know better. Instead of focusing on the ‘loss’ of White children, (which ‘cost’ more – incidentally, than non-Whites in adoption cases)119 they aim their propaganda at ‘defending’ Black People from a ‘genocide plan’ that does not exist.

And I also wish to point out again the fact that these very same White conservatives don’t have a single word to say about institutional sociopolitical racism, the racial terrorism of White Power organisations or the routine abuse minorities suffer from bigoted law enforcement officers and courts. They are silent on these issues. And if they decide to raise the subject of racism and the ‘War Against Drugs’, its only because a number of right-wing Libertarians enjoy marijuana and wish for it to be legalised for their own personal use. Not because Ron Paul has a concern for the rights of Black People.120 If you are a conservative African and think that Dr. Ron Paul is on ‘your side’, think again:

‘Ron Paul ’90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays’ – CNN.comThe controversial newsletters include rants against the Israeli lobby, gays, AIDS victims and Martin Luther King Jr. — described as a “pro-Communist philanderer.” One newsletter, from June 1992, right after the LA riots, says “order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.” Another says, “The criminals who terrorize our cities — in riots and on every non-riot day — are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are. As children, they are trained to hate whites, to believe that white oppression is responsible for all black ills, to ‘fight the power,’ to steal and loot as much money from the white enemy as possible.” In some excerpts, the reader may be led to believe the words are indeed from Paul, a resident of Lake Jackson, Texas. In the “Ron Paul Political Report” from October 1992, the writer describes carjacking as the “hip-hop thing to do among the urban youth who play unsuspecting whites like pianos.” The author then offers advice from others on how to avoid being carjacked, including “an ex-cop I know,” and says, “I frankly don’t know what to make of such advice, but even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming. – (Brian Todd, Jan. 11, 2008) – Emphasis mine.

While I will credit CNN for looking at the story, I do criticise them for leaving out a selection of text that would have pushed Ron Paul of of US politics forever if we lived in a rational universe. I will provide the missing text here from the report above, with bold text surrounding material that was ‘left out’ by CNN’s editors for context:

In the old days, average people could avoid such youth by staying out of bad neighborhoods. Empowered by media, police, and political complicity, however, the youth now roam everywhere looking for cars to steal and people to rob. What can you do? More and more Americans are carrying a gun in the car. An ex-cop I know advises that if you have to use a gun on a youth, you should leave the scene immediately, disposing of the wiped off gun as soon as possible. Such a gun cannot, of course, be registered to you, but one bought privately (through the classifieds, for example). I frankly don’t know what to make of such advice, but even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming.- October 1992: The Ron Paul Political Report – [pdf]121

See what I mean? These people are, at heart, bigots, who do not care one damn about Africans in the US or anywhere else. But they will make use of African paranoia to fool trusting Black people into supporting their particular aims and objectives. Just recently in the US city of Houston, Texas, a White conservative Republican candidate named Dave Wilson, who campaigned against the ‘all the shenanigans’ of the democratic voting process, (falsely) mislead voters into thinking he was an American African in order to win the election.122 It worked.

His campaign distributed fliers in predominantly Black districts featuring stock photos of cheerful African faces with the caption: ‘Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson‘ – which added on to the confusion by suggesting, in lower print, that he was, ‘Endorsed by Ron Wilson’ – which fooled most non-thinking voters into believing that he was being supported by a local Black politician. He wasn’t. And as you’ll notice, not only are Uncle Toms mocking Black voters and chirping triumphantly about this,123 but the GOP is laughing at the entire African community. Why? Because they now know (for sure) that we can be easily suckered without much effort or intellectual resistance.

And the technique of selectively using specific quotations and terms out of context, or without any context at all, is not new. It is an established method that is frequently used in political propaganda because it tends to work. As explained by Nazi government propagandist Joseph Goebbels, a ‘good lie’ isn’t based ‘exactly’ upon a fib, it is the falsehood wrapped around it that makes it believable. Effective propaganda does not look like propaganda at all. And that’s the whole point.

Because professional eugenicists, like Ms. Sanger, have always managed to find a way to connect these sociopolitical negatives to specific racial characteristics, it hasn’t been difficult for the right-wing to present the subject of abortion – and Planned Parenthood in particular – as a genocidal cabal of anarchist, Black baby-killers. I’ll say this again for the stubborn: Planned Parenthood does not target minorities. Minorities go to Planned Parenthood because they provide health care, STI testing and free birth control options. Period. The anti-abortionists do not care about Black people. They are only interested in limiting women’s choices and preserving their unearned White Privilege through ending abortion itself because they see it as a threat to their numerical strength.

And to help cement these paranoias within the minds of unsuspecting (and under-educated) Africans in the Diaspora, these same pro-Europocentric White bigots will hire Black conservatives – with a history of personal corruption – into tricking the Black community on behalf of their interests. These individuals are embedded within the US Republican Party and they use this as a veil for the big business interests that sponsor them. This is what happened with Armstrong Williams, he was taking discreet payments from the Bush administration to ‘sell’ policies in Black America that have led to numerous school closings and the taxpayer-funded privatisation of public education.124

Think about his for a moment: what does it mean when a Islamophobic, legitimate war criminal125 like Republican Allen West uses pro-life falsehoods to sell the GOP plan to defund Planned Parenthood?126 Or when failed Tea Party candidate and general buffoon E.W. Jackson says: ‘Pro-Gay Rights Liberals ‘Have Done More to Kill Black Folks’ than the Ku Klux Klan‘ to the media? (Source: – 10/17/2012) How should Africans respond when Mr. ‘999’ and moral midget, Herman Cain bleats that the Black community has been ‘brainwashed’ by the Democratic Party while he ignores racist statements from his GOP colleagues?127

Let us now look at the way(s) White neoconservatives use their own racism as a cover to promote their uniquely right-wing agendas. I am well aware of the predominantly Euro-Settler gun-rights lobby and its various propaganda attempts to convince the non-White public to help them expand their Constitutional rights to carry field-grade weapons into a civilian supermarket. In a piece I did on the issue titled: ‘Playing Politics With Genocide: Or How the Gun Rights Movement Became Indigenous’ (04.30.2013) I detailed how an anonymous group of gun Ammosexuals in the United States used Native American imagery to compare their ‘God given right’ to own a firearm with North American Indigenous genocide on a billboard advert.

The colonialist disrespect in this stunt was blatant, especially to politically-conscious and educated Indigenous Peoples, (except radical Prof. Ward Churchill who said he agreed with the ad) and many within Indian Country quickly and categorically condemned it for the insensitive insult it really was. But the overt message they were sending to their followers and the European public at large was this: that the crisis of White gun ownership is the same as American Indians being stripped of their weapons by White settlers and the US Army. Really. They are openly suggesting that without a means to defend themselves, White People in North America are doomed to ethnic extinction – just as American Aboriginals were (and are).

