Malcolm’s Assasination Is Not Resolved

We also know that the NOI supported the families of those convicted for the murder during the early years of their incarceration. According to a public statement by Malcolm’s widow, folks in the NOI were openly boastful about the murder. “It was a badge of honor,” Sister Betty Shabazz says. This allegation is supported by the attitude displayed in Louis Farrakhan’s public assertion “… was he [Malcolm] your traitor or ours? …” The statement went on to suggest that the NOI had the right to deal with Malcolm as they saw fit and no outsider has any business making any judgments in the matter. I disagree. The family of Malcolm X disagrees. Millions of Malcolm’s followers worldwide disagree. And if Minister Farrakhan ever expects to take a position in the leadership of all African people worldwide, this very deep wound cannot be ignored.Who actually ordered the hit? Who paid for it? I don’t know. Based on his testimony, even assassin Talmadge Hayer doesn’t know. But those of you who watched Mission Impossible will remember that no one in the “I-M Force” ever actually pulled the trigger. But their targets ended up just as dead at the hands of their own people. I believe that this is what happened to Malcolm. Even if someone in the NOI leadership sponsored the assassination, the US government either had agents in the NOI headquarters and/or on the assassination team. The timeliness of the killing was too convenient.To understand the situation you need to know why Malcolm was killed. Of course the power structure feared Malcolm’s fiery condemnations of their responsibility for our misery. But even more so, they feared that Malcolm would unify African people. Not just here but worldwide. Had Malcolm lived, he would have done what no African has done before or since: formed true and solid working links among Africans here and on the continent. He was also moving closer to King. There is nothing more problematic for an exploiter than to have someone pull the wool off him while he is in the midst of committing his crime. Malcolm was about to embarrass the US government, badly. His would have been a blow that would have had major negative implications for the cold war efforts of America. As you know, he had traveled all over Africa and met every key leader including Nasser of Egypt, Nkrumah in Ghana, Sekou Toure in Guinea, Nyerere in Tanzania, Obote in Uganda, Kenyatta in Kenya, Aziekwe in Nigeria. Men who were leading newly independent countries. Malcolm had garnered their support for a UN resolution that would condemn the US and South Africa for HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. They could no more let that go through than allowing the Russians to simply be awarded title to the hearts and minds of these countries.


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