Love in the Time of Israel’s War on Africans | David Sheen

Sometimes I would silently document their monologues, and at other times I would play devil’s advocate, pointing out what I perceived were weaknesses in their arguments. If they claimed that the Africans were criminals, I noted that official police statistics consistently demonstrated that the asylum-seekers have a lower crime rate than native Israelis. If they claimed that the Africans were terrorists, I noted that they had all been screened by Israeli security forces and that no African had even been charged with a security crime, let alone convicted of one.After a few back-and-forth exchanges, my interview subjects would often despair of convincing me with logical arguments that all the Africans should be deported. Often, they would then resort to the following retort, or some variation on it: “Well, if you love them so much, then why don’t you take an African into your house?!” This statement rests upon the assumption that if there are any Israelis who do not want the government to deport all the asylum-seekers, it is only because they have had no close contact with them. According to this theory, if these Israelis only lived in proximity to Africans, then they, too, would surely take up the call for their immediate expulsion.


via Love in the Time of Israel’s War on Africans | David Sheen.

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