This is ludicrous. And this sort of ‘racism-in-reverse’ ploy goes much further than the ‘Southern Strategy‘ in that there are versions of this idea floating around the ‘White Holocaust’ subculture128 that insist Euro-Settlers never really wanted to eradicate the Indigenous population; blaming the Indian inability to ‘prevent Europeans from taking over’ as the root cause of the genocide. In other words, these racists blame Indians for not liquidating them at First Contact – as Pinoy leader Datu Lapu Lapu did with Ferdinand Magellan‘s invasion force – and that the violent disenfranchisement of the First Nations was, in (false) fact, an ‘accident’. Which also means that Indians in the US should simply stop their bitching, since, ‘they didn’t mean to do it’.

Some Indians, conservative, Bible-thumping Natives anyway, accept this. By either passively agreeing, (hoping that they will earn some brownie points from White society. See: Dick Wilson and the GOONs) or by saying nothing, waiting quietly for these insane situations to pass out of memory. Both scenarios are a part of the problem. Not that I blame people necessarily for not wanting to engage with this nonsense, but that we have to, if this is to ever stop. The oppressed do not ask enough questions. Not any more. We sip the reality-television Kool-Aid just like everybody else. This has to change. And well-meaning, gun-happy, revisionist Afrocentric advocates need to learn and accept this lesson too.

Ask the average Black Supremacist/Moor/Black Hebrew/NOI/Red, Black and Green fellow-traveller – donned in the latest USMC camo-fashion – standing on a soapbox on any street corner in North America, if he (or she) supports the National Rifle Association (NRA). I can tell you, from personal (anecdotal) experience, that the basic answer is likely to be ‘yes’. And if you ask them if they are willing to engage in a race war against Whites – again – the general answer (might) be ‘yes’. And some, (a few anyway) will confide, (if you are Black) that they wish to enter such a conflict not because they want to correct generations of racial injustice, but because they wish to take power themselves.

Concerned yet? I need to say this because some people, (scared, really paranoid conservative Caucasian types) will take these statements out of context to suggest that there is some massive underground conspiracy of wild, angry jackbooted Niggers, planning to wipe out White civilisation. Sorry to disappoint you, but no such plan exists outside of your own crazy nightmares. This is nothing but boastful talk by Black men who have been kept out of the system by White racism, just as their White Power brethren are disenfranchised economically by White capitalism. And if the average White person if loathe to speak against far-right movements that say they are looking out for people that fit their respective physiology, likewise, some Blacks will be as equally reluctant to speak up and condemn such ignorant banter.

And it was because of such loose, stupid braggadocio, that at least seven unemployed young Black men in Miami, Fla were arrested by federal law-enforcement in 2006 in connection with a (suspected) terrorist plan to attack the Chicago Sears Tower and other locations. But while their neighbours reported that the suspects were militant-acting Muslims, later reports show that an FBI informant has earlier infiltrated the group and was aware of the plot. There is also speculation from some quarters that is was actually the informant who suggested the actions in the first place. And at least one official is said to have explained to the Associated Press that the plotters held accountable for the plan, in actuality, were not an ‘imminent threat’ to the public or society.129 In short, there is no real threat, at least not from Black extremists in the United States:

Somewhere between one-quarter to one-half of U.S. Muslims are African-American. Historically, American-born black Muslims have felt little kinship with Arab and foreign-born Muslims, and while al-Qaida has sought to recruit black Muslims, “there’s no sign” they’ve met with any success, according to Laurence. (Arabs make up less than half of 1 percent of the U.S. population, and a majority of them are Christian, mostly from Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt.) Among foreign-born Muslims in the United States, nearly one-quarter are Shiite—many of them refugees from the 1979 Iranian revolution—and therefore harbor little sympathy for al-Qaida’s Sunni following. Europe’s Muslim population, by contrast, is overwhelmingly Sunni, hailing typically in France from Algeria and Morocco; in Germany from Turkey; and in the United Kingdom from Pakistan and the subcontinent‘.

– Timothy Noah, ‘Why American Muslims don’t join al-Qaida‘ – Source:

As far as gun-rights go, some Africans wish to own firearms, some don’t. But the suggestion from White conservatives that the institutional racism they have been supporting all these years would end immediately if Black People were allowed to own and carry firearms legally is downright stupid. Even for them. Its even worse when you begin to realise that there are Black folks willing to listen to this contradictory rubbish. Or further, are willing to embarrass themselves by actively supporting such gibberish?

That seems to be the case with NOI minster Maurice Muhammad and his new pals at Open Carry Texas (OCT). Min. Muhammad is a name that might be familiar to my regular readers since he has been a repeat guest on my pirate-radio programme, ‘4th World Radyo‘ to discuss his views on the issues of racism, religion and gun-rights. I have always accepted – as a journalist and as a Black man – that he and I would not agree to very much other than our shared love for fellow Black People(s). And we have ‘agreed to disagree’ on more than a few subjects because I feel that one, as a journalist I need to be objective – and two, that as a person of African descent, I find it (sometimes) very difficult to turn my ear away from other Black People. Even if I feel that their ideas are incredibly wrong-headed.

I love my own people(s). And I understand what it is that we are up against. But I cannot (and will not) condone or stand quiet in the face of utter, political stupidity – no matter how ‘Black’ it is. It simply isn’t smart. And neither was his decision to escort a march by White open-carry gun activists with a direct connection to the John Birch Society through a predominantly Black neighbourhood in Texas. He asked to come back on the programme with the leader of OCT to ‘explain’ his contradictory position of support for a White gun-rights group (after his remarks on the show) even the NRA thinks is beyond the pale.130 Which makes absolutely no sense for a member of the NOI.131

Or does it? There is a hidden historical precedent for this. And the source of this information is none other than Bro. Min. Malcolm X.132 During the Q and A period following one of his last public talks in Rochester, New York, Malcolm revealed that he, along with Bro. Jeremiah Shabazz (it was his private residence where the first contact took place on January 28th, 1961) covertly met with representatives of the southern US Klan:

Question: You mentioned a conspiracy between the Black Muslims and the right wing in this country. Could you elaborate?

Malcolm X: I mentioned the conspiracy between the Muslims and the right wing in this country? I know for a fact that there is a conspiracy between, among, between the Muslims and the Lincoln Rockwell Nazis and also the Ku Klux Klan. There is a conspiracy. . . . [Interjection]

Well, the Ku Klux Klan made a deal, or were trying to make a deal with Elijah Muhammad in 1960 in the home of Jeremiah X, the minister in Atlanta at that time, in the presence of the minister in Philadelphia. They were trying to make a deal with him to make available to Elijah Muhammad a county-size tract of land in Georgia or South Carolina where Elijah Muhammad could then induce Negroes to migrate and make it appear that his program of a segregated state or separated state was feasible. And to what extent these negotiations finally developed, I do not know. Because I was not involved in them beyond the period of December 1960. But I do know that after that, Jeremiah, who was the minister throughout the South, could roam the entire South and the Klan not bother him in any way, shape, or form, nor would they bother any of the Black Muslims from then on. Nor would the Black Muslims bother the Klan.

Question: Are you inferring because of this conspiracy the attempt was made upon your life?

Malcolm X: The attempt could have been made upon my life at the…

Question: Are you inferring that because of this conspiracy the attempt was made upon your life?

Malcolm X: Not necessarily that conspiracy. The attempt was made upon my life because I speak my mind and I know too much and they know that I will speak it…[Applause]

Question: Are you directing your followers to take any action?

Malcolm X: Am I directing my followers to take action against the Muslims? No. No.

  • ‘Malcolm X: The Last Speeches’, Betty Shabazz, Edited with Bruce Perry, Pathfinder Press (1989)

Interesting data, no? Many believe that this was the actual break between the NOI and Malcolm as an organisation, (and it may have also led to Fruit of Islam member Clarence 13X to leave the NOI as well)

According to the verbal testimony of Bro. Jeremiah Shabazz, the meeting was planned by NOI leader Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Klansman J.B. Stoner, (who was also the chairman of the National States Rights Party) who was in liaison with George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party. The rationale (for the NOI) behind the huddle was to cut a deal with the White Racist power structure (which included politicians and police officials) and secure arable farmland which would be the beginning of a separate Black state within North America.133 The deal was also to include a non-aggression agreement between the NOI and Klan outfits operating in the southern areas, (which Malcolm confirmed was observed) and general support for each others political efforts.

The NOI did not ask for very much. But as Bro. Shabazz says, that the Klan representatives wanted more from the NOI than a helping hand. He says that they were adamant that the NOI provide the KKK with inside intelligence on the movements of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so operatives within the Klan could assassinate him.

The idea was, (according to Bro. Shabazz) for his death to spark a nationwide, urban racial conflict that would frighten both Whites and Blacks into accepting the ‘need’ for racial separation in the US. And because their NOI rhetoric sounds not unlike the Klan’s version of Europocentric, pro-religious, right-wing conservative talk, the Klan felt totally comfortable requesting that sort of demand and had a reasonable expectation of it being honoured.

Bro. Min. Malcolm X of course refused this and perhaps, pushed back the MLK assassination by at least several years until he was shot by (allegedly) other Klan sympathisers in another conspiracy, involving namely – James Earl Ray.134

In a pointed letter to a newspaper, Malcolm said:

I shall never rest until I have undone the harm I did to so many well-meaning, innocent Negroes who through my own evangelistic zeal now believe in him even more fanatically and more blindly than I did. . . . I totally reject Elijah Muhammad’s racist philosophy, which he has labeled `Islam’ only to fool and misuse gullible people‘. – (Source: ‘Malcolm X: The Last Speeches)

While he came to understand the danger in trying to reason with White racist terrorists, other didn’t.

His former student, reigning NOI headmaster Min. Louis Farrakhan has met with135 and invited members of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) to address joint conferences,136 as did their original inspiration, the Hon. Marcus Garvey. Garvey was trashed by WEB DuBois and A. Philip Randolph for meeting with the Klan in 1922, leading DuBois to state that Garvey was: ‘the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America and in the world’.

Others labelled him a ‘messenger boy of the Klan‘ and worse.137 Some also began work against him all the way up until his forced deportation back to Jamaica. While many low-economic Africans still supported his UNIA organisation, the group loss much of its mainstream Black backing after this and have never fully recovered.

I never thought I’d see myself politically on the same side as William F. Buckley, but it happens. Besides the documented fact that the gun-rights lobby and its associating subculture has links with violent neo-Nazis and race-baiting gangs138 including direct connections to the White Power movement and the extremists of the Christian terrorist underground,139 the leader of the group planning the event, one CJ Grisham, accepted an invitation to address the JBS and insisted to me, (as Min. Muhammad did, both via Twitter) that the organisation was not how I described them. He vehemently denied that the JBS is a racist, neo-fascist group with a history of promoting far-right ideologies140 (and goes back and forth about Holocaust Revisionism)141 and abruptly ended the conversation. On the other hand, he says in an article on his own website that:

I am not a member of JBS and never have been. I don’t have an opinion about them one way or the other, but I know they are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment so I accepted. I’m willing to talk to anyone and everyone about gun rights and getting open carry of handguns passed in Texas, no matter who the group is‘. – (Destroying the Myths: 5th Ward and JBS | A Soldier’s Perspective – July 20 2014)

Which is it? Either he has an opinion about the JBS or he doesn’t. But Mr. Grisham, it seems, is not known for telling the truth, either. As it turns out, when investigative blogger Joe Deshotel over at the Burnt Orange Report checked with the local churches OCT listed as participating in the event along with a ‘canned food drive’ he learned that the Pastors in question had never heard of the march or any other plans for an event. OCT was caught in a lie in an attempt to create the impression that their ’cause’ is accepted by the Black community when it isn’t.

Further, he mentions a peculiar Facebook post from an OCT follower who said that:

white people think that most young blacks are just thug a$$ed pieces of $hlt! Prison and home life are no different for most of them. You go to prison, you still eat for free, free cable, free roof over your head, free gym membership, free……there is really no punishment for them. Going to prison will not change their lives, just their address’.

The post no longer exists, but you get the point, no?

Think about this for just a moment, (because Min. Muhammad seemingly didn’t) – why would a group of closeted White racists be interested in arming the Black community?142 What are they getting out of this? And where have they been on this issue up to now? Ask them: Were members the OCT as supportive of George Zimmerman after he ended the life of Trayvon Martin as Alex Jones was?143 Was the NRA interested in protecting the right of the Black Panthers who were talking about the African right to own a gun144 when (then) Governor Ronald R. Reagan began restricting gun rights in the state of California?145 No, they weren’t, because the NRA once supported gun control as reported by Salon’s Steven Rosenfeld:

The Gun Control Act of 1968 reauthorized and deepened the FDR-era gun control laws. It added a minimum age for gun buyers, required guns have serial numbers and expanded people barred from owning guns from felons to include the mentally ill and drug addicts. Only federally licensed dealers and collectors could ship guns over state lines. People buying certain kinds of bullets had to show I.D. But the most stringent proposals—a national registry of all guns (which some states had in colonial times) and mandatory licenses for all gun carriers—were not in it. The NRA blocked these measures. Orth told America Riflemen magazine that while part of the law “appears unduly restrictive, the measure as a whole appears to be one that the sportsmen of America can live with.” – (Jan 14, 2013)

The hypocrisy in this is glaring. And is never-ending. Even neo-fascist commentator and unrepentant racist Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on this issue from his oxycontin-induced haze to state that ‘If Civil Rights activists in the ’60s had owned guns’:

Try this. If a lot of African-Americans back in the ’60s had guns and the legal right to use them for self-defense, you think they would have needed Selma? I don’t know, I’m just asking. If John Lewis, who says he was beat upside the head, if John Lewis had had a gun, would he have been beat upside the head on the bridge? Anyway, that’s what we’re — and these people that think like Brokaw are all over the media. This is the way they’re looking at this‘. – (Rush Limbaugh: If Civil Rights Activists In The ’60s Had Owned Guns, ‘You Think They Would Have Needed Selma?’ – Media Matters for America – January 18, 2013)

Sure, this makes sense. To a conservative. Because the myth goes that after ‘shooting their way to freedom’, the traditional examples of White reactionary mass violence seen in Rosewood, Florida, (1923) Duluth (1920) and ‘Black Wall Street‘ in Tulsa, Ok. (1921) would not have happened. They pretend that lynched, skinned, raped and brutalised African cadavers would not have littered the landscape of North America, if only, the poor Black man had a gun.

One of the problems with this idea is that plenty of Black folks owned firearms during both Reconstruction and the mainstream Civil Rights movement. In fact, the underground, ‘Deacons for Defence’ organisation and ‘New Afrikan’ Afro-American leaders such as Hon. Marcus Garvey., Bro. Min. Malcolm X, Geronimo Pratt and Robert F. Williams, author of ‘Negroes with Guns‘ (1962) not only advocated gun ownership, but mandated it as ‘a tool of survival’.

This is true. But what the revisionist Afrocentrists misunderstand, (if that is really the case) is that none of these intellectuals in any way intended for Africans to arm-up in order to prepare for a ‘race war’. The point was to defend the Black community from the White racist terrorism of the Klan; the Conservative Citizens Councils; the American Nazi Party and operatives of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. ‘Defence’, not ‘war’. There is a major difference.

This is insane. The entire Black community would not have been burned-out and the surrounding Indigenous Nations may have been summarily put to death as well. (Why would they stop with Black community?) And seriously, who, and how many, Black folks really think like this? Very, very few.146 Racial revisionism, regardless of the group employing it, always seem larger and more powerful than they really are because like bullies and gangs, fascists rely on brute force, not brutal truths. Without intimidation, they cannot function. Hence the desire to walk public streets with weapons of war. They need these things to appear ‘tough’, in order to frighten mainstream people into doing what they want done politically and otherwise. Why else argue for the ‘right’ to shop in a gated community with an AK-47?

You really have to be a special sort of coward to live with that sort of fear in the modern police state of the United States of (by G-d) America. But, they are that afraid. Of immigrants; of Black People; of GLBTQ folks; atheists; feminists; Sharia law and just about anything else that can’t be traced back to their early settler period in the Americas. Just knowing that President Barack H. Obama is in office gives these people haemorrhoids. They want to ‘Take America Back‘, even though they never lost it. And instead of White Americans using their sociopolitical power to empirically end discrimination, poverty and injustice, the conservatives of the OCT and their Black revisionist enablers claim that lack of gun ownership is the real cause of Black inequality.

Apparently, Min. Muhammad believes along with the OCT that Texas gun laws are too tough on Blacks. Why? Because a concealed handgun license in the state costs over $250 and the requirements prevent persons convicted of Class B misdemeanors or higher from qualifying for a license for five years. Yeah, real repressive. And as the Black people living in Detroit lose their human rights to water, the OCT and an NOI minister from Tennessee will march on the Fifth Ward to demand universal gun rights.147

Muslim Min. Maurice Muhammad says there is a ‘plan’ behind this and that I rudely refused to give him an opportunity to explain himself. He’s right about that. And I do not deny that I was extremely blunt with him after I had learned about the Liberaland article on the story and later, read (and re-read) the screenshot they used of the minister’s Facebook page. After this, I had to come to the logical conclusion that Min. Muhammad might just be as far-right and as ridiculous as the mainstream media was describing him:

I expect him to add my name to a list of people who have ‘turned’ on him, but, I was never ‘with’ him to begin with. He (was) a regular show guest and he had been on enough times to know that I would never give him and/or anyone else representing OCT one split-second of airtime. And if he thought otherwise, he was wrong. Very wrong. And don’t expect the good minister to admit to any of his mistakes or grand oversight with this situation. Because like a normal US neoconservative, Black or White, he hasn’t really tried to explain anything, instead, he’s simply doubling-down:

[I]t appears that some aspect of the white lying media machine has taken the chance to try and slaughter my character and all the work I have been doing and will continue to do in the name of freeing our people,” he wrote. “I had OCT on our radio program and our callers asked questions and they were answered and none of the questions were ducked. I have found them to be true to what they believe as far as gun rights is for everybody.”

They want to teach Black people what are our right as far as guns in Open Carry Texas,” he continued. “They are coming but they are not marching through Ward 5 it will be a day of education. We must have our own business, our own school, our own reality just as we have had in the past. We must stop the police brutality that is running wild we must stop the black on black crime going on and the abuse of our women and children…so that means we must have a MILITIA.’

The above is posted on his personal Facebook page.148 And frankly, it speaks for itself in volumes.

I’m not going to try to pretend that I wasn’t aware of his neoconservative, rhetorically narrow view of the world. I was, but even my tolerance has limits. And one of the reasons I continued to dialogue with him was because I (thought) saw that he was open to communication (at least with me) and that sincerely, I could help him see a more logical avenue for his activism. I also do not regret having him as a guest on my radio programme as he has brought up issues that I may not have thought to raise on my own. And frankly, we have had some excellent dialogues.

However, I would be a complete hypocrite if a slammed White fascism (as I do) while not saying anything concrete about the existence of Black fascism. And Min. Muhammad is indeed, without any question, a fellow-traveller of the racist far-right. And now by his own admission, he is a friend, (and perhaps a willing operative) of the racist; neoconservative; right-wing, gun lobby.

If the minister did a little research he would have realised, like I do, that this OCT march to – ‘fight racial discrimination in gun ownership’ – is more about helping CJ Grisham and other people like him, skirt their personal legal issues rather than help poor Black People. As he and his group try to re-brand themselves as gun-toting White Civil Rights crusaders, Mr. Grisham fails to tell the smiling inkspots standing around him that his criminal record prevents ‘him’, (not Black folks) from getting a license to carry a concealed weapon.149 When I mention this to his chest-thumping, revisionist Negro supporters, they scoff. They are not at all concerned with the likelihood that he began this whole race-baiting charade simply to help himself get a concealed-carry license. Not at all.

But ask them if they believe Planned Parenthood wants to exterminate all Black children. That, they will believe.150 They bend reality like a pretzel and then blame the rest of the world when their Master Plans goes sour. But it is clear that revisionists aren’t interested in listening to reason, they want power. Just like their White comrades. And if they can attain that by (temporarily) working alongside historically anti-Black, White Supremacist organisations and their fascist affiliates, some dim-witted Afro-hardliners will do just that.151 And this is absolutely no different – and in no way any less corrupt – than what goes down in ‘postcolonial’ Africa.

My basic point is this: radical Afrocentrists are no less xenophobic and no less irrational than the radical White Supremacists they mock, yet, also parrot ideologically as well as politically. I will go further here to state that their ultra-conservative ideas about racial purity; strict family values; sexual heterosexual discipline; religious piety and Judeophobia not only have absolutely zilch to do with authentic Afro-philosophical paradigms, but that they are in fact, direct rip-offs, ignorantly culled from the Euro-racialist, anti-Jewish Christian literature152 that began circulating throughout Western Europe during the late-medieval era and had survived to justify the rise of fascism in mid-20th century Europe.

I also strongly believe a great deal of their confusion can be tracked back to the tumultuous period following the successful Catholic insurgency of the Spanish Reconquista. Ultra-nationalistic ideas about the ‘rightness’ of racial purity were used to justify Church-sponsored bloodbaths against populations not considered to be of ‘pure’ European bloodlines. For the darker-hued Moorish rulers and upper-castes of Al-Andalus and their fellow Jewish citizens, this meant either expulsion or certain death. Jews were (again) forcibly dispersed and many more Muslims were viciously slaughtered without mercy. Once this was achieved, Catholic Europe then decided to ‘re-take’ Palestine, (the foreign geographical origin of their religion) during the utter madness of The Crusades and invaded the Americas with Christofaro Columbo and the Conquistadores who ethnically-cleansed the Indigenous Peoples they didn’t enslave, later importing millions of Africans as cannon-fodder for their plantations and factories.

Further, many of these conspiracy-laden theories were developed during the social fallouts that occurred with the ‘Age of Reason‘ and later with the conservative reaction against the development of the left-leaning ‘Critical Theory‘ teachings of the Frankfurt School (Frankfurter Schule). If one takes the time to objectively research the race-conscious theories promoted by many prominent radical Afrocentrists without prejudice, it becomes painfully evident that the revisionists have simply modified radical Europocentrism (almost to the letter) in order to suit their own particular needs and goals.

And here is another troubling paradox: in many ways this view is a necessary psychological development. Because any serious liberationist philosophy, serious enough to be committed to attaining political independence from exploitation and genocide, would necessitate to some degree, a psychic cleansing of the minds of the oppressed.

This was the analysis put forth by anti-colonial Francophones such as Caribbean-born Franz Fanon and existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.153 This concept was also advanced by Orthodox Afro-American leaders such as the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., (ONH) and Bro. Min. Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) with most left-wing organisations, such as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence (BPP) and the MOVE Organisation (Philadelphia, US) pretty much taking us back where we began with CLR James. Back to a mental space that makes adequate use of Cartesian common sense with ample respect for a humanistic reality.

Afro-nationalism – by its very nature – is an exclusive, although I would argue, not a racialist, programme of African self-acknowledgement. It should never represent anything other than total empowerment at the peoples-level and it must absolutely stand strong against the politics of exclusion. Why? Because it was ethnic and racial exclusion that got to this point in the first place. Racism cannot solve racism. However, struggling against ignorance and social marginalisation is what addresses racial injustice and ethnic/religious intolerance at its core.

So to be clear, I am not in any way denying that African nationalism does not involve a degree of (unscientific) racial exclusivity. However, what I am denying here is the modern mis-connection between revisionist, right-wing, Afro-genetic determinism and authentic Afrocentric philosophies that weigh-in on actual political solutions. One can (and perhaps even should) speculate openly about the merits of raising ‘balance of power’ arguments as a push-back against the rhetoric of White nationalism(s).

Not that I particularly agree with that tactic, but given the historical circumstances, it is a reasonable topic to have on the table. Even if the subject is only raised just to clear the air as a form of collective catharsis. But really, this, in and of itself, is not the actual problem. What is a problem continues to stare us right in the face. And just like the larger Europocentric society, we collectively do everything we can to not acknowledge it.

The same can said for those in the political arena. They are all conservatives, whether they belong to a right-wing political party or not. They believe in the ‘system. If they did not, they would not be where they are. And now that these human lawn-jockeys can proudly tap-dance in the corridors of Western capitalist power, what are they actually doing to stop the assault on African political and economic well-being? What about a commitment to speaking up for pan-African independence?154 Next to nothing. It is easier to find members of the Black Congressional Caucus (BCC) who are more than willing to argue for the ‘rights’ of the State of Israel than it is to find one – with the same amount of courage – to stand up against racist police brutality in the United State of America. (See: Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the extra-judicial killing of 313 Black people by police, security guards and vigilantes – published by the Malcolm X Grassroots Committee.) This is true. And they have been very successful at inadvertently coddling the financial, security and religious ‘rights’ of the European powers (in competition with, communist in name only, China) who are responsible for creating the historical roots of the African dis-empowerment in the first place.

At some point, we must begin to take responsibility for our own identities and our own communal politics. And, we must be concerned with the accuracy of our self-education and be mindful of how we are represented, not just in history, but to the rest of the world as we are today.

Because, amongst our other issues, we suffer from a clear and severe lack of responsible, legitimate educators and activists who are willing to challenge inaccurate African scholarship and Black right-wing extremism where we find it. And it is impossible to overemphasise the importance of our lack of diligence in this effort.

Only a handful of African academics, notably, Prof. Clarence E. Walker for one, have chosen to challenge the extremism of revisionist Afrocentrism directly.155 And while he is not alone, the list is embarrassingly short. There are many reasons for this, (and I will list my own failings in this regard later). But it remains to be said that the chief cause of this problem getting out of hand has been the natural human (not just African) reluctance to appear negative towards one’s own ‘group’. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but communal solidarity is simply too important to ignore, regardless of how differently we may personally define that. And this is a phenomenon that occurs in nearly all societies that do very little to quell ethnic and religious intolerance.

If ‘Blackness’ can be poetically defined as being an outsider purely on the basis of being a person of African descent, (See: the eugenicist ‘One-Drop Rule‘ which is codified in United States law) it stands to reason that most well-meaning Black people would be reluctant to speak out against other Black people, not matter how wrong they might be. (Black) African history is great on its own merits. It does not need shoddy scholarship and lying, belligerent mouth-breathers to give it an ersatz veneer of illusory glory. Pseudo-history does not ‘re-build’ Africa, it reduces Africa and insults African Peoples by promoting an unreal caricaturization of African realities.

This is true. And it is also true that without a dedication to honesty in scholarship and reporting, at least towards our own respective communities and to the Afro-Diaspora as a whole, we doom ourselves to repetitive failure. If we decide, consciously, to operate a collective consciousness based on a series of ethnocentric lies, what are we left with? A swollen sense of bogus pride perhaps, but in the end, it amounts to little more than a series of embarrassing misunderstandings, ignorant half-truths and outright lies that only serve to shame and help professional White race-baiters categorically ridicule Afrocentric philosophy and by extension, the entirety of the African community.156 157

The political capital from all of this is next to nothing. And to make matters worse, there exists a number of arrogant, self-satisfied, research-ignorant, close-minded hoaxers who truly believe in an achingly false far-right hypothesis: that by promoting an ahistorical view of an unspoiled, racially pure, culturally and ethnically monolithic African continent and people, that this will positively inspire the downtrodden of the Afro-Diaspora to feel better about themselves psychologically and thus, lead to revolutionary action on a grand scale.158

They hold to the uniquely totalitarian idea of presenting – within an uniquely Afrocentric vein – a ‘Master Race’ perspective that they hope will encourage Africans around the world – and particularly within the United States – to rise up against the White power structure and reverse generations of Black marginalisation and collective disenfranchisement. Even if the information presented has no actual basis in historical validity.159

I am of the opinion that the roots of this form of radical Afrocentrism can be traced to the waning years of the mainstream Civil Rights movement during the late 1970’s. There was no way for the average African in the US at that could say for certain that his or her Constitutional rights would ever be respected by the White civil society, the political authority or the judiciary. The US is, we must remember, a nation that has used the anti-slavery 14th amendment to legally recognise corporations as ‘persons’ under the law while minority rights are routinely ignored.

Numerous Black men were still serving, killing, dying (and often actively resisting both the conflict and racism) on the colonial battlefields of US-occupied Vietnam. American military propagandists would point to these men as prime examples of, ‘Our Negroes’, assimilated Blacks who were dedicated to preserving White democracy and home and fighting for imperialism abroad. Just like the Native American ‘Warriors’ sent to battle abroad – while they exist colonised at home within their own closed ancestral territories – American Africans were convinced to sacrifice their lives for a country that forced them to agitate in the streets for their basic human and civil rights.

Police brutality in Black ghettoes and discrimination in housing and employment was conducted as if it were a chore. Affirmative Action showed itself ultimately to be more beneficial to White women in the US than to the minorities it was supposed to defend. The brutal assassinations of Medgar Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton and Malcolm X were still fresh in our minds and several cities had experienced violent, widespread race-riots, which gave the government an excuse to create civilian police SWAT units under the direction of the Nixon administration. And the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence and its radicalised off-shoot, the Black Liberation Army (BLA) were effectively and violently neutralised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ‘Black Desk’ and covert operations such as COINTELPRO and ‘New-Kill’.160

It was within this tense sociopolitical environment that Afrocentrism developed within US academic circles. And it was also a cultural reaction to the widely acclaimed ‘The Treasures of Tutankhamun‘ international tour (1972–1981) which instilled pride in being of African descent. This, along with the publication of Alex Haley’s: ‘Roots: The Saga of an American Family‘ (1976) and a television production of the story the next year led to an unexpected and positive re-awakening of interest in the Diaspora and connections between Africans in the US and in the Motherland that had begun with Malcolm X and then died down after his assassination.

All of this was positive, progressive and long overdue. And this was also before the Internet made spreading wild misinformation effortless. Caught up in the excitement of a possible new ‘African Renaissance’, a number of independent African researchers who were (rightfully) concerned with the ‘hidden’ history of Africa and its peoples, produced a vast array of self-published pamphlets and news bulletins featuring Afro-centred history and information. Naturally, their material was based upon the quality of the data that was available to them, as well as their personal knowledge and understanding of the basics of objective research.

This fact is vital to the process of deconstructing this issue. Because while trained Black academics such as the Parisian-educated Senegalese anthropologist Cheikh Anta Diop and US-born communications expert Molefi Kete Asante Ph.D. can be credited with honestly attempting to advance the submerged history of African people and thought, I am specifically referring, in my critique, to those individuals who consciously promote fanciful, pseudo-historical data without credible verification.

It is not a big secret that the African historical record has indeed been – officially and unofficially – intentionally squelched, if not outright denied, throughout the European, Asian and Arabic worlds. As it stands, most people, even most Africans in the Americas, still have a difficult time seeing Africa and Africans as something separate from chattel slavery and incessant racism. And even after more than three decades of considerable Afrocentric influence, we can see that simply ‘Blackwashing’ European fallacies does not change the fact that these ideas are still nonetheless, fallacies.

Further, the European sense of racial entitlement revisionists are all lumbered with today was borne from the perspectives of the racist, radical intelligentsia within the Catholic Church, professional academics and political advisers to kings seeking theological justifications for their acts of brigandage. This clearly shows that xenophobic political policies, (i.e., ‘racism’) are not simply about hate. In fact, it actually helps to entrench and prolong racism when we falsely associate the term solely with visible displays of negative attitudes by one or more groups towards other peoples deemed ‘different’.

And some Afrocentrists really think (and believe) that an invisible, race-conscious ideology of ‘Black’ African Purity will, (if they pray hard enough) triumph over White racism by replacing it with a Black racism. They feel that a pro-Black system of racialism – along with its undercurrent of ethnic/racial hierarchies – (as it is in most exploitative societies) will end, not perpetuate, their problem. And still others, far off the scale in terms of any reason, toy with the idea of enslaving (or murdering) all other ethnic groups since the Black man is, in effect, ‘God’.

And there is another aspect to this that most conservative Afrocentrists are not aware of at all. Not only are their historical and neo-fascist ideas rehashed versions of antiquated White Supremacist material, but the historical academic roots of orthodox Afrocentric thought can also be traced to a Jewish-American scholar with a unique interest in African history. Melville Jean Herskovits was an important anthropologist who is responsible for helping to establish African and African-American studies in mainstream American academia. His influential (and often heavily criticised) written works challenged the myth that Africa had no history and that Africans in the Diaspora has been purged of our cultural memory after mass enslavement. He was also one of the very few Whites in US academia willing to argue in favour of African political independence and neutrality during the Cold War. Not a very popular position to be in during that time. And his contributions to Afrocentric thought should be noted:

Despite the fulminations of ethno-chauvinists and other prejudiced persons, it remains a fact that the contributions of white scholars, like Boas, Malinowski, and Herskovits, were fundamental to that complex of ideas that we designate to days as Afrocentrism…Students of African and African American history have long appreciated the irony that much of what we now call Afrocentrism was developed during the 1930s by the Jewish American scholar Melville Herskovits [‘Two Scholars Discuss Afrocentrism’ – – 2012-02-16]

— Wilson J. Moses, Historical Sketches of Afrocentrism. Source: Wikipedia

Another undeniable, non-African source is Professor Martin Bernal‘s seminal three-volume work, ‘Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization’ (1987). A British-Jewish scholar of Near Eastern studies, Bernal presented a controversial linguistic hypothesis that suggested cultural trade and influence from early Egyptian and Phoenician (or Canaanite) societies to the ancient Greeks helped to positively develop the Mediterranean and European worlds. His books argued – without stooping to ethnic bias or racialist overtones – that African concepts of science and philosophy played a vital part in shaping the modern Western world as well as the ancient past. It is an excellent work and it should be found on every Afrocentric bookshelf. But since Bernal was White, many hard-liners refuse to acknowledge him. And I think even more reject him simply because they have a difficult time trying to sus out his work. (I had to read the first volume twice myself before I felt I could grasp the depth of the data.) Regardless, it is an important work which has helped to legitimise the efforts of progressive Afrocentrism.

So as we can see, Afrocentrism, positive or revisionist, did not in any way start from a blank slate or even, a truly ‘pure’ African origin. And many of its negative ideas are little more than a modern hodgepodge of antiquated (and empirically disproved) Western European ethnic prejudices, class-paranoias and partisan political plots that are totally unrelated to the African experience. And for this reason alone, Afrocentrism as a whole – if it is to be taken seriously – needs to check itself for hypocrisy (as well as accuracy) before the paradigm becomes totally irrelevant due to its failure to put rein to nonsensical, reactionary scholarship.

It is already an embarrassment to legitimate Black scholars and thinkers when they are confronted with White conservatives and race-baiting propagandists who routinely use ideas and statements by revisionist Afrocentrists to embarrass African scholarship and politics. And by allowing for what Nietzsche identified as Gegenaufklärung, or, ‘Counter-Intelligence’, to thrive, our people will continue to make uneducated, rash decisions that harm our present and our collective future.

I say this because revisionist Afrocentrism also rejects, in particular, postmodernist ideas concerning individual liberties that offend their ultra-conservative sensibilities – while they conversely accept the alien ‘values’ of unearned privilege, personal wealth and thuggish political power. I am of the opinion that the Hon. Marcus Garvey – perhaps the most brilliant leader the Afro-Diaspora ever had – who did not start out this way, too (it appears) became engrossed more in pageantry, loyalty conflicts and his own grandeur, than with practical politics as his personal status in the Black World grew.

He was a human being and he made mistakes. His economic recklessness is well-documented and many of his co-workers and close business associates in the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) were either too unskilled to justify their responsibilities, or, came into the movement with agendas of their own from the very beginning. And on many occasions this became a serious liability to himself and the organisation. But because of his personal reluctance to ask for, or accept advice, he was eventually driven into exile and the movement he founded, the only one of its kind, was destroyed. It might live on in the hearts and minds of African Fundamentalists, (as it does in my family) but Africans internationally have never been united like that before or since. And it is a dammed shame. Because what Mr. Garvey taught had nothing to do with what Afrocentrists say and do in his name today. And frankly, the survivors of the original UNIA resent it.161

This should be discussed, not ignored as an annoyance. Concepts of power within European systems of materialism that were (and are) used to oppress Africans and others are favoured by the revisionists. Which is queer, since these are not indigenous African or pro-human concepts of shared responsibility, but Europocentric, totally racialist and often nationalist schemes that represents selfish anti-humanism in its rawest forms. So to accept such theories as an ‘African’ interpretation for the organisation of a ‘logical society’ isn’t logical at all. And such ideas are an anathema to true Afrocentric thought and scholarship which sees all of humanity as equal.

What is most disturbing about this issue is that the use of specious European pseudo-history to develop an Afro-centred library of bogus African racial utopia. This denies Africans the dignity, (and the power) that springs from an honest understanding of our real history. In other words, what we need are reasonable, thinking African people, teaching logical and verifiable concepts that help us improve our understanding of the world around us. Radical Afrocentrism does just the opposite, it muddies our ability to deal with reality by peddling race-conscious, pro-Black, xenophobic posturing instead of an honest understanding of actual African history or its complex of ancient, far-reaching, indigenous philosophies.

Human life, (unless you believe in odd the ‘Ancient Alien‘ or ‘Anunnaku‘ alternative history theories) began in Africa. This is a scientific fact.162 Not a ‘belief’. Only the uneducated and the xenophobic dare to claim otherwise. Since this is true, it is safe to reason then that the First Peoples (of Africa) would have also developed the first societies, which necessitated the need for technologies to prolong human existence, thus,making civilisation itself possible in the first place.

This is the theoretical basis of orthodox Afrocentrism. It isn’t difficult to understand and there is no racial, ethnic or theological claims to ‘One God, One Race or One Africa’. When it is well understood that all of humanity – technically speaking – is of African descent, there is no room for racism or racialist tendencies. In short, we are all human beings, including those who still carry traces of their Neanderthal (human) ancestors today.163

It is important to understand then, that relying on stubbornness in an attempt to ‘level out’ the undeniable generational damages created by Europocentric racialism in the non-White world hasn’t worked. And simply painting the world and everything in it ‘Black’ does nothing other but falsely feed the depressed egos of the individuals who profess such misguided ideologies. Instead of progress, what we are left with are loud, paranoid, poorly-educated Afro-centred racialists motivated more by their anger against White society than with the punishing, generational inequalities of institutionalised social injustice. And while their actual numbers are small, their influence seems larger than it is because of their ability to bully others into silence.

And amongst the self-reassuring circles of radical Afrocentric thought, that is the same thing as being ‘right’.

Objections and Responses

Be black, shine, aim high‘.

– Leontyne Price

If you are a person of colour and this situation does not bother you, I question your understanding of both the history of African Peoples in relation to the rest of the world and the anti-humanistic, anti-logical tendencies of fascist politics. Africans are not immune to extremism. And there are some real, (sometimes horrifying) historical gems to be found detailing vicious Black-on-Black oppression in Africa and elsewhere. But the divide between historic reality and Afro-reactionary rhetorical confusions is a sad and avoidable misinformation gap between authentic African studies and the blind exclusion-ism of pro-African, far-right pseudo-knowledge.

In many ways, this is reminiscent of the North American pan-tribal ‘Ghost Dancers‘ that appeared in in the late 1880’s. Conditions in Indian concentration camps (reservations) were vile. And following their violent territorial displacement, rampant disease, depression and early death were all Native Americans knew under European occupation and settlement. Eventually, some among them understood that they needed to do something positive (about themselves) that inspired people to give them hope. They believed that if they could return to a pure, pre-Columbian state, or, ‘Indian-ism’ (for lack of a better term) and piously appease the spirits in the right way, the Whites would disappear; the buffalo would return and things would be ‘perfect’ again. It didn’t work. And it isn’t anti-Native, ‘traitorous’, ‘pro-White’ or passive to point out that it did not and could not have worked out the way they wished it to.

This is the pragmatic reality. Social movements founded on ideas of racial purity, religious zealotry and well-wishes are nothing more than therapeutic exercises of deep insecurity. And when such reprobate ideas are intertwined with a willingness to engage in indiscriminately cutting throats, (either out of pent-up frustration or simple bloodlust) comparisons to European fascism are not just appropriate, they are an intellectual duty.

I also wish to point out that I do indeed lay a majority of the blame for this intellectual clusterfuck at the feet of historical White colonialism and institutionalised xenophobia. This is because European settler communities across the world – particularly in the United States and Canada – have actively fought against fully integrating and properly educating their minority populations. This is not in serious dispute. And this was done, primarily, to maintain positive control over the subjugated population. (Because an uneducated population is a population that is easy to exploit.)

We must also remember that it was not colonial benevolence that ‘levelled’ (somewhat) the social playing field, but the active and non-violent participation of conscious minority social activists who challenged the state and the social system to recognise their humanity. And Africans in the Americas were shot, lynched and burned out of entire towns for the audacity of trying live as well as their ‘betters’. Black and Native Americans have fought in every war the United States has ever engaged in – rightly or wrongly. And after saving democracy overseas, they returned home to a social status that still regarded them as little more than a group of sophisticated monkeys.

Admittedly, I had always thought that the international anti-Apartheid movement, (the period in which I had matured politically) had already answered these questions. And one can also suppose that many of us who were personally involved in that struggle were often idealistic, proud and youthfully unaware of our naïveté. For us, the call to ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ was one of human concern for the rightness of his struggle, not simply our identification with him as a Black activist. But of course, the fact that he was an anti-oppression leader in Africa appealed to people like myself who strongly identify with the Afro-Diaspora, the fight against racism and the difficult struggle to improve our depressed condition as a people everywhere we exist.

I feel that it is important at this juncture for me to remind the reader that my comments here are not in any way intended to disparage Afrocentrism or even radical Afro-culture. Just the opposite. I respect Afrocentric philosophy. But what I don’t respect is reactionary, racist politic. There is a factual difference. And this is the case whether African neoconservatives wish to accept it, or not.

I understand where this is all coming from. But, it still disturbs me.

I do indeed stand on the political argument that Africans in the Americas cannot be ‘racist’, (utilising the literal meaning of the term) because we do not possess the material or political means to deny other ethnic groups their basic civil or material rights en masse. Meaning: African-Americans (and First Nations/Native American Peoples) simply do not control the actual ‘means of production’ when it comes to territorial settlement; affordable housing; employment security or military and educational infrastructure spending. This is a fact. If it were not, our respective situations and the entire Anglophone World would look very, very different.

But this does in any way mean to imply that African Peoples and individuals cannot be downright bastards just like every other human on the planet. To deny otherwise is pure racialism – in its most classic sense. And this too needs repeating: the phenomenon and the term itself, Racism, represents systemic disenfranchisement, not the issue of irrational, emotional responses to arbitrary ethnic prejudices. People are ‘bigoted’ – social systems are ‘racist’. Remember that, if nothing else.

In that too I wish to extend my thanks to evolutionary scientist Stephen Jay Gould who penned the anti-eugenicist book: ‘The Mismeasure of Man‘ (1981) which helped examine the ways in which Europocentric theories about White, biological determinism shaped Western views on race. He challenged the erroneous belief that negative sociopolitical problems are genetically ‘inherited’ from parent-to-child and that racism and racialism is in many ways a product of this perspective.

To prove his point, Gould measured his theory against published data detailing experiments with craniometry and psychological evaluations used to gauge human intelligence. The problem occurred when it was noticed that Gould had not actually investigated the skull material in question himself, which led to some statistically inaccurate data:

The Mismeasures of Stephen Jay Gould | Science | WIRED – (06.14.11) – ‘Gould’s critique, published in Science in 1978 (.pdf) and made famous in The Mismeasure of Man, was that Morton’s measurements unconsciously reflected his biases. Only by massaging data and using methods susceptible to error had Morton found racial difference. But there was a problem: Gould never actually measured the skulls himself. He accused Morton of cooking the books, but without fully reading them. In a study published June 7 in Public Library of Science Biology, researchers led by anthropologists Jason Lewis of Stanford University and the Paleoanthropology Institute’s David DeGusta re-measured 308 skulls on which Morton had published data. Their conclusion: Morton’s numbers differed significantly from their own in just 7 cases, and those few mismeasurements didn’t favor the narrative of Caucasian superiority that Gould ascribed to Morton’s motivation. Three of them actually overestimated the volume of Egyptian skulls‘.

So it isn’t that Professor Gould was ‘wrong’ about his original thesis, so much as it was a case of some assumption on is part and his reliance on second, or third-hand data without looking as deeply as he could have into the subject examination materiel. And because of his technical error, in the end, he opened a door for reactionary voices within the mainstream scientific community eager to refute claims of institutional Europocentric bias in society and medicine.

It wasn’t intentional. And it still stands as a far better and more scientifically accurate read than the infamous ‘The Bell Curve‘ which has been used to justify a return to scholastic racism and draconian racial-profiling programmes used across the Anglophone World. But it was still, a ‘mis-measure’, it was a mistake. An error that the far-right makes good, not honest, work of.

Revisionist Afrocentric ideology is too, a mis-measure, it is a short-sighted viewpoint that insults legitimate study and respect for orthodox Afro-American historical and political studies. I accept that Afrocentrism, like most African concepts, has ample room for ideas. I do not accept that all ideas are equal. Some theories are just bad. And intelligent African people know the difference between right and wrong. And stand up to say so when it is appropriate to do so.

I leave the reader with a thought from Franz Fanon that sums up my own final ideas on the subject. For he came right to the point in one paragraph (that took me many) only to say the same thing:

‘Come, then, comrades, the European game has finally ended; we must find something different. We today can do everything, so long as we do not imitate Europe, so long as we are not obsessed by the desire to catch up with Europe. Europe now lives at such a mad, reckless pace that she has shaken off all guidance and all reason, and she is running headlong into the abyss; we would do well to avoid it with all possible speed. Yet it is very true that we need a model, and that we want blueprints and examples. For many among us the European model is the most inspiring. We have therefore seen in the preceding pages to what mortifying set-backs such an imitation has led us. European achievements, European techniques and the European style ought no longer to tempt us and to throw us off our balance. When I search for Man in the technique and the style of Europe, I see only a succession of negations of man, and an avalanche of murders. The human condition, plans for mankind and collaboration between men in those tasks which increase the sum total of humanity are new problems, which demand true inventions. Let us decide not to imitate Europe; let us combine our muscles and our brains in a new direction. Let us try to create the whole man, whom Europe has been incapable of bringing to triumphant birth’.

  • Frantz Fanon, ‘The Wretched of the Earth’, (1961)



The Mismeasures of Radical Afrocentrism:

Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives

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